Part 4

Travel notes written on letter:

Arrived in Quincy Monday,  January 10, 1944 at noon
Returned to Savannah Saturday morning, January 15, 1944 at 7AM
Reported back to Savannah January 16, 1944 at midnight

12:45 Noon - Well I am at the train depot now.  Train pulls out at 2:10PM.  So I guess I will get out of here ok.  I slept a bit on the bus but not much.  I guess I will get more on teh train.  I am going to try to find a place to mail this now.  So if I get time at Nashville I will drop you another card.

I am still on the way and it looks like I will make the bus ok.  We got here 7:10PM and leaving 9:10 PM.  We got right on to Atlanta.  Suppost to hit there at 8:40 AM.  So everything should be ok on time.  I got a little more sleep.  We had a nice meal at the canteen here and music.  

January 17, 1944

Dearest Folks:

Well I am feeling fine and sure hope the same for all at home.  I got back OK but 1 1/2 hours late.  But made it ok.  Will write more tonight so for now with loads of love.  Wes

PS - We are taking basic training over again.  I sure hate to start writing again.  

7:30 PM

Here it is Monday evening and everything is still going ok.  I got all the mail from here and I got 2 letters from V and the rest from you and the box of candy.  I got the picture of V today too.

I received a letter from Carl today.  He didn't have much to say except that it was his second Xmas and he was hoping that the next one would be in the states anyhow.  

Well I got in Atlanta 3 hours late yesterday and we were just lucky to get the 1PM bus. We hit the bus depot just as the bus was ready to leave.  But we didn't hear anything from it because we got inside of the gate ok by pulling a fast on on the MP.  

The weather down here isn't so warm either.  We got to take basic training all over again.  

Here is one thing I hate to tell you but we got our shipping orders again.  It is for the first of the month.  I don't know if they will go through or not.  We will just have to wait and see.  you know I told you about them kids leaving for furlough.  Well anybody that was supposed to go and had money to go could go so Kensinger didn't get any money.  Because he left Monday.  So I really don't know where and when.  All I heard we were heading for Oakland, California.  I can't say for sure but that is what I heard.  Then I heard we were getting knife issued to us now.  So maybe I will send the other one home.  Have to wait and see really what does happen.   They say we are handing in our one suit of OD and blouse.  

I sure was sorry to hear about honey boy falling down stairs.  I am surprised at M leaving the farm.  

I went over to the neighbor and out to Grandpa.  I got out there about 6:55PM I stayed about 10 minutes then I had to go on of course as you know I had to pick her up at 7:15 PM.  I did so some pretty fast traveling.  But I made it.  

The way I hear we are getting some more shots.  We get 5 more shots.  The kind they are I will tell you later.  I don't know what kind they are.  All I know we got to take some.  I will tell you tomorrow what kind they are.  

I don't know what to say about being at home.  Do you think I spent enough time home for you.  That time sure did fly for me.  

I don't know much more to say for now because I want to go to bed early so I will close for now and will write more tomorrow because I won't be so tired.  Listen I don't want you to worry because it isn't here yet.  

So for tonight I will end with loads of love from Savannah, Georgia.  

Here it is 6:45 AM and we just had roll call now I am ready to slean up.  It sure was hard to get up this morning and I don't mean maybe.  

January 18, 1944 @ 7 PM

Here it is another day has passed and I am feeling fine and sure hope the same for everyone at home.

On Ted hurting that fender don't leave him worry about that because I believe the same as you do.  It can happen to anybody.  If you can pay for it that is the main thing.  But if you do have it fixed I sure hope to get another good job on it like the side was.  Because I thought that was a good job.  I hated to hear about it but it can happen to anybody.

Tomorrow morning I am getting up at 4:30 and the whole sqd is going out to the range.  I don't know what time we will get back.  It probably will be a bit late. 

I guess our letters will be censor with the lecture they gave us this afternoon.  So if any of mine is opened you know why.  

My legs and arms muscles are sure sore from the exercises now.  I haven't taken them for awhile and I sure feel it now.  We had a good workout (exercises) this morning.  

I am sending a sheet of paper that you can keep which shows about 1 year good conduct.  It doesn't mean much so just don't think anything of it.  The reason I haven't had it before this is on account of my service records being lost.  

