Going West & Australia

March 6, 1944 to November 28, 1944 (Townsville)

March 6, 1944

Well I am in a new place again and feeling fine.  Sure hope the same for all at home.

I don't know how much will get through to you but I will try to write so they won't have to cut anything out.  

I sure had a nice trip.  Everything seem to went off nice.  I got with Schlinkman car and you know I play cards the time I was on the train more than in my whole life.  We would get up in the morning and eat then we would start playing cards at about 8AM.  The only thing we took time off for was eating.  At night the light would be turned off and we would play in the toliet.  Then about 11PM we would go to bed.  I guess when you read this to daddy he will say that where he spend all his money.  Well you know I got paid 20 buck this month.  The last day at Hunter Field I at at the service club and all the way up here I ate.  Now I have 40 bucks.  So I think I didn't do so bad for this month.  The main thing was to pass time and still a person seen the country.  

I sure would like to tell you about the country I seen but I will forget about it till I get rid of my number.  

We took a roll of films so whenever I get them developed and censor I will send them home.  

It sure is har do write now because you got to watch what you write.  

We went to the PX today and we really got a good milk shake for a change.  Was nothing like the other field and the prices are sure nice to hit your pocketbook.  They are not bank robbers.  I don't know what I will go with my watch but the glass drop out twice coming here.  I may send it home and I may jsut glue it in myself.  

I recieved 3 letters from you today and one from Jr. W.  He did not have much to say except about getting paid for 2 wk work and collected 59 buck.  He said that wasn't bad for sleeping.  He really has a real job doing nothing.  He should make about 75 buck a week.  

If V goes to Mexico he should be able to see a lot if he goes with Doc.  But I think he will have a hard time going across.  

You mention about daddy making that trip for Ed. C.  If he can make 10 buck in a half day and run the truck down there to be unloaded that shouldn't be so bad.  One thing you can load up fairly fast there and no time wasted.  Well I hope the weather holds out so he can put up the building on the back lot.  

March 7, 1944

Well here it is another day and I am feeling fine and sure hope the same for everyone at home.  

One thing I can tell you we sure are getting good food.  

You know I was going to hunt up Dick but I can't tell him where I am at so I guess I will forget it  But I sure would like to see him.  You mention about him being in POE.  Is he ready to go across or do you know?

I got a letter from Aunt Kate and she didn't have much to say.  I sent her a present from Hunter Field and she mention that she got it.  I guess the mail will not come as even now it used to.  

March 8, 1944

Well here it is Wed evening and I am feeling fine and sure hope the same for everyone at home.  

I got your letter today you wrote on the 3rd.  I am glad to hear you got my package that sent home.  That other medal is one of the armor you can do whatever you want to with it.  

You mention about V not doing anything yet.  Well maybe he will get a chance yet to go to a school.  

On writing here to me it is not censor so you can write on both sides of the paper.  

Is Jake going to put up the garage.  Being it is all metal garage I think it could be welded up in a big hurry.  And by having them sides in such big pieces it shouldn't take so long.  

Tonight I sure don't know much more to write.  I got your letter and answer your question and this is about all I know.  

I want to buy a watch tomorrow if I get a chance.  I am going to buy a 17 jewel if I can.  They have them for a little over 16 bucks.  So that really isn't so bad.  They are water proof and shock proof.  They claim they are nearly out of them so I don't know if I can get it or not.  

Tomorrow I am going to get a burr head.  Another guy in the barrack is cutting mine and I am going to cut his.  I don't know how it is going to look but nobody care or I mean I don't anyhow.  I am having the brush grow under my nose.  

I bought me a cheap fountain pen tonight too.  I thought maybe if any thing happened to this one I would have another.  But it is nothing compared to this one.  Then I got some other stuff, etc.  I wish you could see what is going on upstairs now.  The got a guy now cutting his hair.  They sure got a wash board job.  But I guess it will grow out.  

I want to write to everybody tonight.  I sure owe one to everybody so I want to get them out tonight.  I think I will close for tonight and signing off with loads and loads of love to the dear ones at home.  

I found out today that I could number the letters.  So I will put the number up on the corner of the front page.  This is the 3rd one.  

Talking about a hair cut they just finished cutting a man here and the hair line is about 2 inches above his ear.  What a hair cut.  Another thing, Aunt Kate said she would like a picture of me in a bur haircut.  You can guess how I will look.  I am going to get this one but it will probably be the first and last one.  

March ------ At Water (Received on April 7, 1944)

Well I am still feeling fine and hope that the same for all at home.

I wrote a V Mail the 25th and you can see which will get there first.  All I can say for now that I am having a half nice trip out of it.  The water in whole has been fairly smooth.  Today it is a bit rough again.  The food problem on the boat is not so bad.  But the main thing that helps out was the PX we have on the boat.  We are able to get all the Coco Cola we want and candy 3 cents.  Then also we are allowed or can get fig bars.  They got about all the things a person can thing of.  

I had KP yesterday and that was the first time I had it on the boat and I believe it will be the only time.  We had ham and I sure had my fill.

When we hit for the water the first couple days it was kind of hard on a person with keeping the food down.  But not bragging I never lost any yet.  Some of the guys sure got sick.  

I bought me a new watch before I left the west coast.  I got a water proof, shock absorber, no magnetic.  It is a 17 jewel and I paid 20.50 for it.  I don't think I could have bought it any cheaper at home.  

The boat we are on the water problem is fairly good.  We have all the drinking water we want.  We can take a shower every day but the only main hold back is it is salt water.  It is also cold.  We can not use our regular soap because it just won't work.  I was really surprised to know that.  On washing we only have cold salt water also.  It isn't so good to shave with but a person gets by.  But for the whole I think it is good.  But for the whole I think it is good.  But you should try and wash your hands in salt water.  They pass out salt water soap every morning and that is the only time.  As for seeing things that is out of the question.  You now that because all you see is water and more water.  And for fish the only ones you really see is the flying fish.  

The past time on the boat is the main thing.  We had 2 motion pictues shown and then the loud speaker machine went hay wire so that ended that.  We had a USO show on the boat by 3 or 4 men that are going across to give shows to the camps over there.  WE had a boxing match day before yesterday  also.  We have a ship newspaper that comes out every week.  Then they have a little news in it from the states.  I also heard that the old A stickers went down to 2 gal so that hit the gas problem again.  But to is 2 cars so I guess you can all the running you want.  

I can't tell you where we are heading for yet but just as we hit land I can tell you in the next letter.  The main thing I wanted to do was to get this written and the first chance we would get to mail these I will back home I used to eat on the to church on the run.  After riding the water I would navy but guess he is still 

First letter sent from Australia on March 31, 1944

Somewhere in Australia - March 30, 1944 -- Received on April 10, 1944

It sure feels lots different now to walk on land again.  On the boat one minute you was going one way then the other.  

I used to like to go over the bump on the bottom roads but since I took this boat ride I had all of them I want for awhile.  You would go to bed and be rocking side ways and in the morning you would be going up and down.  

Well today I got 4 letters. I got one from V that he mailed on the 20th.  Then I got the paper clippings the 20th from you and the letter of the 9th and 10th.  I sure was glad to get some mail again from you.  I can't tell you where we are at but it is sure nice to my opinion.  Everything is going along good yet.  Schlinkman and I are together yet.  

One thing sure get me is the way they drive on the streets.  As you know it is the same as England.  Everything seems backward.  If it was not for the American trucks and cars I think this country would really be behind.  The main thing you see is Ford, Chevrolet and International trucks.  That is the main thing they got on this side.  I can see why daddy can not buy any at home.

Another thing I got to get use to and that is the money part.  They go mainly by pound.  A pound amounts to $3.20 American money.  But when I hit here I only had a few pennies in my pocket.  We get paid tomorrow again so I will have a little.  

Tomorrow night I am going to town.  We are really inside the town I believe.  Anyhow I am going.  The main thing I want to do is get something to eat.  That is what I am going to do all evening is eat.  Today I had a quart and a pint of ice cream and it is sure good.  The milk is also good.  So I guess I won't have to worry about dairy produce here.  The houses around here are just about the same as ours.  Only they set off the ground a little.  It is not swamp land but I guess they got the high hat feeling.  The windows are all colors and you can not see out.  Or else they are heavy glass.  This brings back the old days of Tom Baldwin.  

On the boat I got behind on my washing now I got to do it here.  My new address is APO 921 instead of 9543.  

Would you send me about 4 rolls of films if you can get them please and a few air mail stamps.

Somewhere in Australia - March 31, 1944

I have a small sunburn on my back today on account of taking off my shirt.  The weather is sure nice here and really the air smells good.  In the morning you get up and the birds are singing just like they used to in Texas.  The trees are low and are cut real nice off of the top and the bottom.  They are close together and the sun can not get in the tent much.  We have the large tent and 8 sleep in a tent.  The trees are fairly close together and the tent are sure nice to sleep in.  

I got 5 more letters today and if it keep up this way it really would be alright.  

I got a burr hair cut and everybody got them around here so I guess it will turn out ok.  The only thing is when I try to grow it back out again like I used to comb it.  I am still growing the brush under my nose.  You mention in the 18th letter about not getting a letter from me again - well to tell you the truth we sure did not stay very long on the west coast but was kind of glad of it because we got out of all the s--- detail. 

I got paid today and 2 pounds 6 florin, 2 six pence and 1 three pence so 2 pounds is 6.40, 6 florin is 1.92, 2 six pence is 18 cents and a 3 pence is 4 cents.  Total $8.54.

I bought me a flashlight tonight and a pennant of Australia and a small table top.  I got a Shell Back or the Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep.  It is when you cross the Equator.  I got a small one and a large one and in the small one I wrote what should be placed in it.  Then you can take the big one down to some printing shop and have it put in by fancy letters.  

I got to send a cable off tonight so I hope it get there in short time.  I think it will beat the mail anyhow.  I hope you got a letter since out of it.  

I done all my washing today.  My work clothes was fairly dirty and I believe I will wash them over again tomorrow because they sure was dirty from the boat.  

The Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep was a ceremony that inducted sailors into the order after they crossed the equator for the first time.
The ceremony symbolized that King Neptune had officially accepted the sailors as his trusty shellbacks. 

The ceremony involved the following steps: 

April 4, 1944

Yesterday I was able to go to town for the first time.  But there was nothing doing.  We walked and walked and everything was closed.  The way they do everything here is close up on Saturday afternoon and everything is dead.  Then to think of back home Sat. night is the hot night.  Everything is backward here even the bicycle bars are turned backward.  About 5 PM we hit a place was open to ear.  So we wanted a T-bone steak but they did not serve them till 6 PM.  They are rationed here and the way they work it is to start out the day with a certain thing then so many hours serve that.  

I went down to the Red Cross building and looked in the book down there of all Illinois men.  I came upon about 10 guys from Quincy.  The last one I came on was signed the 2nd of this month I believe and it was Meyer of 644 Payson Ave.  That is only about a block from Schlinkman.  It was a fairly nice place.  

I was talking to a young man who worked on the railroad.  He was talking about how much he made.  He made 7 lbs a week.  That is $22.40 a week.  That is a high wage here.  So you can see how the prices compare to ours.  

April 6, 1944

In the 15th letter received today you mentioned about taking Willie car down to him. Well I guess by the time you get this you will have made up your mind.  But I would sure look that car over before I would drive it that far.  ----- tyrs that is the Aussie spelling ---

I went to town last night again and ate and went to the show.  Well the way it looks now I will need some money.  So if you please send me about 15 bucks.  This going to town and being always hungry I guess I won't save much money.  The PX is fairly close to our tent and I get about a quart of ice cream a day. It is more as a desert.  The food is not so bad here but the ice cream sure came in nice.  The PX is only open 2 hours at a time so each time it opens that is where I hit.  Cokes cost about 4 cents a bottle.

