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Welcome to the Borlin Family Website.

This site is dedicated to the Borlin, Eising, Pegram, Roehl, Van Meter, and Shields Families.

David Borlin's passion for genealogy, family, and story-telling has produced much of the content of this website. From the 1990s until today, he has researched the internet, visited ancestral sites, and assembled family history that was unknown to any living family members. These details paint a picture of four families, intertwined through time and locations in Europe and North America.

As digital innovations, genetic technologies, and global research continues to improve, this web site will be periodically updated with new and refined information. We encourage you, the reader, to contact us if you have any additional facts or history around any of the families we cover. Since this site was originally implemented we have been contacted by previously unknown individuals who have provided useful additions to the stories of these families and to this website. Those improvements, coupled with the possibility of additional information from even more family members, may yet allow us to fill in more of those "missing details" in the histories of our families.

Thank you for your interest and your time. And enjoy what we hope is a valuable tool to our past, present and future.

Borlin Family - Fall 2020

borlin family - fall 2020

Chesterfield, Missouri

Borlin Family - Summer 2020

borlin family - summer 2020

Troy, Illinois

van meter family - 2018

August 2018 - Judi's Birthday Dinner

van meter family - 2005

January 2005

Eising Family and extended family 1970

Eising Family 1995 - Mary, Debbie, Shari, John, Kay and Norbert

eising / rohle family

1970 - Jim & Kay Kaysar, Shari & David Borlin, Mary & Norbert Eising, John Jr, Debbie and Agnes Roehl

Eising Family 1995

eising family

1995 - Mary, Debbie, Shari, John, Kay and Norbert

shields family

Larry, Judi, Pam, Steve (top row) / Helen and Wallace (bottom)

2000 shields reunion