January 19, 1944 @ 7:15 PM

This morning we went out and drilled all morning.  Then this afternoon we went and had a sqd meeting.  Then we were given 2 new pairs of shoes and a couple suit of overalls.  The Captian siad our rady date would be the first.  Then he didn't know how much longer we would be here.  It all depends.  We may stay here another month and may go within a week.  We will ahve to wait and see for sure.  All I can tell you now is that I will call you up some time later on.  But to believe that we will go across I got to be on the boat for a week.  The sqd that left coupel weeks ago is out loading ship for oversea.  So you can't say I am going over until I am really gone.  But don't worry.  I believe we are getting knifes and suntan glasses.  So I don't think we will hit any jungle becuase we must be going somewhere where there is alot of sun.  I don't think we will get any exitment because our old captain which is about 50 or 60 is going.  But listen one thing I want to say again is don't worry.  I will keep you posted of anything I hear and will tell you.  They say we can take one pair of slipper with us so I guess I am taking mine with me.  Because nobody can wear them at home.  

I was mentioning about them shots I got to take.  The kinds I take now are typhus, choloera.  I think it is for some souther fever.  They clam they hurt a little but I can't tell you for sure until I get them.  I get 2 typhus and 3 cholera.  

Here is a trip ticket that I though I would send home to show daddy how much a driver got to do to his outfit before he take it and during the time he got it. 

January 21, 1944

I was planning on writing last night but it was fairly late.  So I though I will drop you a few lines now and finish out with a better letter tonight.  

We got in last night about 8:30 PM and then we had to clean our gun and then eat.  This morning it sure was hard to get up and I don't mean maybe.  Then we had our shots.  I didn't even know I was shot.  They still don't hurt but maybe tonight or in the morning  I will really feel it.  

(8:50PM)  Here I am again and feel better than I expected tonight.  My left arm hurt a little but not that much.  My right arm doesn't hurt at all.  But it may be different in the morning.  I will leave you know if I feel any worse so don't worry.

This afternoon we went and listened to a lecture.  He talked about the prisoner of war.  You know he told me one thing.  Today that I really didn't pay no attention to it and I did a lot of talking about it and daddy did too.  So I thought I would mention it to you and see what you think.  You know all the prisoner we have on this side.  We always said why don't we go and ill them off and keep from the trouble with them.  This officer said there is a bill passed around to all nations and all are treated about the same.  If we didn't have any on this side then they could do anything to our men and we wouldn't have any on this side to do the same.  He said they know everybody inside one of those camp and everything they wear and eat.  But really if they would treat our men tough wen we could do a little worse.  He said the German people are worried more abour their men on this side then this country.  And the answe we always send back is we are treating the best and want the same for ours.  This is kind of nonsense to write about but common sense will tell you it is the truth.  

I am sorry to hear T is gone but there is nothing a person can do.

I went to a show tonight.  We didnt' ahve to GI tonight but we do have an inspection tomorrow.  

I bought a book of Hunter Field and I wlll send it home to you tomorrow.  It is fairly interesting. 
there was about 15 guys went home on 5 days furlough today.  That was not very long but still gets away from here for 5 days.  

I guess that you will be on the way for Chicago before long now.  I sure hope you enjoy your trip and everything goes good.  

7:25 AM  - Well here it is Saturday morning ready for inspection.  I really feel good and my left arm hurt a very little.  The right one I don't even know I had a shot in it.  

January 23, 1944 @ 5:10 PM

Here it is Sunday evening and I am still feeling fine.  The way I have written lately is getting kind of poor.  But maybe I will get back on the beam this next week.  But I don't want to be too sure because the way the bulletin board looks we have a good week ahead of us.  Wed morning we take our tent and pack and we are going out for the night.  We are sleeping at the fence line and setting gup our lighting equipment and then Thursday morn we are loading up and asking a small walk  It may be a couple miles and may only a few blocks.  The only thing is waiting and see

Then Friday morning I am going to get some more shots.  Well if they don't hurt me any worse than the last ones I sue won't be hurt about them.  Because I don't believe they even poke anything into my right arm.  But maybe the next ones will be worse.  