Last night I went in and bought some apples.  They cost us 4 cents a piece.  Send money in money order.  On sending your mail over here do not send nothing except air mail or V mail.  3 cent mail comes on a boat and it will take a good month to get here.  

April 8, 1944

You know we are in the 5th Air Corps.  I will send honey boy an emblem.   Tomorrow is Easter and what do you think?  I got KP .  That really hit the spot.  But I guess I will have to take it.  Somebody got to take it.  Last year I no more than hit Denver in fact I think it was a year today that I got there.  

I was glad to hear that Virgil got to go to Mexico.  That Ted that took them around I know him.  He was there when I was and had the same job.  He is a nice kid.  

Do you remember when I was home on furlough Mrs. Beckgerd came over and wanted to know here or if I seen any of them red cross bags.  She told me about what was in them.  Them bags are given out to every body that goes over sea.  They gave them to us about three days out.  My bag was made up at Schuylet County, Missouri.  They had a bar of soap, pencil, tablet, etc.  I am using it now like a shaving kit or toilet bag.  The candle in the tent is getting kind of bad so I hope you can make out on reading it.  DON'T WORRY

April 11, 1944 -- Somewhere in Australia

Sunday I had to do KP and it was kind of bad to di it on Sunday because I wanted to go to church and lots of other ones did too but there was too much work so we forgot about it.  

Yesterday I work around and was hauling stuff from town.  After that I wash up and decided to go to the show.  It is so hard to keep from spending your money around here.  I spend more money here now than I ever did in any town.  

I wanted to go in and buy me a pair of trunks to run around in but now they won't give us no more day passes so I don't know if I will be able to buy any or not for awhile.  All of the old men and the Australia army men wear short pants.  It sure does look funny.  They wear legging with them.  The other night I was in town and there was a Aus soldier had a overcoat on and only his legs showing.  

Today I was working again and hot a good sunburn on my arm.  I can't tell you what I was doing because they will cut it out.  But I was still working and enjoying it.  

In your letter of the 29th you mentied about the cold weather hitting again.  Well that is one thing I don't think we got to worry so much about.  All the car and truck around here don't even have window in their doors.  Just like a model T door.  

The camp next to ours have a picture show or else a stage show every night.  IT is free and they are fairly new ones.  So if a person doesn't go to town he can always spend his evening over there.  Then every time before we come in we go down couple blocks and get us a steak or else hamburger and milk.  

April 13, 1944

Last night I went in again to see a picture show but it was a English pictue and I walked out in a very short time.  Then I went and got me some hamburger and milk again.  I am telling you one thing I sure am spending the money.  But one thing sure I am having a good time out of it.  This week end if I can get a pass for all day I am going out to one of the small town around here.  They have a nice beach etc. there.  During the day the armor section got a ball team up and we play the other section.  We lost yesterday but it still was a good game.  Then this morning we had a close game.  In the last half they got the one run that made it 9 to 10.  We stared out with 8 new balls this week and everyone of them are nearly wrecked by now.  We sure have our sports here.  

In the day time they always find odd and ends for us to do.  Then in the evening I always clean up and then it gets dark.  I don't know if I mention it to you or not but they moved us again in some other tents.  So we don't have our light anymore and we use candle.  The colonel men was out in the sun and we were in the shade part so he moved us in the sun and his men back in our old rents.  

I bought some pennant of Australia and then I got a small table top.  I wanted to wrap it up but the biggest problem is to be here the same time our officer is.  Or officers censor all our mail.  With letters we put them in the box and they read them if anything is wrong they hand it back.  To mail this package I got to wrap it up in front of them.  So I hope to get it off one of these days.  

Well here it is Saturday morning already and I still haven't finished this.  I got that package mailed last night so in about 6 weeks you should get that.  

April 17, 1944 -- Somewhere in Australia

Sunday I went to the beach as I said before.  I was planning on it.  We had a truck from our sqd and they took a truck load out.  We left here at 10 AM and left there at 5 PM.  We went out there and set around till noon and then we ate at a American Red Cross place.  It sure was a nice place and the meals was really good for the price.  We had steak with potatoes and pea and carrot salad then had cake and ice cream and milk.  All for 40 cents.  Then I wanted to go in the water so I had to give a pound deposit then when you come back they give you your pound back ($3.20).

Sat. night I went to a USO show again.  I went to one Fri night at another camp across the road and the Sat. night they had one a this camp.  Last night I was going to another show but I was a bit tired so I went to bed about 8 PM.  So I got a bunch of green grass and they don't want anybody on it so they put guard around it.  

April 20, 1944

I went in town yesterday to see the big parade.  They had 1700 women marching in it.  They were from different branches of the service over here.  Then they had 6 bands in it. They swing their arms much more than we do.  It looks funny compared to us.  The big parade was for the first war loan here.  We have had our fourth one and here they only now are having their first one.  

After the parade the kid that went with me we went out to the zoo.  the one they have here is fairly large.  We spent the whole afternoon out there.  

April 21 --  I went on guard duty yesterday noon and we had the hours of 3 to 7 so I got off this morning at 7.  Last night I went to the show again.  Well I sure hope you got to make the trip down to Georgia because you should see a little bit difference in the country.  

April 23, 1944

The week I am taking it easy now.  The finances has run out.  So that is the end now till pay day.  Now don't get the idea that you should send me a bunch of money each month because I am going to live on what I got.  The only bad part was giving us that 15 bucks at Frisco.  That cut us short on this end then.  That is the reason I wrote for the 15 and that will pay for what I owe.  But really when we hit here I hit it too hard.  Went to town every night and ate.  To tell you the truth I ahve spent nearly $35.20 this month already.  

One thing I spent a little money for was a pair of Aussie shorts.  They cost me $2.20 and the I had my slipper half soled for $.96.  The I bought some of these hankershiefs.  

Yesteray I did not do much again.  Last night I went to another USO show.  There is one in town again tonight at a theatre but I think I will stay in.  

April 24, 1944

This is Monday evening and a little chilly tonight.  Don't get me wrong that it is cold because it is not.  The weather today was a bit windy and a little dusty.  Reminded me of Texas.  I went on guard duty at 11 AM to 3 PM today and I go on again at 11 tonight to keep an one off that green grass.

On that shellback certifiate I heard that you can put the date and logitude.  So it was March 18th and 140 degrees.  

Tomorrow will turn over another year for me which make me 22 years old.  

April 25, 1944

Dear Virgil - I have received couple of your letters now and they came in fairly good time about 10 or 11 days.  Well you know you got a break with your job.  How are the tools you are using?  If they are bad send home after that set but listen if you have not a good place to put it and keep it I wouldn't take it because that is really worth some money noe because you know it is impossible to buy another one.  

You mention about sending that flower home.  I guess that was a good Friday for the when they got the money from Ted, flower from you and my first letter.  I haven't heard yet if they made the trip or not but the last letter I got from home they had the car at the house so I guess they went.  I sure hope they had a nice trip.  Well Vir I don't know much more to say for now so I will end and sure hope this finds you as good as I am.  

Good luck brother.  As ever Wes.

April 26, 1944

I don't know much to say again today but want to send these pictures home.  I mare on the back of the prints the ones I got send neg to Shea.  I will send his address in the next letter.  Then I want you to enlarge them and send them back to me.  The Sgt. that got the camera want them.  That make 6 prints I want you to send back to me.  

April 27, 1944

I want you to send me a camera because that camera is ok it only takes too small of a picture.  If Virgil camera takes bigger size send me his but if it takes small ones I think I shall take my 620.  I hate to have that one but I will and take care of it.  Don't send me the box camera.  

Do you want me to send my watch home?  I think I could get nearly 16 bucks for it.  

Kangaroo are on that one picture if you look real close.  They look on the order of rats or jack rabbit setting on their hind legs.   Another think I want you to send.  You know them fine barber clipper set that we have at home.  The sqd bought couple pair but can't use then and nobody know how to cut hair so send me them if you will.  

Tonight we had mail call and I got the letter of the 16th when you was in Macon, Ga.  So I see you don't think much of the south either.  I always did say they could give back Ga to the Indians.  Texas will even beat Ga to my opinion.  I sure was glad to hear that you made the trip.  You really did not make so bad time.  I think you were wise to stop off and see the country as going down.  You mention about the oil problem.  Well that was sure enough oli to use.  I sure am glad min doesn't use that much or anyway I hope it doesn't use that much yet.  What did you think of the town of Chattanooga?  I had a lay over there when I went to Hunter Field.  Fair place.  

---- this afternoon I took one of my sun tan shirts and turned the collar around on it.  It was a bit worn and if I turn it in for salvage I probably never get a decent one back.  It was a bigger job then I expected but I made it.  I guess you would have got a laugh out of it but it is good enough for me.  

---- Well I want to put this small remembrance of Mothers Day in for you.  It is not much but I want you to know that I am always thinking of you.  

April 29, 1944

Tomorrow morning we get paid and of course I am on Kaapee again.  This is the second time I had it on Sunday now.  But there nothing to do about it.  Somebody got to do it.  

I got your money order ok.  In your letter of the 19th you mention about send me one every month.  Well I don't want you to send any more until I ask for it.  I think I can make it ok.  Any how I am going to try awful hard.  This next week sometime I want to go down town and buy honey boy an Australian flag.  They have small ones and I want to get him one.  Did you get that emblem yet?

On that shell back paper put the 19th of March.  I heard that was the day instead of the 18th.  And of course that was 140 degrees.  

Here it is Monday morning and I just finished my washing for last week.  I am still feeling as fine as ever and hope the same for all at home.  

May 2, 1944

Before I forget this I will give you the address of Shea.  Mrs. Marth Shea, 7035 Jeffery Ave, Chicago, Illinois.  

Yesterday we got our cigarettes' issued to us.  Everybody is allowed only 4 cartons a month.  They cost us 40 cents a carton.  We get the four for $1.60.  The only reason I buy them is because I can resell them.  If a person takes them into town he can get $3.20 a carton.  But I don't take them in because a person take a big chance.  So I sell them out here at camp.  I don't get as much but it is safe.  

Well to tell you ahead of time I am planning on going out to the beach this week if they don't pull some kind of detail.  They got them up through Friday and I am not on yet so my luck will be detail again for the week end.  

Well here I am again and this time it is Thursday the 4th of May.  I went in town last night again.  Just went in to be doing something.  When I came in last night and found the letter with the clippings in it. It was send the 11th of April.  In one of those clippings was the death of S. Sgt. Blaesing.  It said he left the states February 25th.  Schlinkman and I saw him before he left.  He was a gunner on a B25.  He sure didn't last long over there at all.  

May 5th, 1944

I wan tto go out to the beach tomorrow and stay at the Red Cross all night and come back on Sunday evening.  It has been a bit cool the last couple days so I don't think I will hit the water.  I think I will stay around the town and just pass the time away.  Just to get away from teh camp for one night and sleep in a good bed.  It only cost us 16 cents for the night so that is not bad at all.  

Well here it is Saturday 3:15 PM and I am about ready to go and spend the night and tomorrow at the beach.  

May 9, 1944

I went to the beach Sat. and stayed until Sun evening 5 PM.  The water was a bit cool so I got a good sunburn.  I went out in the water a little but to lay on the sand was much better.  I spent 15 shillings ($2.40) for the whole time counting the meals and swimming suit, etc.  But it sure was nice to get away and sleep on night in a decent bed.  This next week I think another kid and me will go out for fishing.  Time will tell

I am going to try and buy a Australian army had for honey boy.  They are like a cowboy hat in the states and it has a big pin on the side.  He can wear that around and no one will have one.  

V-Mail -- May 10, 1944

Here it is Wed. again and feeling fine.  I think I will try this week on V mail and leave me know how it goes.  

