Generation One - Shields


WILLIAM SHIELDS was born 1774 in Harrison Co., WVA, and died June 24, 1833 in Harrison Co., KY. He married MARGARET WEBB 1799 in Harrison Co., WVA, daughter of JONAS WEBB and ELIZABETH NUTTER. She was born October 16, 1778 in Monongalia Co., VA (now Harrison Co., WVA), and died February 26, 1857 in Harrison Co., WVA.


In the foregoing pages of the Shields ancestry, Harrison Co. is sometimes in VA and other times is in WVA. The boundaries of VA/WVA and KY changed in those early days (ca late 1700's and early 1800's) and it is hard to determine if the Shields were in Harrison Co., VA or Harrison Co., WVA and then later they were in Harrison Co., KY. Believe this Harrison Co. is the same Harrison Co. in all three of these States.

Notes from Jim Hodge:

According to a VA/WVA settlement of will, pg. 123, a William Shields, 6-24-1833 of Harrison Co., WVA --- William's wife was Margaret, and he had a son Harrison, Dan and John, as well as a daughter named Jane. I believe this William is Harrison B. Shields' father.

1830 Census - Bourbon Co., KY

On this census is listed Baker Shields, page 340. Also, on this 1830 census is listed a William Shields, pg. 340. William Shields, father of Baker (Harrison B.), died 1833. Could this William Shields possibly be his father, Willlam Shields, who was married to Margaret Webb?


2. i. NANCY2 SHIELDS, b. 1800, Harrison Co., WVA.

3. ii. ELIZABETH SHIELDS, b. 1802, Harrison Co., WVA; d. Bef. 1850.

4. iii. HARRISON BAKER SHIELDS, b. 1803, Maryland; d. Bef. 1880, Ohio.

iv. MARY ANN SHIELDS, b. 1804, Harrison Co., WVA; d. Bef. 1842; m. ROSS FARRIS, January 01, 1831, Harrison Co., WVA; b. Abt. 1804.

5. v. JANE SHIELDS, b. 1807, Harrison Co., WVA.

6. vi. JOHN SHIELDS, b. 1810, Harrison Co., WVA; d. July 08, 1872, Harrison Co., WVA.

7. vii. DANIEL K. SHIELDS, b. 1815, Harrison Co., WVA; d. January 1860, West Virginia.