Yesterday we got up and had inspection by the bed then we went out side and had inspection in rank.  It past off good.  The way I hear anyone.  Then they gave us our knives.  So I haven't decided yet really what to do.  But I think I will keep the other one until later.  Then we were off the rest of the day.  In the afternoon I went over and cleaned my gun.  I had to clean it when we came back from the range but after you shoot a gun should clean it three day straight afterwards.  So I spent a few minutes there.  Then I decided to go to the show.  It was a double feature.  It sure was a good show.  It was a comedy picture.  Then I went to a basketball game last night that was between Coast Guard and Hunter Field.  The Coast Guard had a good team and beat us 40 to 47.  But it was good anyhow.  That is the first one I seen for a long time.  But it was something different and was the evening gone and it wasn't the dead barracks.  I would have went to town but on Sat. night the town is all full of GI and half of the stores are closed and the street we use are half dark.  So I just stayed here.  Couple of the guys that sleep next to me wanted me to go but I just didn't go.

This morning for some reason nobody woke us up and it was 10:30 before anybody got up.  Then I made up my bed and went down and cleaned up.  Somebody during the morning while I was sleeping put powder on my hair.  So when I woke up I smelled this powder and then I seen it on my pillow.  So I had to get that out of my hair.  That is just another thing we do when somebody is sleeping and you should see the faces a person makes when you put it on his face while he is sleeping.  So I never said anything because I thought somebody would slip with a word.  So then somebody mentioned how white my hair was so then that cooked his goose.  So this afternoon before I went to the show again this guy was sleeping so I sure dumped the powder on his hair and face.  He is gone so I don't know what he said when he woke up.  

Got a card from Ted and he mention about his first shot.  But it won't pay for me to write to him because he soon will be moved.  I do hope that today you are having a nice time with V & T.  

With that basic training there is nothing else to do so they think that will pass our time away (and how).  All a person does is go out in the drill field and march and march.  

I got that picture you sent of T with the group.  He is about the tallest and looks the youngest of the group.  The 13-A shoes are not no small ones.  I bet he covers the ground.  I always told him he would get the shots so fast he wouldn't know he had it.  There is only one of them that you know when you get it and that is typhus shot.  But they are nothing to worry about.  I think nothing of them anymore.  

I believe I will hit California as I always said I would.  I am not out there by a long way yet.  I wrote Bill today and said to keep an eye open for me if there was any air corp guy hit his place.  If I would go it would be a good chance to hit where he is at.  Them OD we turned in is because we don't use them.  That was our order.  We haven't done it yet.  It probably is just a rumor but w & s.  But if we do you know we are heading south.  All our clothes we take with us will be in a duffle bag.  They don't pack any clothes like that for us.  

Kensinger got his ten ok but he didn't get it before he went home on his furlough.  But when he came back he said he didn't need it so I guess it was ok.  See he went home Monday noon and I didn't get home until then.

On the pay roll this month I didn't sign but the way I heard was that somebody signed for me.  So if sombody signed for me that means I will get paid the first.  If I don't I will get paid the tenth.  I might wire for some money becuase some wife gave a watch to a guy when he was at home on furlough and he is hard up for money.  

Tomorow I am going in and make out an allotment to send home.  It won't be taken out of this pay but the next one.  So one thing it will come to you straight and not take six months to get home.  

I am sending that Hunter Field book too tonight.  I sure wish you had a nice trip out of it and was able to see V and T both.  

January 25, 1944 @ 9:15 PM

I was going to write last night but a guy came over and we talk and spread the bull and then I went over and got some ice cream and when I was finished I went to bed.  I worked on some crating of our stuff.  Today I done a little painting.  

I got the letter you mailed coming back this morning and this afternoon I got a letter daddy wrote when you was gone.  I was kind of surprised to see it in another way I thought he may drop a few lines.  But he wrote a good letter.  I can't say how long he wrote but still I was satisfied.  

Tomorrow I believe we will go out on the range that is at the end of the field.  It is just a small range.  I think I will go in the morning.  In the afternoon I think we will get some new clothes.  Tell you later.  I made out some APO cards and I am turning them in.  So when you get them don't think that the government is sending them to you.  I only wrote them out because I thought you would be able to get my number sooner.  Because I think they will mail them out when we leave here.  

In your letter I was glad to hear that you was getting along good and enjoying your trip.  Did you break your neck looking at the buildings?  In daddy letter he mentioned about T moving so I guess you was not able to see him.  Weill I am anxious to see where he lands up at.  