Yesterday we had a bunch of mail but I only received on letter.  That was a birthday card that Mrs. Daniel sent to me. One of these days I should hit the jack pot again.  

Last night I didn't feel like staying in the tent so I went to the show again.  It was just fair but it passed the evening along.  Then I went down to the corner and got a bottle of milk for this morning.  Because since they rationed milk (cut it 20%) it is hard to get at the mess hall now.  Lots of the time we have the powder milk. 

V-Mail -- May 12, 1944

On Wednesday evening I received 5 letters.  In the one of the 11th you had the air mail stamps again.  The 14th was from the trip you made down in Georgia.

May 12, 1944

I received couple more letters this morning and there is so much to write about I thought I better hit that paper again instead of Vmail.  Today again the weather was nice and a person sure can not complain.  I can not anyhow but they say the ground sure needs rain.  WE only had one small rain since we have been here.  

We were issued another blanket tonight so that makes 5 we got not to keep warm and at night you really need them and I am not fooling.  

May 14, 1944

Here another week has come around but this Sunday I stayed in camp.  They would not give us overnight passes this week end.  Last night I went to town.  In fact I went in at 2 PM and wasn't much doing because all the stores were shut on account of Saturday.  Nothing is open at all.  I wanted to get Honey Boy (censor that is my kid brother) a flag and some small stuff to send home but I would not do it.  I am booked for guard duty tomorrow so I guess I will have to wait till Wed. then the next thing is to get a pass.  But I got a lot of time yet.  Then there wasn't much to do so we went into the park.  We bought some grapes, etc and fed them to the birds and of course the monkeys.  Then about 5 PM we decided to eat so we went to the American Red Cross and ate dinner and then we came back to camp and went to the USO show.  Taht was Sat.  

This afternoon it rained here for the 2nd time in couple days being over 6 weeks.  The paper the last week or so said they really needed the water so we sure had a big one.  All I hope it was not too hard and hurt any of the crops.  Our tent stood it ok but it came in by the sides.  But a little water has never hurt anybody yet.  

I got a letter from Mrs. Moritz this afternoon.  She wrote it on the 29th of March and that is the morning I got up and looked this place over.   --- Here is some more on land, etc.  That is about all this letter will be.  Aunt Annie write again and mentioned about buying a house and moving to town.  The way I get it she is moving out on 24th Locust end of town.  That is a fair place to move to but I don't think she will like it as well as long as she stayed at the other place.  She stop one of these days.  The way she talked she is still kicking and getting along as good as ever.  I know on thing I ain't worrying over her at all.  

Well I only made about 5 bucks this month on my business deal.  I would have made more but I had to act too fast.  I furst thought I was going to lose on them.  But 5 bucks is 5 bucks in anybody money.  

Tell honey boy I will try and get him that stuff just as soon as possible.  

Somewhere in Australia - May 17, 1944

Last night I went to down again but I couldn't find anything.  The flag that I wanted to send home they were out of so I guess he will have to wait while before I can get him anything.  I bought some of this paper last night and I thought it could be another letter heaf to put with your collection.  I guess you are still keeping them.

Over here now we are starting to wear OD uniform.  The days are still nice and warm but the evening are sure getting a bit cool.  So we really use our blankets now.

One my deal you remember what I mention I made another $1.60.  This month I will come out ok on money. 

The other day we got some WAC in and the people are judging the girls back home by the WAC.  Well you know how must of them are so that sure got a nice opinion of our girls.  

May 20, 1944

As you can see we moved again by our new APO number.  So from now on put 922 on it.  We moved by train and I am telling you one thing we sure had a ride.  As I said before the trains are old as the hills.  There was 12 of us in a 1/3 of the car.  IT was about 6 feet wide and 12 feet long.  We did not have any bed and the only thing was to sleep on the floor, seats, etc.  The first night we did not sleep well at all.  So last night another kid and me hung our blanket up from one window to the other.  Then by sinking in the center we could get side way.  One of the rope came loose about 2 this morning so I had to fix it then slept ok.  So as the whole I had a fair night sleep.  The car are old ones I think in the 18 hundred because I don't think they made anything like that in the 1900.  Once in awhile I think we got up to the great speed of 30 MPH but it was something different and I mean it was different.  

When we left they told us our food problem was not going to be so good so they took some money out of the sqd fund.  We bought a bunch of fruit.  Then before we left we bought some fruit juice drink.  So with what we had extra and what we ate when we stopped the food was not so bad.  But one thing I am getting tired of is of mutton.  That is the only thing we had all the way.  But they got to eat the sheep somehow so they feed it to the army.  

The way it looks here is that the food problem will be better.  I think we will be more to eat.  The food and etc you dish out yourself and take what you want and just as much as you want.  So I will tell you how it comes in the future.  We have all the butter and jam on the table we want.  The home made bread here is much better then we had at the other place.  

Our sqd got split up.  About half of us came up here.  The rest of the men stayed back there.  They say we will be put together in couple of months so the only thing you can do is wait and see.  

We are by another nice town but the CO said we were not getting many passes here.  So I guess I won't go to town so much now.  The PX here has not cokes or ice cream so I guess I will do without that.  I guess I can live ok if the mess hall has better food.  

Schlinkman came with me so we are still together.  We are living in some new tents.  We don't have lights yet but I hear that they are putting them up soon.  I was talking to some of the guys that are here said that there is another beach near by.  So I guess if we are ever able to get a pass for the beach I will hit there.  I don't know how it compares with Redcliff beach.  Don't worry about me because there is nothing to worry about.  Tell V and Ted my new address. --- Det. 93rd Adrm Sqd.  / 45 Service Group APO 922 / San Francisco, California.

May 22, 1944

This morning I signed the payroll.  So I guess I will get paid this month again.  I thought maybe we would not get paid till the 19th.  I have about $4.50 in your money.  I don't think I will be able to make any money like I made last month but I still should do ok.  With teh address they change it again.  At first they put us with the 45 Service Group but they took that off now.  We are working with them.  The weather here is sure nice so far this winter.  Back at the other place about 500 miles more south then here and it made it cooler at night.  But here at night you do not need the blanket and in the morning you can really get up and feel nice.  The latrine is close by and the mess hall is not over 50 feet from our tent.  So really we have not got it bad.  We are about the first to hit the mess hall that way we do not have to stand in a line.  But I sure hate to think about being here this summer because we are in teh valley and there are 3 mountains (or good size hills) on 3 sides of us.  So I don't think we will get any breeze at all but the other guys live here last summer so I guess I can too.  One thing I am sure glad we hit over here in the winter time.  

The way things looks now my easy time is over.  It looks now that I will work at least 6 1/2 days and about 9 hours a day.  It may be 7 days a week.  Soon will tell on that end.  But if that keep up I should be able to save some money now don't you think.  

We have outsides shows.  WE have wooden boards to sit on.  It is free and couple other camps around here come too so you got to go a little early.  

The address is changed again so the only thing that is different is the APO 922.

May 23, 1944

Here I am again and now it is Tuesday evening 5:15 PM and feeling fine.  I worked all day and for a change I think I earned my money for today.  But I would sooner be working steady like I am now instead of the way I used to.  One day work and then loaf for the next couple days.  

I heard tonight that we got a radio and was putting up a tent to put it in.  So I guess if that is so we will get to hear some music again.  It will be a long time since I heard a radio.

May 26, 1944

The last 3 nights and days I sure have kept busy.  We worked on the line till 5PM and then came back and ate and put us up a frame work on our tent.  It makes the tent look better and also give you more room.  Tonight we had a sqd meeting and I guess we will have electric light by tomorrow night.  I am looking for some small bulb but it can't be much worse than these candles are to write with.  I have 4 of them to write this letter now.  It is a little after nine and I want to get this done so it can go off tomorrow sometime.  We have a radio in the sqd now but a person does not get up and then at noon for a few minutes we hear it.  

In the letter I received from Jr. W. he mentioned about getting his papers and he was heading for the air corps.  He was lucky in one way to enlist when he did.

The last couple nights has not turned out so warm but a person will never freeze here but one thing I want you to believe me that I am feeling fine and don't want anybody to worry about me because I am getting along very good and there is nothing to worry about.  

Loads of love from Australia

May 27, 1944 - Somewhere in Australia

You know we are by a town but I doubt very much if I will see the town very much at all.  The way the work is and by the time a person get in he doesn't feel much like going into town.  So for as I hear we only worlk a half day tomorrow (Sunday).  If we do I will have to do my weeks washing.

You wanted to know how much I made.  Well I get about 25 bucks after my allotment and insurance is taken out.  So that is nearly a buck a day.  I can live on that easy in this place.  

May 28, 1944

Here it is Sunday and we only worked a half day.  So we got off at 12 noon.  Then I had all my washing from the time I left the other place so I spent most of the afternoon washing.  Here we do not have hot water so we got to use cold as warm.  As you know that doesn't wash so easy.

Then after that I played a little baseball.  It was something different because you can not play much now with working so much.  This morning we got some stuff in some nice wooden box so I broke a box up and brought it back with me.  I want to make a foot locker out of it.  Keeping all your clothes in the duffle bag it gets dirty.  So tomorrow I am hoping to get that finished.  

Today we got our electric light up.  When we were at the other town everybody took off Saturday noon and never showed up till Monday morning.  That other town was the worst place I ever heard of taking days off.  The light is only 40W but it better than nothing and it is better than candles.  We can't put bigger bulbs in because that doesn't go over here.  

The morning we had ham and eggs.  The eggs were fried too.  As I told you before you take as much as you want.  So I had 3 nice pieces of ham and 2 fried eggs.  The for dinner we had steak and nice gravy and mashed potatoes, etc ice cream.  That only thing I can say for here we sure have nice food.  Of course this is just today meals and they were extra good.

Tonight I wanted to go to church but I decided to get caught up on my writing first.  But I wanted to go next Sunday evening.  I can't go in teh morning on account of work.  They say the chaplain here is a good one.  The last one we had was sure a dead one to my opinion.  So after next week I will tell you what I think of him.  I wrote to Ted and told him to get his feet fixed because he don't know half of what it will cause him in the future.  

May 30, 1944

I sure hit the jack pot on mail today.  I got the picture of honey boy with his chickens.  He sure does look good.  I don't think I will ever know him when I get back because he is really growing.  Your letters are not censored.  

May 31, 1944

Today the eagle s--- again.  This month they took a month of laundry out and it was from back at Hunter Field.  I don't think I should have had it taken out of mine because I never left the army do my laundry except once or twice the whole time I was at Hunter but by time a person would see about it, it would not be work his time.

Today Shea got some more pictures back from what we took at Brisbane and he is sending them home to his parent and then on to you.  On the watch I will send it home to you because I don't need the money down here and daddy can wear it.  I found out tonight that you can insure things from this end.  So I will have to think of something to keep it from breaking.  

I haven't received your package yet with the films.  I hear that you can get them in town on Monday morning but the main thing is to get to town on Monday morning but maybe I can find somebody sometime.  Shea parents are sending him some and Loros parent are sending him some too.  

I think I will end for tonight again and still in Australia and I think I will stay here for a good while.  

I read on the bulletin board about the levee about Quincy.  I guess all the farm land is under water again.  It mentioned about Lima and getting 400 troops out of Camp Ellis to help.  It really much be up high to do all that because last year it was up high and everything make it ok.  It was like a telegram or radio cable it was on.  

June 1, 1944

In the letter of the 18th you mentioned about poring the foundation for the garage.  I was a bit surprised to hear the at the neighbor on the south side kick about it.  

