Quincy to Denver

Wes's family (Esra, Ted, Earl and ??) traveled from Quincy, Illinois on June 18th, 1943 and drove to visit Wes in Denver, Colorado. Returned on July 2. Total mileage was 2505 miles.

(Note: Numbers define the mile number on their automobile as they traveled)

  • 22828 - June 12, 1943 @ 11:30AM -- Left Home

  • 22882 - 12:30 at noon left Quincy, IL. Numerous coal mines - poor country-hills and hollows.
    Clarence stopped for sodas

  • Brookfield stopped for sodas -- In Brookfield on Thursday they had rain of 2.4 inches in 1/2 hour

  • Road was covered with water 20 miles west of Brookfield.

  • In Chillicothe much of the farm ground was covered with water

  • 23095 - St. Joseph - 11.9 gallons of gas @ $1.89

  • Left Missouri 7:35 PM

  • 23119 - Entered Elwood Kansas

  • 23150 - Hiawatha at 8:45PM

  • 23182 - Seneca and ate supper and left at 19:15 PM. It was night and during the afternoon much rain had fell to the north and we had planned on stopping at the tourist camp in Belleville, Kansas but the water was pouring over the road three miles this side of Belleville and some family showed us how to get around the stream by detouring 15 miles and advised us not to stop until we had crossed the Republic River and which advice we took and went until our gas tank was nearly dry and we pulled in a filling station at Smith Center a 5 AM on June 13.

  • 23354 - Smith Center - 14.5 gallons of gas @ $2.27
    Unable to purchase gas in that town on Sunday we looked up the station attendant and bought gas and left Smith Center at 7:30 AM and had a little rest and sleep.

  • 23457 - Oberlin - 6.5 gallons of gas @ $1.20

  • 23623 - Lindon, Colorado - 8 gallons of gas @ $1.60
    Thirty miles outside of Denver one of the recaps came loose and we had to change tires. Clouds like smoke drifted to the ground and held torrents of rain.

  • 23711 - Denver - 4 gallons of gas @ $.72
    Arrived in Denver at 4:40 PM which was 3:20 Denver time. Went directly out to the Lowry Field and Wesley was called to the No. 4 gate where we had about an half hour visit with him. Rented a cabin at Colfax Motor Court for $4 a day. Paid only 2 days because we though we could find something cheaper but later we found we couldn't. Cabin had 2 double beds, private bath, showers, gas and everything we needed. At the parking lot at Lowry Field there were cars from every state in the union it seemed like.

  • Monday June 14 - Put extra spare on. Went to the City park where there was the zoo and museum. Wesley came from camp and stayed and ate dinner with us.

  • Tuesday June 15 - Wesley came over early and we all went to the Red Rocks and took Wes back to the camp at 1 PM. He did not have classes that night so he came back after calisthenics and ate supper with us. We went out to see them leveling for the new City Airport and then over to see Buckley Field. Rain preceded by hail at night.

  • Wednesday June 16 - In the morning we went down town and wandered around until 1 PM. Then came back to cabin and ate dinner and Esra went and got car washed and Ted and Earl and I went to the City Park. Ted and I addressed cards at the park. Wes came and ate with us supper and then we went to Golder and Look Out Mountain. The altitude affected us all. We saw Buffalo Bill grave but the museum wasn't open. On the way back we bought hamburger and then to the cabin and then took Wes back to camp later.

  • Thursday June 17 - 23929 - 8 gallons of gas @ $1.55. Got our tire recapped. Went through the Wards store and back to cabin. Washed and ironed in the afternoon. Wes came over just a couple of hours and sat and talked and then back to camp. In the evening we went to see Hitler's Children.

  • Friday June 18 - Wes came over and went out to the airport again and then ate dinner and took Wes back to camp. Bought and wrote cards. Bought magazines and paper and stayed at cabin all evening. Got telegram from Virgil about 9:30 and then to bed fairly early.

  • Saturday June 19 - Wes came over about 9. Went and got Earl a suit at Wards. Got groceries at Piggly Wiggly. Came back and fixed dinner for all. Wesley went back to camp early around noon and we stayed at cabin all afternoon and Ted wrote cards. Washed and ironed (Wes pants). Had early supper and went out to the City Airport and way back saw car wreck and read after we got back to the cabin and hail and rain again and so to bed.

  • 24022 - 4 gallons of gas @ $.78

  • Sunday June 20 - Got up early and met Wes at 8 o'clock. Went to the Union Depot and waited till 9:30. Then went back to cabin and ate dinner and then went back to the depot. Waited until 12:50 noon for train and Virgil. Then went up to the Red Rocks and climbed to the rock theatre (Wes V and Ted). Sure was hot. Went back to cabin and cooked supper. Wes went back to camp at 5:30. Washed dishes and then out to the air port again, so Virgil could see it.

  • Monday June 21 - Stayed in cabin all morning with Wes and he had to leave at noon for camp. Virgil got the groceries. Went to the Capitol museum, where all the old relics of Colorado are kept, city park, zoo and the city park museum. In the evening we stayed at the cabin and went up into Aurora and bought some dishes. And then to bed.

  • Tuesday June 22 - 24132 - 8 gallons of gas @ $1.56
    Wesley had off all day and we left the cabin at 9 o'clock. / Littleton @ 10:10 AM / Castle Rock @ 10:45 AM / Colorado Springs - 24213 - 4 gallons of gas @ $.76 / Glen Cove Inn on Pikes Peak - 24237 @ 3 PM. Glen Cove Inn was closed as was also the filling station and the road was closed so we could not go any farther up the mountain. It was 7 miles farther up to the summit but was drifted shut in many places.