January 26, 1944 @ 9 PM

Today I didn't do much.  I received a card from Ted at noon and he mailed it yesterday so we get 1 day service on mail.  I wrote him a letter back right away today and I believe I will go Sunday if I can get a over night pass.  I can't say for sure but if I do get a chance I will go to Macon to see what T has there.  It is really a poor town because there is too many soldiers in that town.  About 5 camps are next to the town.  It isn't that large of a town either.  So you will hear what that part of the country is like.  He has 17 weeks of hell to go through.  But if I was him I would try to get out.  He won't be able to get in the air corps because he is not in first class shape.  I told him if he didn't feel good don't be afraid to go on sick call.  They might try and tell him nothing is wrong with him at first but he will have to just keep on going.  But I am going to try to see him if I can.  The weather now is starting to rain so I am hoping it is nice for Sat and Sunday.

Them guys that got 5 days didn't have 7 days.  They are the ones that stayed here while we were home.  

January 28, 1944 @ 7:40 PM

Here I am again this Friday evening.  I got 2 shots this morning again and this time they hurt a little.  But by morning I believe I won't even feel it.  In the morning we are having another inspection on our clothing.  The way I hear we will have one more and that will be the last one.  We sure had our share of the inspections.  

This evening I got your 26th and 25th letters.  In the one of the 25th you told all about your trip.  Well I sure am glad you had a nice trip and that you enjoyed it.  I does a person good to see the big towns and different things.  I will tell you one thing if I had known how traveling was I sure would have seen the country couple years ago and I don't mean maybe.  You mention about them trying to put V in submarine work.  Well I don't blame him at all for not going in it but you sure do get some real money out of that.  That is better than flying pay.  Really good money but that isn't the only thing in the navy.   I just hope he get something he really likes.  

With T now and V and me you should get a pretty good idea of the forces of the USA.  You mention about V being home about the 3rd of Feb on leave.  I will leave you know later but I will call you up some night in that time before we pull out.  But I don't think I'll talk 20 minutes because you will really have a bill.

I made out an allotment yesterday and if you get a new truck daddy can use that monthly check on one.  

You mention about fixing T shoes.  Well $1.75 is not so bad yet because we pay $2.50 for it down here.

I am still planning on going up to Macon tomorrow night if I can get a pass.  I would like to see him again before I leave here.  The town where he is close to is sure poor.  It is a small town and there is not much to come to town for.  I sure hope you don't have to go down there because you sure wouldn't enjoy that part of the country.  

On the difference in them shots I just don't know.  I can't tell you because I don't know.  There is something or else we would not be getting them.  

There is nobody working on the line anymore.  Because we are only brushing up on different things now such as speeches, etc.  But I think our date will be a week or so after the first of the month.  But I do know we will get off of this first air force field.  Because we are in the third air force.  

Monday night we are having another sqd party so I guess I will go.  We rented a place in town so I hope it turns out better.  The WAAC were invited this time so I can't tell you yet how weverything is going to come out.  

The weather tonight is sure nice.  It seems like a spring evening.  Nice and cool and really makes a guy feel good.  

February 1, 1944

I guess you got the couple cards I wrote to you from Macon.  You got to read the right one first.  

I don't want to say much more now but just to leave you know I am feeling fine.  

I got back to Camp Sunday night about 9:30 PM and I was really tired from the trip.  Then yesterday we went and had our sqd party.  We really started out a good night but couple of the guy got drunk and he busted a wall down so at 10:30 they kicked everybody out.  Then everybody was mad.  I will write and tell you more about the trip tonight.  

8:40 PM

Tonight I wanted to start this before this but I came back from supper and laid down and went to sleep and just woke up.  So I was a bit hungry so I just went and got a coke and a pint of ice cream.  Now I am a bit cool

I got to write T yet tonight because I got 5 from him to get back to camp Sunday and I haven't sent it back to him yet.  But I am going to get it off tonight before I lose it in a card game.  Ha Ha.

Sunday I got up there at 4:45 AM and left here at 10:45 PM.  I took in 2 picture shows before I went to the bus station.  Then iI went out to camp at 7 AM.  The just got up when I hit there at 7:30.  Then the CO went and got T about 8 for me.  Then we went to the barrack.  We stayed in the barrack and then at 10:45 we went to the wagon wheel.  When I was in the barrack them rookies they talk and ask a bunch of crazy questions.  But I really got a kick out of it.  I hope you got the picture by now.  They are not so good but I guess you can make them out.  