Tonight the wind is blowing a bit so I tied down my side of the tent.  We got a cat that came in here every night and play around.  I had it on the bed with me and I fell asleep with it.  So when I woke up again it was gone.  This working all day is sure something to get used to.  But I don't mind it at all.  Schlinkman and I sure got a nice big job ahead of us.  It is nothing dangerous but it is just a job making up a new turret out of couple old ones.  I guess that will take us over a week and maybe two.  I wure wish I had the money that one of them cost.  I could live 8 years on it what it will save the government.  The come around $12,000 a piece.  Not a bad price do you think.  Don't get the idea that I am bragging about us two because it is just our job.  We are the only ones Schlinkman and I that are doing that work from this sqd.  

The cat just came around again so I guess I will play with it for awhile now.  How is honey boy chickens coming along by now.  Tell him I think my can would eat one of them for him.

June 4, 1944

Here it is another Sunday and I am feeling fine and sure hope this find all at home the same way.  

I have not received any mail from you since the 1st.  The reason I guess that is for because the remining part of the sqd will be up here tomorrow.  So I guess they are bringing it with them.  (I hope).  On my watch I am sending it home tomorrow.  I am sending it by air mail.  I think that way it will be lots quicker and it will be just as safe.  I don't think I will insure it because a person will probably never get his money back anyhow.  

June 6, 1944

Yesterday I sent the watch home.  I sent it by air mail so I hope it get there ok.  It cost me 24 cents.  I thought that would be much quicker than the other way.  So the only think I can do is hope it got there ok.  

On Earl with that hat it is a bit hard to find one here but if I see one I will sure get it for hom.  I am glad you sent me his size.  I was suprised to hear what size it was.  

The other part of the sqd came up here so now we are all together again.  

June 11, 1944 - Somewhere in Australia

Here it is another Sunday and we had the whole Sunday off.  I think next Sunday we will work all day.

I guess you was wondering when I was going to write next at night I would lay down and go to sleep.  Our electric lights are turned off now.  We only had them for about a week and they said (Australia) it was too much strain on the line.  So we are back to candle again.  But I hear some talk about they are thinking about taking one of our set and setting it up.  I hope somebody does something in a hurry because it sure is tiresome sitting around with candle light.  

I sure did hit the jackpot this week.  I received about 15 letters day before yesterday.  There was 10 from you.  You mention in the letters how old Eleanor was.  She is 17 years old tomorrow.  

--- well here it is about 8:30PM and I went to church tonight.  I am finishing up this letter now.  Really for having all day off all I have done was catch up on my sleep, eat and write this one letter.

June 12, 1944 - V Mail

Today has passed and tonight we have light again.  We set up one of our small units.  I received couple more letters from you and you mention about Ted having a good time.

You ask me how the army way over here compared to the States in saluting, etc.  In one way it is just as bad as the States.  We have inspection and all the old stuff.  I guess if you was more up north you might get out of it but here you do not.  

June 13, 1944 -- V Mail

I met another kid from home the other day.  His name is Everett (Barney) Schultz.  I think daddy remember him.  He drove for Tony S. out on 24th Street with that 38 Chev.  I don't know if he ever drove for Roger or not.  He was a fast driver and I believe he drove for Tony when we were hauling to the paper mill.

In the letter last night I think I mention when Eleanor Ann birthday was but I think I told you the wrong date.  She was 17 yesterday.  But just forget about sending her anything.  I think I better end for tonight because it is my bed time (9PM) s for now I will sign off with loads of love from Australia.

June 15, 1944 -- V Mail

We signed the payroll yesterday.  The money is holding out ok for me now.  I bought me a good pocket knife tonight.  About once a month you can buy stuff like that.  I met another kid I went to school with tonight.  

June 18, 1944 -- V Mail

Dear Vir:

Well here it is another week so I thought I better drop you a few lines again.  Day before yesterday I received the letter of the 5th of June and was glad to hear from you again and that everything is still going good. 

You mention about putting in for a leave.  Well I wouldn't wait too long on that but I sure hope you can get one.  I received some picture from home of Ted and Helen.  Ted sure doesn't look bad at all.  I guess he had a good time.  I don't know what would stop him from it.  I guess I better end again for this time and so take it easy kid.  As ever Wes

June 18, 1944 -- Australia

I have not written in the last couple days because I haven't had time.  

---You also mention in that letter of getting that five buck check from the bond money.  Well I don't think that is right but there is nothing a person can do.  Then yesterday I finally received the box of eats.  Well the box got here ok but the insides were not of the best shape.  I had to throw all of it away except the candy.  Don't ever send any life savers because I can get all I want from the PX.  If you ever send any more peanuts be sure they are in a tin can.  

You ask me if I could find Earl on that flood picture.  I look on the picture before I ever read the letter and I know he was standing in the distance because the way he had his arms.  

--- This morning (Sunday) we had to work again.  I guess it will be a couple months now before we get the whole day off again.  The next full day we get off I want to go out to a island that is close by.  The red cross runs a boat in the morning and evening to it.  Then some time I want to go to a nice town that is a little distance away from here.  These guys that are here for 15 months and more have only had 3 Sundays off.  And the one last Sunday was the 3rd one so it will take me 6 months or more to do it if we don't get any more days off then that.  

This afternoon that Schultz kid came in and talked for awhile so now I got to get some letter written tonight.  

Shea took my washing tonight and going to do it with a machine.  He knows a kid from another sqd and they have a machine so he does our washing every week.  Last week he was down with the malaria again so we had to do it ourselves.  

June 20, 1944 -- V Mail

I received a letter from you yesterday of the 8th and one from Gardner0Denver.  They sent me the factory paper they just started.  It was a 2 page type written.  It was not so bad.  

The weather the last couple nights has been a bit cool so you really take the blankets.  We have 5 wool blanket now.

June 23, 1944 -- V Mail

Today I hit the jackpot on mail again.  You mention about Ted leaving again.  Well I know how fast that went.  I have received everything up to date now except the camera.  

June 25, 1944

Here it is Sunday evening again and I just finished KP for the day and washed up.  In V letter he mentioned he was going to sell the car.  Well if he sell it I don't think he should buy another one because there is no future to it.  In the letter of the 9th you mention about Bob getting ready with his crew.  Listen tell his mother if he ever comes this way to hunt me up because he will hit this field where I am at.  So the main thing if he hit 922 APO look me up.  He won't have no hard time finding me.  You also wrote about Beatty Howard.  Well Chatam Field is just a short distance from Hunter Field.  I was out there a couple times.  In the letter of the 14th I was surprised to hear that you got the watch so quick I sent it on the 5th.  Tell Honey Boy the cat that runs around here is black and I do mean black.  On that car business of Vir and Ted.  If they can not get a decent price they just as well keep it because then they could get the same trade in as what they are getting now.  So get a decent price out of it.  In the letter of Ted he mentioned that Lon was gone.  What do you think of the Aussie envelope (Not Much).

June 27, 1944 - Australia V Mail

Last night I started to write a V mail but I did not have enough to say so I tore it up.  I guess by this time your are getting tired of receiving my letters with the same old stuff in it.  But really there is nothing that happen that I can write about.  Today I received the letter of the 16th and you had the clippings in it about the car going in the river.  I know that Bergman brother.  One thing sure that kid sure did have a close one.  But what I got a big kick out of was the way they talk about the big wrecker that pulled it out.  That is a good front for Gem City junk yard.  Then you sent that end of the letter.  Well I guess the US censor opened the letter to see how our censor do.  

Jun 29, 1944 - V Mail

The mail problem has been fair.  Shea bought a bicycle this week.  It is fair but non to good.  They are really high.  One of these months you will be able to see it because we took picture and when we get them I will send them home.

June 30, 1944

I really do not have much to say tonight but I am sending these 3 pictures and the money order.  The eagle did it again today so I thought I would send home this 15.  I will not need it.  These pictures were taken back at the other camp the day we were pulling out to come here.  

Them shorts I have on are Aussie shorts.  Then the one with me and my field pack on.  Then the picture with 2 of us on is the wheel of our section.  (by wheel I mean the head of our section.  That is what we call them).  He is the one with the camera.  That picture was taken here at our camp.  

Today it had been a bit wet outside.  The cat is in our tent now.  He stays with us all the time now.  I will get couple picture of it tomorrow or Sunday if it is nice.  Then Earl can see what kind of cat we got.  It was 3 months yesterday for me.  

July 2, 1944

We had to work this morning again but we got this afternoon off.  I didn't do much except wash blanket which were a bit dirty and mark a few of my clothes.  We are supposed to start our laundry up, that is our sqd laundry and everything will have to be marked.  It sure is hard to was your dirty clothes in this cold water.  My work clothes I take up on the line and wash out in gas.  That takes out the grease in a hurry and no effort.  

Then this evening I went to church again and just came back from there.

In your letter of the 18th you was talking about cutting timber fore the garage.  That is one thing over here has good and that is hard wood.  When it is green you can put a nail in it but when it is dry it is just like iron.  I know we do not have any lumber as tough as this stuff is.  

In Virgil letter he mention about it being hot also.  Well the weather here is fairly nice so far but I don't htink it will be so nice when summer comes.  Because this winter is plenty warm and I hate to think what the summer will be.  He mention about his drawings.  The cat that stay around our tent just came in for the evening so I put some ink on its foot and that is its print on the paper.  We got a piece of felt and he sleep on it at night.  

Cat Paw Print

July 3, 1944 -- Australia V Mail

It was nice day again here and I received couple more letters from you.  Today you ended taht story about Bob.  I really surprised to hear that Bill was in the hospital and it is no wonder I have not heard from him lately.  

July 4, 1944

I never wrote last night because I went to the show and Shea Buddy was here and we talk and time flew by before I knoew it.  This kid lived next to Shea and ran around with him back in the good ol days.  He has only turned over his 30th month here and waiting to go back to the states.  

I was glad to hear that you heard from Ted and everything is still going ok with him.  Really you don't have to worry about him because everything is slow on moving.  You should see how this is over here.  

July 5, 1944

Yesterday I did received your other box.  That is the one with the towels, candy, clippers, etc.  Really that box hit here in perfect shape.  Everything was in number one shape.  So now I am waiting for the camera.  

July 7, 1944

You mention about the number on the new tires.  Well really I forgot about it but it is either 20% crude rubber or else it hasn't any crude rubber at all.  Bu I wouldn't be surprised that there is not any curd rubber at all.

In the letter of the 23rd you also mention about if any what kind of bugs we had here.  Well really there is not so many around here to my opinion.  The only thing that is around here is ants.  But I guess when summer come they may be a bit bad. 
I wrote a letter to Ted also today.  I did it this morning at work.  It was a but damp and I could not work outside so I wrote one in a plane.  

July 9, 1944

The last couple night I have been taking a hot shower and then putting a paste of something on for the bites.  But they are nearly all gone now.  They are taking our cots and blankets to fumigate.  

The weather here is still nice.  You mention about it being up pass a hundred at home.  One thing it is plenty nice here now but I sure hate to think what this summer will be.  

July 12, 1944

I went over and had some stuff put on again tonight.  But I guess it will be the last because it is all going away.  We had to see a picture show of China and I came back and the lights are out.  We are back on the Aussie power again and when ever they feel like turning the lights out they go out.  I started this with the lights on and now they are off again already.  So I am writing this by candle light.  

July 13, 1944 -- Somewhere in Australia

I dropped my watch and broke it.  I tore into it myself and sound the balance wheel has jumped back.  I tried to fix it but no luck.  My fingers were not so small.  So I guess I will take it down on the line and get it fixed.  They are a bit high but what can you do about it when you are in a place like this.  If I send it home it will take a long time and I am so used to a watch that I want it right away.  So I guess I will pay a good price to get it.  

On the V mail I just send the  free because we can not put a stamp on because it only goes to town to get photo.  And of course the stamp does not show on the outside so it goes the same as the rest.  When you put a air mail stamp on all that does is rush it to the coast quicker.  

You ask me about Everett Schultz and what he done.  The last time I heard he said he was a machinist but I think that is a bunch of hot air because I don't think he has enough brains to run a machine but I really can't say because I don't know.  One thing he is working at a big place.  