Cave of the Winds had a one way traffic road to the Cliff House and back down again. Did not go through the cave but looked at and bought souvenirs from the Cliff House.

Garden of the Gods - We drove in the Hidden Inn and back out again. Bought our supper in Colorado Springs. Went out to Lakeside Amusement Park and spent the rest of the evening. 24340 - 4 gallons gas @ $.78

Wesley spent the night in cabin with us because he did not have to report that night or the next day until noon.

  • Wednesday June 23 -- Got up early and washed. Went and got Wesley stripes and sewed them on his shirt. Wes went back to camp by dinner time. We went down and to Wards. Ted stayed in car. Came back to cabin and Wes was waiting.

Ironed in afternoon. Got lunch and ironed suntan pants. Wes went back to camp and the rest of us went to City Park and Earl took hard bread out for ducks and fish. Virgil and Ted went boat raiding. Went out to airport, back to cabin and to bed.

  • Thursday June 24 -- Wes came over at 8. Stayed till 10:30. Took him back to camp. Got groceries for dinner.
    24404 - 4 gallons of gas @ $.72
    Went over to camp and waited for Wesley till 3:30 but he did not get out. Then took Virgil down to depot and train left one hour late at 5:15. The last two cars on the train were filled with soldiers on the move somewhere and the third and fourth car from the end was filled with men and boys just from an induction center. Came back to cabin and walked up to Indian Tepee. Back to cabin, read and to bed.

  • Friday, June 25 -- Wes arrived at 11 and Daddy went and got groceries. Wes and all of us stayed around cabin all afternoon till 5:30 and Wes took car over to camp. I went to church. Walkers are pastors. Young Peoples Meeting -- Subject, "Redeeming the Time". It sure was good. Wes brought car back about 10 and then stayed till 11:15 when he went back to camp. Then Ted, Earl and I came back and went to bed. Daddy was already in bed.

  • Saturday, June 26 -- Got up around 10 o'clock. Walked up to post office and grocery stone. Washed under wear. Wes came over in afternoon from 5 to 12 midnight. Went and got groceries and paper. Daddy and Earl and I caught in hail storm at drug store. Millers went out to airport and Buckley Field. Came back and Millers and all except I went down town in Aurora for malts. Wes went back to camp and we came back and to bed.

  • Sunday, June 27 -- Got up at 9 o'clock. Daddy, Earl and I went to church. Then came back and got dinner. Well got pass and came out and Millers paid for 80 cents gas - we paid 50 cents then wen tto the city park and zoo and museum.
    Fixed supper and Wes took Bob Miller to camp. Wes went into camp to look at bulletin board. Bob got out of camp too and went with us. A threatened storm came up while we were at the park but rained just a little
    Went to Lakeside with Millers. Bob paid admission. Daddy and Ted went on speed boat. Came back to cabin and took Wes to camp and to bed. 8 gallons of gas $1.30.

  • Monday, June 28 -- Got up at 10 o'clock. Went down to store with Millers and got groceries, and stopped at Tepee. Ted and I walked up into Aurora. Cooked supper. Wes came over an borrowed pass. Cleaned car a little. Then Millers and us went out to the airport and car went haywire but Daddy fixed it and Ted mailed his letter at the airport. Wes had called Mund from cabin to pull us in. Made a complete circle around Lowry Field. Came to cabin, ate lunch, talked to cabin 5 and then took Wesley back to camp. Bed.

  • Tuesday, June 29 -- Got up at 9 o'clock. Ted and I went up and got groceries and cooed dinner. Wrote letters and cards and took up to Aurora post office. Ted and Daddy carnu the car. Got supper and Wes got over about 8. He and Bob went to Denver and got a comic book for Earl. It rained all evening. Came back and took cabin 4 boy back with him to camp. To bed.

  • Wednesday, June 30 -- 24562 - 14.3 gallons @ $2.63 with T coupons.

Daddy got car greased and we went to park and Earl fed ducks. Saw boys take fish out of tree where they had them hidden. Wes came over about 3:30. Took car and went back to camp after his barrack bags. Went to railroad station and got his ticket. Ate supper and talked to neighbors rest of evening. Gave coffee, lard and sugar to Millers. Walked up to the post office. Earl slept with Ted and Wesley.

  • Thursday, July 1st -- Got up at 8 o'clock. Packed car. Got groceries cooked dinner - ate - cleaned up the cabin and started for home. 11:45 AM Denver time.

  • 24592 - left Denver at 11:45 Denver tine.

  • 24636 - lost sight of the mountains.

  • Passed through Lindon, Colorado at 3 PM Quincy time.

  • Left Colorado and entered Kansas 24755 @ 5:00 Quincy time.

  • 24810 - 12 gallons of gas @ $2.12 at Atwood, Kansas

  • 24837 - Oberlin, Kansas - 7:15 Quincy time.

  • 24907 - Phillipsburg, Kansas, 4 gallons of gas @ $.70. Ate supper there too at a cafe.

  • 25124 - Hiawatha - 13 gallons of gas @ $2.14

  • 25269 - Brookfield - 8AM July 2nd

  • 25365 - Hannibal - 4 gallons of gas @ $.70

  • Arrived in Quincy at 11 AM July 2

  • 25384 with a mileage for the trip of 2505 miles