I left them at 12:30 noon (Macon) we got out on the highway and we burned out a clutch in the bus.  It was fixed and then came on in.  I got in here about 8 PM.  I sure was tired and I don't mean maybe.  Then yesterday we went and worked around there and then at 6 PM we went to the sqd party.  We only had the WAAC this time.  WE had a fairly good bunch there.  But them couple guys got drunk and that finished it.  Well we came back at 11 PM and then everybody was mad.  So they talked about a good hour and finally went to sleep.  

In the letter that you wrote Sun. I was kind of suprised to hear that V was home.  I see he get more than 9 days.  So really that is a 15 day leave.  Taht isn't bad at all.  Well I sure hope he has good time and don't spend the whole time in one place.  That picture of him is sure good.  It sure would be nice if he could go back and start working at a place and draw some extra money and will take his mind off the service.  

Everything is still going on and I guess we will really move from here now.  Our stuff is leaving in a day or so.  I won't leave the country before the next month.  I'd say it takes 2 weeks for our things to go freight.  So I thought this would give you and idea just about when we would leave.  I guess if we do go I won't be able to write more a week becuase it will take us a week to get out there.  But listen don't worry about me.  I will write when ever I get time.  

Well I am in the big town of Macon, GA.  It is 12:10 noon and I am leaving at 12:30 for home.  I arrive here at 4:45 AM this morning and I went and ate and went out to camp at 7:00 AM.  The camp is sure a large one and I don't believe I would care much about beting there.  But what can Ted do.  They live in fairly good barracks.  He looks good.  We had our picute taken.  He is sending them to you.  The ones with the hats on didn't turn out so good.  But it is a picture of us two.  I think you can recognize us anyhow.  I got 5 from him to get back to camp.  I am writing in the bus station.  Load of love Wes.

February 2, 1944 @ 8:10 PM

Here it is Wed. evening.  Today was just another day but I am a bit tired tonight.  This morning I got up and it was a bit cool out and foggy.  We went out and drilled a few minute (1 hr)  Then we came in and listened to a lecture on sanitation.  They hate to see us lay around so anything they can think of they make us listen to it.  

After dinner I was on the loading crew and we loaded our flat car and box car up of our stuff.  We got finished about 5:30 PM.  We had 5 bomb trucks and 10 bomb trailers.  Then we had 3 bomb buster trailer.  They are real low to the ground.  It is the hardest work I done for a long time.  The guy that didn't work on that had to go on a march with field packs.  I hear they went about 7 miles.  So I don't know which was the worse.  

You mention about making a garage out of that tank.  I don't think much of the idea but you know best on that end.  You mention about Ted course is now from 17 to 22 weeks.  Maybe that will make it a bit easier.  You mention about T saying the V and I mention he would get a good break.  He will have to take this basic training regardless what happens.  Because that is one thing you got to have.  I was glad to get to see Ted and I tried to tell him all I could.  I didn't have that much time but if we are still here this weekend I believe I will try and go there again.  But I don't think they will leave anybody out this week.  

February 3, 1944 @ 7:45 PM

This is Thursday evening and I am still feeling fine.  Today we went out and drilled again.  Then at 9  we came in again and listened to a lecture.  This afternoon it started to rain so we had to go to another lecture.

The mental doctor gave us another talk on first aid.  We came back about 3 o'clock so another kid and i went over to the PX and bought some stuff.  I got 10 packages of razor blades.  That should last me for some time anyhow.  I bought a couple bars of soap and some shaving cream.  The way the Captain said and discussed the idea with going oversea was really interesting.  He mentioned about we were one of the last sqd to go over.  He claim they all go over as replacement now.  After they go in they are sent over as replacements.  With me I was put in a sqd and got my training.  But now you go and take your basic then sent across.  I think we will land up in a fairly good place.  It is hard telling but I think we will.  The Captain talk and the way they are emptying the fields out anybody that can pass on oversea exam will be sent across.  

Today they issued us some AM spec. medal.  I am going to send it home because I am not taking it across with me.  It is the armor medal.  It has air force armor on it.  I don't know how the weather will be in the morning but it is still raining.  I guess that means more lectures.  