July 16, 1944

To start out the day had to work again this morning.  I finished chow about 1 or maybe a little later and then took a shave, etc.  I put on my Aussie shorts and then we decided to take a walk and take some more pictures.  So we took 2 more rolls of pictures.  We took some of ant hills.  Around here they stand about 2 foot in size.  Then some kid came with a horse so we got a few pictures of them.  I still have not received the camera you sent me.  We are still using that Staff Sgt camera.  In a letter the other day you wanted to know who he was.  He is a head of our section (armorment).  We call him the wheel.  

Then I went to church again tonight.  The nights here been a but cool and we used all 5 of our blanket.  We lay on one and cover up with 4 of them.  I wanted to write these last couple night but the lights goes on and off and I was tired so I just hit the sack.  

Friday night I decided to go in and see our basketball team play again.  We lost this week.  But it sure was a tight game 35-36.  By the time we got back it was bed time again and the way we are working now you sure do hit it.  You sit down and next thing you are laying on it and then asleep.  

I broke my watch as I wrote you before so I want you to send me my Elgin back again by air mail.  Put it in that same box if you got it and it may fly over (I hope).  I will wrap up watch up one of these day when I get time and send it home.  They wanted $10 and that is too much to pay.  So all I am hoping that both of them get there and here al lok.  You can get it fixed and I will have you know about what to do later.  

yesterday it was a year since I hit Hunter Field and we was taking a walk around camp and thinking what a poor Saturday it was.  Well I hope you did not get tired or bored with this stuff I wrote to night.  

July 17, 1944

First think I want to mention is about my watch.  If you haven't sent it by now don't send it in that small box.  Send it in a bigger box then maybe it won't be lost so easy.  Because there is lots of hands that handle them and they may get the idea what is in it so put it in a fairly large box and send it just first class mail because if it too bit it will not hardly come by air mail.  

July 19, 1944

I never wrote to you yesterday because I was on KP again.  I got off about 7:30 and I cleaned up and hit the sack.  Today again I put in a hard one.  I received the package with the camera and films today.  It was mailed on the 6th so you can always count on about 6 weeks.  The package came in perfect shape.  It was not busted or even a dent.  Do I am going to take a roll one of these days and then send them off and see how they come out.  

Virgil wrote and wanted to square up with me on that money.  You remember about that.  I told him before about it but he does not want it that way.  He said he was going to buy a bond and send it home.  So when you get it you can put it with the others.  It is a bit over that but as I said before I wanted him to forget about it.  

Tomorrow I got to turn in my laundry.  I really have a lot of it to turn in.  It is costing us 40 cents a month and that is for washing our clothes twice a month.  So a person can't kick on that.  We was trying to make up our mind (sqd) if we wanted to use our machine or not.  But if we do not get them out of the boxes pretty soon and use them they was will be over and we won't even know if they work or not.  

July 20, 1944

I received my laundry back today.  It is the things I turned in this morning to have cleaned.  I think they did a good job.  I had 2coveralls.  4 shorts, 2 undershirts, 7 pairs of socks, 2 bath towels.  I think it will cost us 20 cents for this half month.  By the laundry now we don't have to spend our half days off on Sunday washing clothes.  

July 23, 1944

Got a letter from V today and he mentioned about you coming down to see him.  Well to me it doesn't male one bit of difference.  But I sure would hate to see you take the train down because it will be lots worse than the trip you made to Georgia last month and to take a car down on the card you got with the tire situation I think would be awful poor.  Because if one tire would go bad you know that would be.  Being he is there and the job he got I doubt if he will leave there and you know that it won't be long before he will get a leave.  Now listen being I wrote this I don't want you to get the wrong idea.  On that trip because I think it would be nice to make the trip and the car should easy make the trip.

I started this yesterday afternoon and here it is Monday morning.  I took some picture of our cat and then I went to church and after that we went to the USO show and it was nearly 10PM by that time we got back and I hit the sack.  

July 24, 1944 -- V Mail

Tonight we pop come corn in our tent.  Shea received a half gallon of pop corn and we got a blow torch and took our mess kit and put it over the flame and dump it in our steel helmet.  The other night we had fried eggs that way.  The foof is a little poor now so we go out and buy eggs.  You got to pay about 50 cents a dozen.  It is fairly high but we eat one way or the other.  

July 26, 1944 -- V Mail.

I did not write you last night but wrote to Ted and Larry.  And that is what I did last night besides shave and clean up.  I have not heard from you in the last couple days so surely I should get one tomorrow (I hope).  The mail problem is becoming a bit slow lately.  We ganged mess sgt so today our food has improved.  

July 28, 1944 -- Somewhere in Australia

I never wrote to anybody yesterday.  I hit the sack early again and thought maybe I could get up fairly early but this morning instead of getting up early I could not hardly at all.

I have to shave tonight yet and clean up.  I ate and tomorrow is inspection again and they would like for us to GI our tent once a week.  But I don't think we will keep that up very long because there is a very large shortage of water each year and it is starting now here.  At the hangar where we are working they are turning it off at 2PM now to save on water.  So you know if they do that they sure won't waste it on the floor.  I heard that in time to come the showers will even be disconnected.

I am always glad when I get your letter telling me that you have received what I send you.  I won't send any more money home now because I think I will save up for my furlough over here.  By the time the furlough get to me I should have enough to go on one.  

Sunday I will use the rest of my films I guess because I am going up in the mountain or else the zoo.  The mountains are close by and to go up them will just be something different.  They are not that high but they say it take you about 20 minutes to a half hour to climb up.  So I will leave you know Sunday evening what I did.  

One of these days I hope to get a half day off so I can go in town to buy me some Aussie shorts.  The one I have now has kind of went to the small size from washing.  In summer time you wear shorts around here with a undershirt.  I should either get a sun tan or a good sun burn.

About that Lovvorn that is in my tent.  He was at Denver the same time I was but I did not know him there.  We met at Hunter Field.  He hit there the day after I did.  The other day we were writing letter and he wanted to know what a good name to give for his kid.  Well you know a bunch of guys would be to give him a name.  We had every kind of a name.  

You asked me if Kensinger was still with me?  He is still with us but he lives in the other section of the area and I don't see him much.  Being we don't work together we very seldom ever see each other.  Schlinkman and I are still working in the same section.  WE don't work together anymore like we used to.  After we finished that one job couple of weeks ago, we were separated.  I work with the Tech Sgt now.  

Come to think of it today is the 22nd month that I left home for St. Louis.  Where the time went I don't know.

July 31,1944

Well here it is Monday evening and I guess you think by this time I forgot to write to you.  My time has sure went by and I don't know how.  We worked Sunday morning and then after I ate I cleaned up.  I sat around till about 3PM and I had to go someplace so couple more of the kids that live next to me went and rented a horse a piece.  Well I guess you know how I feel now.  It cost us 6 shillings an hour (96 cents).  We rode for couple of hours and that was enough for me.  We rode out to the zoo and then came back (of course).  We went out fairly late so I never took no pictures.  Next week I am going out earlier in the afternoon but not on the horse.  

Well today the eagle did it again.  He does not do much my way.  Tonight I got in a small card game and I won 2 lbs (#6.40).  So now it is late and you are only getting a small letter again.  

August 2, 1944

Today I hit the jack pot again.  I received 4 letters from you and one from Virgil.  The mail service has been a bit slow lately but one thing when it does come it just takes more time to read them and the letters run out too fast.  I spent a good half out tonight reading your letter and the clippings.  

You ask me what kind of trees grows in Australia.  To tell you the truth I really would not know.  It can not be much because there is lots of wood and come from the states.  I never have seen such wood as around in Australia.  When you get in a place like this and when you think back of the states and they can't be compared with any of this place.  Why anybody would come over here in peace time to visit and take a trip or vacation is way beyond me.  To think of leaving a good place to come to a half ---- place.  Well that is enough on this place.  

Tomorrow if I get time I want to make a small box and send my watch home.  Then I am going to send Honey Boy some Aussie silver money.  I made a ring out a shilling for him.  I sure hope it will fit him.  

Bill spending 68 days in the hospital sure isn't no short time.  Since I have hit here I don't have time for writing.  So I forgot about it.  In fact I forgot about writing to lots of people.  Maybe I should not but that is the way I did it anyhow.  I am over here and they are over there.  (long way apart).  On Ted writing on June 29th well he was restricted to camp for at least 3 to 5 days.  That is at every camp.  It may be longer.

Well I think I better end for tonight again and listen don't take this letter wrong that I am mad at everything because I just started writing and I just wrote what I was thinking.  Really I don't think a person could be oversea and have a better place than what we have it here. We are having good food again.  (maybe I better not write this because it may change back).  WE change mess sgt and you can really tell the difference.  Well again as the whole a person can't complain.

August 6, 1944

I guess you wonder how come I have this Red Cross paper.  Paper are at our PX is fairly hard to get and they were out and Lovvorn did not have any so he got some at the Red Cross.  So I am out of paper tonight so I am using some of his.  

This morning we had to work again.  This afternoon I took a shower and shaved in other words got cleaned up and no place to go.  It was a bit too windy to do anything so I stayed in.  

In one of your letters you mention about the train on the picture and you thought that it was pulled out of the junk yard and put back in service.  To tell you the truth that was the very best that is over here.  Some of them are even worse than that.  That is one reason I don't think the government should own the railroads.  That is a good example right there.  I will take a picture of a freight train some time and you will really get a laugh out of that.  A load from daddy truck alone will load two of their cars.  

You ask me about my straw mattress.  Well I threw mine away because that is where I think I got them bites from.  So now again it is the good old cot.  Tonight I will ask you for something again.  I want you to get a few things that I can't get here.  Hair oil is one thing that we can very seldom get.  When they do have it they put it on the bulletin board and a person get in a line a hour ahead of time.  Then also put in a few razor blades and be sure they are a good make because we only have cold water and I sure hate to pull them out of my face.  Then put a tube or two of dental cream in also.  If you find a can of peanut drop them in.  But I doubt if you can find them.  I went to church at 6 and after that I went to the show.  

August 10, 1944

In your letters of the 29th and 31st you mention about having 5 more rolls of films for me.  I have 6 more pictures on the roll that is in the camera and that is the last roll.  

The pictures that I just received the other day from you I would like to have the small prints back.  The Laros (or wheel) wants to send the enlargement home and he got to have the small ones with the censor stamp on so they can pass again.  I sure hope Virgil can get home and settle that fund up.  Really he is the only one that can do it because I know I never be able to come home to do it.

One thing I hope that Trailer holds out till I get home because then I am going to make a real one.  Buy a new sub nose outfit and put a bigger trailer on back an instead of a 10 ton pay load it will be nothing less than 15 tons.  You might think this is a bunch of hot air but time will tell.  

I sure hate to hear about Marley being killed.  I think he is the first one that got killed out of our bunch that run around back home.  He was not one of the deepest in the gang but still he was in it.  

If daddy thinks I am kidding on that truck deal he better get ready for the shook.

August 13, 1944

Last night I never wrote to you because Jack Benny was here and I went to see him.  The only trouble the women did not appear at the show.  So Jack and his buddy was all that was here.  I would sooner seen Carol Landis instead.  Jack said that they were tire out.  Well really I guess the show was OK with out them but you know how the GI's are.  

Something happened again for today.  This is the second time since we hit here.  "We had all day off".  I got up about 7 AM or a bit later and ate.  Then I cleaned up and had my hair cut.  Took my blanket out on the line and left them air out a bit.

Then I ate dinner.  By the way I will give you an idea what we had for dinner.  First we had chicken, gravy and potatoes, bread, butter ice cream and then we had a cold drink of orange and grapefruit mixed.  It was fair.  Tonight though we had hash.  They make up for a good meal.  

This afternoon I went out to the beach in town.  It is nothing compared to the other beach we had at the other field.  One thing there is not many women around here.  (main reason)  The beach is fairly large but you are not allowed to swim every place.  Anyhow you are not supposed to.  They have a section stakes off for you to swim in.  The sharks are too bad they claim.  

I am writing this over in a warehouse tonight.  Shea buddy is night CQ here and we came over to help the night go by and I thought I would write this over here.  

August 16, 1944

First thing I hit the jack pot on mail so I guess I better od better V mail tonight.  The picture you sent of Helen and Earl, etc was sure good.  Talking about Helen I wrote to her last night.  So leave me know what she said about it.  I hope she does not get mad over it.  I don't think I put anything in to make her mad but you know women "eh"!

One thing I sure  hated to hear about daddy hurting his leg.  One thing for sure I sure hope by the time this letter reaches home he will be able to walk around ok.

Carl in his letter wrote me and mention what their rations a week was at the PC.  It sure must be tough over there on everything.  I thought we had it bad but I will say one thing we are not limited like they are.  

In Virgil letter he mentioned that he was planning on coming home around the 22nd or 25th.  Well I sure hope he can make it but I really don't see why he could not.  But I guess the navey is like the army.  I think I will hit the sack a bit early and tell daddy to be good and more careful.

Tell Honey Boy he sure is growing.  When you took that picture with him you can really tell he grew.

August 17, 1944

Tomorrow I have the old job that comes around once a month that I don't care much about and of course that is Kapee.  So the chances are very small that I will write to you tomorrow.  The main thing is how hard and what I do on KP.

In your letter of the 9th you mentioned about daddy leg still not being so good.  Tell him we can not have that stuff going on at home at all.  Tell daddy to take good care of himself.  

August 18, 1944

Here I am and feeling fine.  I was not going to write tonight but I received some more pictures so I guess I will have to send them home so for now being I guess I will have to write with this paper so I can send these pictures home.  It will probably take me a month to send all these home.  Leave me know what Honey Boy thinks of the cat.  

Well KapPee was not so bad today.  I was finished about 6:30 PM.  We went on at 5 this morning.  

I wrote a letter to Ted.  I thought I would drop him a few lines as often as I can.  I have not heard from him since he moved. 

August 20, 1944

To give you an idea what we had for dinner.  Ham always did the spot for me and then mashed potatoes and gravy, beans, tomatoes, apple juice for drink, ice cream and that is about all.  Not bad do you think?  But tonight we made up for it.  We had bully beef and dehydrated potatoes.  They just don't taste right those potatoes.  Really what I had was a slice of bread and a little of apple butter  But don't every worry about me not getting enough to eat because there is a store on the corner.  On week day we go to the day room and buy hamburger, etc.  

Today we were talking about what a person was planning on doing after the war.  The more I think about it the more you think.  A person has to get a start and a good one or else I think a person will be set.  Give me a idea or two if you know any.  I would like to go on where I left off and for a side line pick up the trucking business.  Do like Roger did then if the one job goes with the wind you always got the other one to take up because after we get back daddy going to sit back and "watch the Ford goes by".

In the next couple of days I will send one that I want you to show or give one to Helen.  As you can see on this print it is a Aussie type of plane and it is a pusher type and backwards like all the other things the Aussie have.  

Townsville, Australia - August 25, 1944

You ask me if I was in a place like Ted was.  Well if Ted was in a place like I was you would not have to worry at all.  Look on that map and see where Townsville is.  So far from the fighting that it is not funny.  When I get back home I will have to be careful when I go hunting so I don't shoot myself and if it would not be fore the planes coming in here for repairs you would not even know there was a war on.  Never worry about me because you are wasting your time.  

You wrote me about the work in town getting low.  Shea received a letter form home also mentioning about the same thing.  What will it be when all the guys get out of the army.  I think I had better stay in, don't you?

In Virgil letter he mentioned that he was coming home on the 21st so if everything went ok he should be enjoying himself now.  He also said he got 10 days so that was not bad.  Well one thing for sure they will fly like all the furlough days does.  

In the letter of the 15th you still mention about daddy not being of the best yet.  I sure hope his leg is well by now.  It is a long time just to fall a small ways.  

Townsville, Australia - August 27, 1944

We worked this morning and off at noon again.  Same old thing every Sunday.  Clean up and shave and showers and come back to ten and then afternoon is nearly gone already.  

After going to the show last night I hit the sack.  The last few nights has not been so warm.  A person really uses all his blankets.  Then the day time it is hot again.  

I still have not received no more picture back.  I sure can't see what the delay is at all.  We send them down to Sydney to have them develop and then they are sent back here.  But as I always said this place is so slow and way behind.  

I went to the show and see the shorts and then I went over to the day room and ate couple hamburgers.  The meal was not much tonight so that helped to fill the empty spot.  

Our CO offered us barrack the other day to live in but everybody wanted to keep in the tent.  There is a couple good points about a tent.  First thing there is only 5 and if you live in a barrack you have a mob and if one come is drunk well you know what that means.  Another thing we have worked on our tent and they are failrly nice.  Being the summer is coming on I think the tent would be much cooler than a barrack anyhow at night time.  Day time you are working so that won't make much difference.  So really I hope we stay in tents.

Here is a picture of me on the "Tug".  I look a bit brown on that picture but really I don't think I am that brown.

Wes on the "Tug"

August 31, 1944

Today was pay day again.  So now I have couple more pounds.  Today I tried to get my package mailed but I couldn't find anything like I wanted to mail it in.  

I bought my month supply of air mail envelopes tonight.  We get 25 for a half pound (1.60).  Today I was out in teh sun all day and my arms are a bit red.  I work in a T shirt now.  I think if I work in the T shirt now my skin may get a bit used to the sun. 

On this one picture of me up side of the plane have one made and give to Helen.  When she wrote asked me how I was doing with the Aussie girls.  Tell her that is my answer.  

V-Mail through August 1944

August 2, 1944
Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of spring.  The way the weather is now I sure hate to think of summer.

August 5, 1944
Today received mail from you and also Mrs. Moritz.  She sent me Bob picture and the crew.  I turned in my laundry again tonight.  So that will be done for another couple of weeks.

August 8, 1944
Yesterday I received a letter from you and one from Ted of the 18th.  I guess he wrote the same to me as what he did to you.  Nearly every day this week I have received a letter.  I started making the box to send my watch home.  If I don't hurry the war will be over and I will have to bring it home my self.

August 9, 1944
This afternoon I had off for a change.  It is the first afternoon during the week I had off since I hit here.  We were left off of work late this afternoon because some big inspection so that what always happen.  Something always to wreck your time.  The only thing I can account for is that I shaved and the rest of the time I can't tell you where it went.  

August 11, 1944
In the letter of the 28th you wanted to know what we named our cat.  It is called Sesame.  I guess you had a good laugh out of that name and wonder where we got the name for it.  Well in the army and in a tent like we are in we can think of anything.  We have eats in our day room now.  You can bet hamburger, hot dogs, and ham sandwiches.  They cost us 12 cents.  Tonight we had stew for upper so that made us go over and get couple hamburgers.  It completes the meal.  Sesame was in here so e gave one to him for his meal.  Sesame is sure a sacker.  He sack all day long on our beds.  Signing off with lots of love from "Down Under".

August 15, 1944
Lovvorn bought me a couple T shirts in town today.  He had a afternoon off so he went in and monkeyed around.  The shirts cost me 65 cents apiece and 3 coupons each.  We were given 25 coupons and I think they have to hold out for a year.  

August 19, 1944
Here it is Saturday evening and my what a Saturday night to spend.  You think back 2 years and what you used to do and my what it compared to tonight.  

August 21, 1944
Tonight I turned in my laundry again.  I don't know if I will get it back tomorrow or not because it is a bit damp outside.  

August 25, 1944
Received no mail yet.  The mail just a thing of the past this week.  One of these days I will get a jack pot full.  Last night I went to the show again and after the show went to the day room and ate.  It was run by the first 3 graders and the other guys were mad about them getting the profit.  Well I guess they will do without now unless they change their minds again.  To me it does not make a bit difference who gets the profit as long as I get what I want.  

August 28, 1944
Today I received a back letter of the 11th.  You mention about Jr. coming down and you took couple pictures of him.  Be sure and send me couple of him.  When you hear brom him send me his address because he might not get around to me as just as he would to home and you.  I just come back from the lunch room and had me a couple hame and egg sandwiches.  Cost me 32 cents.  23 months today left home.  Time has sure flew.  

V-Mail through September 1944 - Townsville Australia

Sept. 1, 1944
Here I am again tonight and thinking of all the dear ones at home.  In the letter of the 18th you mentioned about Ted.  I think he will get his mail much fatter now with that address.  The other address he had is going to take a long time to catch up with him.  I hated to hear about him being on the front lines but you know how that goes but I don't doubt a bit that it sure is a mess to see.  

Sept. 3, 1944
Today we had to drill for an hour again.  The first Thursday of each month everybody drills for an hour. 

Sept. 3, 1944
Today I sent my box home.  You can get the watch fixed, I hope.  Then I put that ring in for Honey Boy also.  It is not the best but I will try and get him a better one made.  I should turn it a bit more but I was afaid of breaking it.  It has one small bad spot.  On Virgil letter he wrote it on the 12th and mentioned that he was leaving the next day for home.  He was sure looking forward to it.  I sure hope he get the best out of his leave.  You ask me about the picture I sent home with me in the turret.  Well that is the way a gunner got to sit in it to fire the guns.  We worked a half day again this Sunday.  

Sept. 4, 1944
Got a letter from Wavering and didn't have much to say except it was hot and they keep him busy and KP on Sunday.  He sure did hit that place in the wrong time of the year because it sure will be hot.  

Sept. 6, 1944
To start the afternoon off I had a small headache but I wore my glasses for awhile and it went away.  I hate to wear glasses around here but a person nearly has to some time.  The sun is so bright and glaring that it really hurts your eyes.  In your letter you mentioned about V coming home.  I sure hope he gets a good chance to sell the car and also get a good price for it.  Being on the money situation I sent a little home the other day I sent it through the finance department so it will take a good month or more to get there.  We turn it into the orderly room and they send it home.  That way you don't have to worry about losing it.  So when you get the government check you know where to put it.  Shea here has some relation around Denver, Illinois and he wrote them and mentioned about me and what my parents did.  He received a letter from them yesterday and they said that when they came to Quincy they were going to look you up.  So I thought I would have you know and you would not be surprised.  Denver, Illinois is just outside of Bowen.  It is that gravel road that goes to Carthage.  

Sept. 8, 1944
I heard today they had a little mess with my pictures.  Somehow they were separated from the letter.  These were taken the day we rented the horses.  Tomorrow morning we have our big inspection again.  That is a Sat. duty always in the army I guess wherever you go.

Sept. 9, 1944
Today I received the air mail stamps and I was really surprised to open the one of the 28th and get the nice long letter.  When I received it I thought I had the city paper but I was wrong.  

Sept. 10, 1944
This morning we work as we do most of the time.  We came back and ate.  We had steak for dinner but by the time we hit the door we had chopped up meat.  What was left off of the good stuff.  Then we miss out on the ice cream also.  So for our lunch today it wasn't quite as good as the others.  The biggest part of the field doesn't work on Sunday morning so they hit the line first.  The when we come off the line and hit the sqd area the line is so long you can't see the end.  Tonight then as usual is fairly poor chow.  The stew we had well I cound't eat at all.  So that left up with a poor day.  The lunch room is closed on Sunday so the only way left for us to eat was to go to the store on the corner.  So tonight we bought a loaf of bread and a couple large bottles of soda for 32 cents and we had some K ration.  We pick the K rations up from the planes.  So to end it up we had our fill and now writing.  