7AM Friday.  The weather is really nice out this morning.  This morning I get my last shot.  

February 4, 1944 @ 6:25 PM

To start this out I will start it out with this morning.  It was sure nice this morning and of course we went out and drilled again.  Then at 9 AM we went and had another shot.  The one hurt the worse of any I have ever taken.  It lasted for only about a half hour then it was all over.  But it sure hurt at first.  Then I came back and we had a salvage of underware and socks.  So I washed out a pair of shorts and took them in the boiler room and put them on the pipes.  It dried in about 10 minutes.  So then I came up and looked through all my socks and I found one pair of sun tan socks that had small holes in the heel.  I made them a bit bigger.  So I hunted a fast one and I am now getting a new pair of wool and suntan and a pair of shorts.  I will then be good and set on my stuff.  I am taking all the socks with me.  

This afternoon we went out and drilled again.  That is about all we can do to pass the time away.  We came back at 2 PM and then they told us that we had to GI the barrack and could have the rest of the day off.  Well we GI the barrack then at 4:30 PM we had to fall out for drill with our class A uniform on and then stand retreat.  It sure made us mad but what can a person do.  All I can say it is chicken sh--.  Then tonight I went and being it is Friday I ate at the service club.  I bought a steak with pie mil and salad.  It cost me 65 cents.  It wasn't so bad.

I believe I will quit and get in a small card game.  I got to sew some stripes on a shirt before tomorrow.  My blouse is the only thing that I have a stripe on.  

8PM - I went and played a few cards.  I lost a few pennies.  We only had a 5 cent black jack game.  I came out 35 cents loser in case you want to know.  I want to go down and take a shower but the water is cold and it won't be warm for another 15 minutes so I decided to write again.  

In the morning we are going to have another big inspection.  In the barrack and then we go out side and have an inspection in rank.  I don't know but I may take out for Macon again if I can get a pass for Sat and Sun night.  You will have to wait for the next letter to see for sure.  I don't think we will be able to on account of we are getting closer every day to our shipping date.  If I can get a pass for Sun night I can come back Sun night late and then come in camp Monday morning early.  It will give me a lot more time to stay there.  Then I can see how Ted made out the first week of his basic.  I haven't heard from him at all yet so I guess he feel pretty tired.  But he has a reason too.  

You ask me in the letter how I travel.  Well I think I told you in the next letter that I rode the bus.  Macon is about 185 miles and a fairly good ride.  

Tell daddy to get busy on that garage right away and get it fixed.  I hope he can get it put together ok.  I was wondering how you was going to hold the metal together.  That is one thing you always needed and that should be plenty fire proof and I hope it comes out as good as it sounds.

That is kind of nice of V being home now to fix the Plymouth.  It is wrecking his leave but still it will have the car fixed now.  V and Kenny is fairly close and that way V really is lucky to have some one to help.  

Here it is Sat. afternoon 1:25 PM and I am feeling fine.  I got a pass to Monday morning 7 AM.  So I am heading up again to see Ted.  It is really nice here today.  

February 7, 1944

Here I am this Monday evening and feeling fine.  Yesterday at the bus depot I was going to finish your letter but I had to end it in a hurry and save myself a dollar and get out.  We order this KC steak with tomatoes and French fried potatoes and lettuce.  Well the steak came $1.50 and a plate.  Then we had milk which cost us 6 cents a glass.  When the waiter came with the stuff I gave her a 25 cent tip (color woman) and I guess she got excited over it.  She started adding it up and said $1.50 and $1.50 was 2 bucks.  Then 6 cents a glass and 2 glasses made 12 cents.  Total of $2.12.  Well I wasn't going to say anything and I was writing your letter on the table so i told Ted not to say anything and we ate and went on out.  That steak was really ok.  It was about an inch thick.  Ted will probably tell you more about it.  I hope you get what I mean by it.  

I didn't feel like much walking around so I and Ted just stayed around in the waiting room at the bus station and talk.  We came to town at noon.  Then I went to see what time I had to get on a but to get back.  Well every other person I asked had a different answer.  They said I could get a bus at 4 PM and get in at 10:30 PM.  Another told me I would get in at 1:30 AM.  When I left Atlanta Georgia from my furloug I hit Macon at 4 and didn't get in here till 1:30.  S oI didn't know what to day.  The next bus was at 8 PM and I woulgd get in at 6 AM in the morning (Monday).  Well my pass was only good till 7 AM.  So I finally decided to leave at 4 PM and that way I would be able to get a little sleep anyhow and Ted could go back to camp and be able to get a good nights start (sleep) for the morning again.  Well anyhow we hit Savannah at 10:30 PM last night and I was in camp at 11 PM.  That gave me a fairly good night sleep and I  felt fairly good this morning and I hope Ted felt the same way.  So I left Ted at the bus.  We were together for over 8 hours so I thought that was fairly well.  But Ted still looks good yet.  It has not got him down yet.  I told him I wasn't coming up this week end unless he wanted me to.  So if he write and tell me to come I will have to see how everything is on this end.  But this next week I believe I will catch up on my sack time.  Don't you think that is enough on that subject.  To top it all off I had a nice trip again and still feeling fine.  I wish I was that close to home.  

Today we went out and drilled awhile.  It was a bit chilly this morning.  Then we came in and listen to a lecture on the present war problem.  We have small lecture like that every day now.  Then today as you will know by this time when this hit you way were shelling that Japan island with no return of fire.  I think this stuff will end in a very short time.  I think they will put a bunch of guy across and it won't give them a chance to move at all.  Any time is ok with me to get this over.  

The mailing system has been a bit poor, I received the letter of the 3rd from you Sat evening before I went to Macon.  Then this morning ( or last night) there was 2 letter under my pillow that a hid got for me.  So when I was gone and put them under my pillow.  The one was the 2nd and 4th.  Then this afternoon I got the one of the 5th.  So I think I will run through them again and answer questions.  

To go on another subject before them letter I will mention my money problem.  I am not sending any home this month because I mad them 2 trips up to Macon and then I will draw a small check on account of that money I am sending home each month on that allotment.  That start on this month.  I don't know if you will get it the first of March or it you will have to wait till the first of April.  The only thing I can say it is going out of this pay and it may take a month to start out.  You know how I mean.  

Ted mention to me about you not being home when he called.  He didn't mention about being mad but he said that he thought that daddy would probably blow up.  I can see him now how and what he said when you came home that evening.  Well I don't call for a while now because what I told you in that letter I wrote from Macon.  But when the time come short I will try and call you and I will leave you know what time it will be.  

I am glad to hear that V got the P fix.  Don't get the wrong idea that I didn't want him to use the C.

Ted will get paid either the 10th or the 15th of this month.  He won't need more becuase he won't go to town because he will hit the bed early and there isn't that much he can spend his money in the field for.  The have the show and the PX etc but that don't take so much money.  I ask him if he wanted any money but he said he didn't spend any since last week.  

February 8, 1944 @ 7:45 PM

I am ok again tonight and just came from the show.  They showed the picture "Happy Go Lucky".  It is an old picture which is shown again.  But it was worth seeing again.  

This morning we went out on the drill field again but it started to rain so we had a fairly nice and easy because they told us to come back to the barrack.  I got a little sack time.  

Then this afternoon we went on a hike.  I guess we went about 10 miles.  The only trouble was the guy in front was tall and he walked fairly fast.  Because I would sooner do something like that instead of drilling on the field.  We got back about 4 PM.

Tomorrow morning I go on kapee.  I got to work all day.  Then I have the next day completely off.  I guess it won't be that bad.  I should be able to rest up.  We got rid of our steady kapee because we were supposed to move and then the 1st sgt hated to ask for money from us if them guy would only work a week or so.  But I don't mind it that much.  

I want to go over and get me a pt of ice cream and a coke.  We had a poor supper so I got to have something before I go to bed.  

They put you where ever they want you now and taht is infantry.  

On them picture that we had taken that thing takes everything backward.  All them cheap camera take picture backward.  Don't look at them pictures too close.  

So Bob M is coming home before long.  That is one guy you know we have stayed about together on rating, etc.  But one thing he isn't ahead of me on rating.  

Not to say anything wrong but on this letter you typed out you forgot to sign it.  I think both of us is losing our minds.  But don't think nothing wrong.  

Well here it is Thursday morning and I am mailing this.  I worked KP all day yesteray so I didn't get a chance to mail this.  So I will write again tonight with love.  Wes