ON the subject of Lovvorn he lost his kid.  He told me the other night I thought I would mention it to you since you received a letter from that end.  --  I am going to make Honey Boy a bracelet out of Aussie money.

On my clothes I don't think I will need any because I have a few points left yet and I am well supplied now.  But if I ever do don't worry I will ask for them.  My slippers are holding out good.  And if I do need them repaired I can get them done here plenty easy.  

You mention about the one hanger looks so big.  One thing sure they are not so small.  I was thinking why we could not build on over the whole back lot on that order.  They seem to construct them just the opposite to what we do back in the states.  Instead of running your rafters up and down they run cross way.  The houses and everything is built that way.  

I don't know how much you know it or notice it but my vocabulary is sure dropping.  So when you read my letter over and if you see something that I always make a mistake on tell me about it so I can try and correct myself.  Around here a person doesn't read much and the way you talk nobody cares so it is slowly slipping away.  Shea parents started it and it was a big kick to see really what you do put down.  

Sept. 11, 1944
On the back page of this Arrowhead in the center is the headline "Deadly".  I will take a picture of it one of these days soon.  It is the same tug that are in the other picture I sent home but now we have it painted up and it looks fairly good.  We were at the gas station that moring when they came be and got a kick out of it.  Then also that other heading right below it concerns our section also.  It really is wonderful and fast thing.   It is very simple and as everybody says more simple it is the better it is.  I must of taken 50 of them domes apart and put them together again last week with that screw driver.  

Sept. 12, 1944
Today I got a good sun burn.  Lovvorn and I had a special job this morning and we took off our jackets.  The sun was nice and warm and of course I can feel it now.  Today we had peanuts at the PX.  This is the first time since we hit here.  One can to a person but it gives you the taste back again.  The can was only 5 1/2 oz and packed in Australia.  They were not as good as ours.  

Sept 14, 1944
I had the afternoon off for a change.  It is the second one I had now since on this field.  I really did not do nothing except clean up and got in a little sack time.  I wanted to write you a big letter but the time just passed by and here it is bed time and only thing you are going to get is a V mail.  Recieved your nice long letter of the 31st and Sept 1st.  I should be able to send you one back. 

September 15, 1944 - Townsville, Australia

We work all day again today.  The sun is starting to get much hotter here now.  The last couple days I have worked without a shirt on.  So my back and arms are a bit red.  I have used quite a bit of the NorDex you sent me.  It sure helps out.  But I sure hate to think about summer hitting here.  It is bad enough now but they claim it really gets hot here around December, etc.

You mention about Vir leaving and Helen went down with you.  I was quite surprised to hear that she went down to the depot.  

So Bill Daniels has the same kind of potatoes as we do.  I really do not kno211677777777777w how they are made but I sure don't like them at all.  

On the job business you mention about V & I.  I really think Vir is more in the line of work than anybody because I am not following my line at all.  After the war I don't want nothing to do with it.  To go back to the old job it is just hard telling.  But then again I think about it and I don't want to start in that line any more.  I would like to start on something new altogether.  On that clipping was OK.  The picture really came out good in the paper to my opinion.  But did you forget Fort Worth and Harlingen in there.  I was really surprised to see all three.  

Being on the subject of talking did Mrs. Schroer say any more about the building going up on the end of the lot.  The Mr was sure lucky to make a trip like that but I think he made it in a bad part of the year.  Everything was green and the weather was not too hot at all.  Tomorrow is the last day of work for us this week.  The way I hear anyhow.  They claim we get all day off Sunday.  That will be the 3rd one since we hit Townsville but I do not think I will do much.  I think I will go to church in the morning and the afternoon is just blank yet.  

You ask me if I heard from Ted later than August 5th.  To tell you the truth I only heard from him once since he hit oversea.  That was when he first hit there.  But I wrote him and told him to write to all at home first because you would tell me everything he said and it may be a bit hard from him to write.  

September 16, 1944

As  I told you the last couple days about Sunday being off and the 3rd time since I hit the depot here.  I really had a big Sunday planned but when we came back from the field at noon to eat chow I read my name on the board for KP.  So the way it looks now I will be doing KP tomorrow instead of taking it easy.  So I guess I will take my day off Monday.  It really does not make much difference but on Sunday it seems more like a day off.  

I received the razor blades ok today.  Tonight I took a shave and the Marlin blade were ok.  They are a bit big for the razor but if you shove it to one side you can shave plenty good.  But remember I don't use that many at all.  I only use about 7 a month.  So the bunch I received today will last for awhile.  So don't send too many.  If you have couple more package in your box you sent me as you said that will do me for a long time.  

That is one nice thing about Vir job.  He will always get good food.  The crew have their own mess hall and they really do eat good.  That will help him out a while lot and I do not mean maybe.  

In the letter you ask about the Townsville being in the letter.  They passes out a new order that anybody in Australia can put down the name of the town where they are at.  This place is far from front lines that it is not funny.  I bet the States are closer to combat than we are.  And day they have you put something like that you know how far a person is out of the front line.  I would sooner be back in Brisbane.  Because we sure had it nice there.  We lived in the center of a big park.  It is on the order of Baldwin park.  IT was just like this place sitting on the water edge.  The water front was lots better than this place.  

Earl wanted to know about our cat again.  The Sesame has not been around lately at all.  I don't know what happen to it but it is not in this area.  I do not know what happen to Sesame but we have a new cat now but it is not as friendly as Sesame was.  

You mentioned about me lookin g a bit brown on that Tug.  Really the last couple days I have turned more than I ever have.  What do you think of the Tug.  I think I will have to get one after the war to run around with.  They sure do pull.  They will pull a B-24 around like a car running around and they will weight more than daddy truck and trailer gross load when loaded.  So you know they can pull.

V Mail - September 17, 1944

I had KP again today so I guess that is off for another month.  I hope so anyhow.  They was not so bad but was a harder day than the last time.  But Sunday is always a big day.  We had steak for dinner.  It was not so bad but it would have been a bit more tender.

I want to go in town in the morning and see if I can't find some films.  Tomorrow morning is the day they pass them out.  You got to be there early or else you are out of luck.  

September 18, 1944

Well this morning I got up and ate and cleaned and shaved and went to down.  Another kid that work KP with me went in together.  We hitch hike into town which is just about a mile or so.  The main thing we went in for was to get films.  We were picked up by couple kid that was going in for the same thing.  We hit there at 7:30 AM and the line was over a block long.  To top it off the store does not open till 9 AM.  So you can see what you put up with.  When I hit the door they only had a few left.  I would say there was about a hundred or more that went away without them.  You can only get one roll so I got a roll for my camera.

Then we walk around town and this other kid was hunting for socks.  While we was doing that I also looked around for Xmas presents.  One thing I will tell you for sure now, that I am not going to send anything for Xmas.  Another thing I don't even want you to send me any cards of any kind.  So just forget about Xmas for me.  The stores here have not anything.  I wouldn't or couldn't even find a car of any kind.  Not even a birthday card.  The store just don't have nothing in them.

In town today I noticed that they are cleaning the windows and front of the stores now.  They had them all packed up with sand bags, etc.  But being the bloody yank are over now they don't have to worry about being bombed.  They had wire netting over the windows and boards.  It sued to look like a town that was vacant.  

Today I weighted myself and what do you think I weigh?  It hit 172 lbs.  I did not think that was so bad.  For lunch we had ham and eggs because that was all they would serve to anybody before 12 noon.  We had a spoon full of mashed potatoes and peas.  Potatoes are scarce around here.  I had milk and all for 45 cents.  Then about 12 we headed back for camp and got a ride.  When I hit back to camp I had recieved the 3 rolls of film from you and the box with cookies and Kraft spread, etc.  Everything really was in good shape.  We opened the cookies already and the spread we will save till some night we have a poor show and then use it.  Because we are using K ration now.  We get them from the line and buy a loaf of bread and make a good meal.  In this K ration you get a small can of meat and by opening up town give a failrly good meal.  They have all different types of meat and some even have cheese in it.  So thanks a million for the box.  

V Mail - September 19, 1944

This afternoon I spent the whole time on my sack reading the four papers you sent and the clippings.  When I was reading the paper I was thinking what will they put in the paper after the war is over.  Because everything you read has something to do with the war.  Tonight Lovvorn and I repaired the camera.  I don't know if you notice on the last few pictures or not but there was a blur spot on the negative.  So we look over the folds and found where it was worn on the bottom where it slides along the tracks.  So we put on tape with the outside and inside.  The inside we painted they tape with black ink so I hope it come out OK.  

V Mail - September 19, 1944

Today I received a letter from you of the 7th and a bunch of clippings.  I was sorry to hear about Dallas Blines.  I also received a couple paper from Gardner Denver.  They were the month of July and August.  As I told you I wrote a V mail to them.  They had to put my name in it.  I don't know if you ever get a chance or not to see one but if you want one of them I will send mine home.

V Mail - September 20, 1944

You mention in the letter of the 9th about them pictures from Shea.  I am not sure but the one that looks like a fence post is Lovvorn.  Anyhow that is waht Earl said.  I sent one home of a Aussie soldier.  So maybe that could count for one.  The big rocks in the field is all ant hills.  We took some close up views the other day so I hope they come out good.  

So Honey Boy does not want to go to Adams for his next year at school.  He will be like the rest of us.  

V Mail - September 21, 1944

Tonight they gave free eat at our lunch room that is the way the profit is divided to what they say.  Tomorrow morning I am going to the dentist and have my teeth inspected and fixed up if they need it.  By the way how is daddy making it with his?

September 23, 1944

This week I have hit the V Mail fairly hard.  I was going to write one last night again but I had a visitor.  I was shining my slippers when somebody stuck his head inside the tent and ask if it was 43 and if I was here.  It was old Pat Werner.  I was sure surprised to see him.  He is a pilot on a P-38.  He was down to Sydney on a furlough and was heading back up north but spent the night here.  I told you about this John Jefferson in ATC.  He is right on the field and check all people coming in on medic.  He checks also the first aid kit.  So when any of the Quincy lads comes around we have a fairly good chance of seeing them.  I don't know if you remember Pat or not but he is the kid that I met up with at Madison School 9th grade and he played the drums.  He went to the contest with us, etc.  His aunt was a teacher at Madison School and they lived at 24th State.  He said that he was going to write home and tell his aunt about meeting us two here.  So she may call up you and if she does tell her I said he looks as good as ever.  The only difference that his face looks a bit older.  But he has the same old action and talk.  Schlinkman did not know him at all.  We started talking about all the other guys.  This John Jefferson and Roger Donley and Pat and I use to really have the fun together.  John said that Roger was over in England flying.  Pat was telling me about every thing up north but I can not write them to you.  One thing sure I sure wish I could fly one of those planes.  IT is really nice.  

I had my teeth inspected Friday morning and they were all OK.  So I guess I will forget about them for another 6 months.  

We work in the morning again and the afternoon off.  I cleaned up tonight and hope I don't get no dirty job in the morning.  I really do not know what I will do tomorrow but I guess it will be the sack again.  

September 24, 1944

Here it is Sunday evening.  We worked this morning and then this afternoon we went and played baseball.  Really all we did was play catch.  That way we was able to get a little sun.  Today we started some films on teh rotation plan.  Laros sent some to his folks and then she is sending them to Bliss folks.  Then Bliss folks it goes to Shea folks and then they will come to you.  Then you are supposed to send them to Mrs. Lovvorn.  But you do not have to worry much about them for a couple months because it will take a failrly long time.  Another week is starting and another pay day is on the road.  These months are sure flying around and I don't mean maybe.  I don't know where they are going but they don't stay long.  

V Mail - September 27, 1944

I want to write this before work.  Last night I went over and talk to John Jefferson all evening.  We talk about everything of the past, present and future.  It was just something different for a change.  It really made the night fly.  

September 28, 1944

Last night I went to mail call and received 3 letters from you.  One from Eleanor Ann.  The date on yours were 14th, 16th and 17th.  

The first one I opened (14th) had the terrible news about Ted.  To me it seems impossible.  I really can't believe it.  This letter I don't know what to say.  

When I think about leaving him that one Sunday in GA he only knew a little what was ahead of him.  I don't think we will ever know what he went through with.  When I think about the breaks we have sleeping in a bed every night and some others who don't have it so nice and probably don't get time to sleep and faces the hardship.  I would like to hear just what happened.  But I guess when a person is on teh front lines you move around so much that you really you don't get a good buddy.  But maybe someday we will hear.  

I sure hate to think about getting the mail back that I sent.  I really doubt if he received any from me at all and maybe he never received any mail at all.  

The way you mention I guess it hit Helen as hard as anybody.  Them two must of had everything planned.  I did not know anything about their bond.  deal.  But when you think of it there are many more in the same place. 
I am glad to hear that you went to the Red Cross.  They can help you out better than anybody and if you wanted to know anything more about Ted I would ask the Red Cross.  

About daddy I think you have the right idea and I know Ted would not want it no other way.  That is what I told you long time ago to have daddy take it easy.  There is enough money in the bank to keep things going.  I was glad to hear that Virgil was able to call.  I sure would like to say hello to all at home again but you know how that stands with me.  Well I really don't know much more to say and it still seems like a dream.  I just can't see throug hit and think that when we come back there will be Ted not to return.  Again I must say it just does not seem right.  When this letter arrives to you again it will bring back thoughts.  I really hat to write about it but it sure is hard to know that he is gone.  Lots of love to all at home.  Wes

Townsville, Australia - October 6, 1944

It is Friday evening and we had to do a little more work around the tent for inspection tomorrow.  The old Sat. inspection tomorrow sure does come around more often than a person cares for.  Then the beginning of each month we lay all our field stuff out for display.  

Some body dug up the idea to "De Ant" the tent.  There are a few ants run around and some of the guys are too lazy to clean the mess equipment so the ants got on them.  So the dream storm of putting cans under each post with oil in it would stop it.  Well for the forst thing the dust blows around here fairly hard and covers the oil over.  You know what they do then.  Came right on into the tent.  We really don't need any cans because we have no trouble at all of ants.  Butt when they put up and order you got to follow it if it is anything to it or not (that is the army).

One the letter of the 25the I was glad to hear that you hit the jack pot on mail.  You mention in that letter about how you talked to Ted.  I really don't know how Ted acted on that because I kept always telling him.  I know it was hard to work it the way I wanted him to but I guess he was just too much backward about it.  Don't get the idea that I am saying he was because I don't know.  But I sure hat to think what he had to put up with and in the future what he would have had to.  So mother I don't think we will ever know but hope for the best.  I really hate to think about when we come back and he won't be there to always monkey with something.  He won't be washing  the car, etc to take out that night.  A person will really miss that link of the chain.  

This letter is the one you wrote on the 25th and you said you had the blues and was picking it out one me by writing.  Well I know how you feel and I guess you have noted some of my letters being the same way.  I just start out and by I sure have a hard time stopping.  

I sure hope that right will fit Honey Boy that I sent.  I think I will try and beat out another one some night.  It takes a fairly long time to pound one out but when I think of Honey Boy nothing is too good for him.  I have that bracelet for him now and the main thing I am waiting for is his size.  I should be able to have it done for a Xmas present.  

October 8, 1944

Just came back from the mess hall.  The meal tonight was beef stew and the main thing was watermelon.  The melon was not so bad but nothing like back home.  They are very small and not much taste at all.  But it was different and it hit an empty spot.  We had steak, mashed potatoes, salad and ice cream, etc.  That was the main thing any how at noon.

Lovvorn is leaving this place now.  I told you couple nights ago that we went out to see him.  This morning they took his clothes out to him and I think he will go to Brisbane.  He only has hay fever and i wouldn't be a bit surprised if he doesn't hit the states before long.  They can't do nothing for him and the way he is now he can't do much.  I really don't know exactly what will happen but that is my opinion.  

Yesterday we had the inspection of course and I guess everything went OK because nothing was said about it.  Last night I did not write because I cleaned up and came back and hit the sack.  Part of the night the light were out.  Every once in awhile something happens and we don't have lights for awhile.  Then we burned out some light bulbs and we had a hard time to get another one.  So that is the way the nights went. 

This afternoon I washed my sack (mattress cover) that is one thing I hate to wash.  It is so big and it takes so long to wash.  But one thing it sure is nice to lay on at nights because the wool blankets you can't lay still.

The new furlough list came out today but I am not on this one so the next one will come out for the 1st.  I really don't care when it comes up but I would like to get way from this work for a week anyhow.  You can get rooms and eat fairly cheap outside of Townsville.  So whatever it will be it is a vacation (with pay) Ha Ha.  

You mention about daddy coming in with 10 1/2 tons.  I sure wish I could get back on that for while.  But to my opinion that isn't enough for a load any more.  When I get back i want to make a 4 wheel trailer and then yuou can pull it in and unhitch it and no trouble of jacking it up.  Well that is only a dream now but have to wait till I get home to fill it out.  You mention about Honey Boy fixing up a box for me.  I forgot to tell you that last night I worked on his bracelet awhile.  I have about half of it finished.  I want to get it to him before Xmas.  So that will be somebody anyhow I can give a present.  

You also ask if we talk much about the election over here.  Well we do once in awhile but not very much.  

Tonight they have a stage show again and I haven't decided if I am going for sure yet.  I want to but I am afraid if I do go I won't gt all my letters written. 

I hope this letter isn't too big for an air mail stamp.  I really don't know what is wrong with me the last week because I am writing too much in a letter. So I guess one of these days I will drop off again so don't set on these long letter.

October 9, 1044

After I finished your letter last night I finally made up my mind to go and ee the stage show.  I was really glad I went because I think it was the best one that was on this side since I hit this place.  It started 7:30 PM and I believe it was nearly 10 PM before it was out.  It was a fairly large cast and all good players.  So when I came back I really hit the old sack. 

Tonight I wrapped up 3 old Yanks and sending them home.  From now on I will try and drop you one every week.  IT really isn't much but it is a bit of news and it will be different than what you read in paper.  I couldn't send them by air mail so I really don't know how soon you will get them.  But I do hope not too long off.  But after they once start coming they will come every week I hope.  Any how I will mail them a week apart.  

Schlinkman came back tonight from his furlough.  He went to Charter Towers.  A small distance from here.  He said it was all right.  

October 10, 1944

The picture you send of Honey Boy and the pup I sure think is wonderful.  It came out so plain and Honey Boy really looks good on that picture.  I sure hate to think of Halloween and Xmas this year.  To think that Ted would hit his 19 years.  It is really hard to believe last Xmas Virg left home and Ted was still having a good time.  This will be my 3rd Xmas from home.  I wonder how many more.  Surely it can't be many more.  First year in Texas, 2nd in Georgia and the way it looks the 3rd will be in Australia.  The 4th lets hope will be back home.  

In the letter of the 28th you mention about M.S. the kind of job I think he has is a factory trouble shooter that goes oversea.  To my opinion and what I have seen them around here they don't amount to much.  They cause more trouble then anything and draw a darn good pay.  This one guy I know over here was trying to straighten up a job that we was working on and he rally made a lot of extra work.  They draw or this one did 200 a week I think.  They come to work when they feel like it and go back in the afternoon really early.  I could tell you lot more but it would never pass wo I will forget it.  

One thing I can say "They never had it so good before".  AND THAT ISN"T A LIE.

Tonight I went up and bought the New Yank.  So tomorrow I will try and mail it.  I set down before I started this letter and read it from page to page.  So I will wait and have the other ones in the tent read it and then I will mail it home.

In the PX they had watermelon so we had to have one of those.  They wasn't so big but we bought the biggest of the bunch and the 4 of us had it tonight.  It was fairly dark when we were eating it and we took a picture so I am hoping the picture come out good.  It cost us 80 cents for it.  I know it would not of weighted over 15 lbs so that gives you a fair idea what the size was.  Back home we wouldn't even bought one like it.  But over here it is a different thing.  Money is the least we think about.  

I wrote this letter with Honey Boy picture in front of me all the time.  I can't get over it how good he looks and how much he is growing.  Thanks a million for your package.  

October 11, 1944

I shaved tonight and laid down and started to read the Readers Digest and now I am really ready to hit the sack.  It makes me sleepy to read.  Then also I worked fairly hard today.  Everything on this end is still going as good as ever and sure hope the same way for all at home.  

It was 7 months today we left the camp and climbed the plank.  I don't know where the time has went.  

October 13, 1944

It is Friday morning and today I am doing all my back mail.  I guess you wonder why I have all day off when I don't even get Sunday off.  Well the reason is that when a person works over time at the hanger they allow you a day off.  

I never wrote to you last night.  I went over and talk to John Jefferson again.  I went up to the PX after a coke and he was up there and we walked back together and then we decided to go to his tent.  So the whole evening passed and it was nearly 11 PM when I hit the sack.  Last night we had a big discussion about how soon we would get out of the army.  There was 6 of us altogether.  I won't tell you the amount of years we decided on.  You can guess, you did.

This morning for the first time we have had newsboy selling papers in the area.  Well I bought one and of course just like all of the rest of Australia, I had yesterdays news from Brisbane.  It really did not make much difference if it was a week old news because I never hear any of it anyhow.  But it was reading a paper again for a change.   What made me laugh is when you read this Aussie paper all you an read is where the Aussie bombed this and that, they sank so many of this and the Aussie or British took or captured this.  Then in the corner you read where the Americans has gained so many miles.  But you have to look twice to ever know that America is in this war.  The Aussie and British is winning the war the way a paper says here.  I read where England has figured up how much America owes them on the lease lend bill.  That really is something.  The Australian will probably have a piece in the paper fairly soon how much the American owes to the Aussies.  That is enough on that.  

In your letter you mentioned about starting a fire in the furnace.  It sure will be odds to hear you write about it being zero weather this winter and over here it will be over 100 degrees.  It is going to be hot over here the way everybody says.  Time will tell.  You also mention about Aunt Sadie calling you and telling about Ted Division.  Really in time to come I think you should be able to get a fairly good idea where it was at.  Because you can always piece it together.  Then maybe in time to come the army will send more details.  One thing sure I would hate to be in the infantry.  When I look back and think when I enlisted it didn't seem right but I really think that all the luck has been with me, because I have very little to talk about.  

I glance back throughout this letter and every time I started a paragraph with you  So you must be the main one.  

October 13, 1944

I have KP tomorrow again and I believe it will be a fairly hard day.  I am not sure but I believe we will have to get ready for Sunday meals.  So if I feel like writing tomorrow I will have you know how it was.  I wish I was writing that now and then it would be over with.  Tomorrow of course is the old army Sat. inspection.  We had to GI the floor tonight again.  So that is finished for another week.  This next week Larrow and Bliss will be on furlough and Shea and I will have the tent to ourselves.  We haven't heard from Loovvorn yet so we don't know how he is coming along.  But I guess he is making it OK.

I had a fairly easy day as I told you in the other letter.  I had the full day off.  I also mentioned that I would finish up all my back mail.  I done a good job at that too.  I know also wrapped your and ready for mailing.  Be sure to leave me know how they get there and what kind of condition.  If they are too bad I will wrap them up better.  

Tonight I went over and bought me a ham & egg sandwich and also a hamburger.  It filled the empty spot that I had.  We sure had a poor supper and I don't mean maybe.  

Today I went through my letter and I had two letters that Ted wrote.  One of them just before he left the states and then on of the 18th of July.  He said he was in 6 months now and overseas already.  I read them over again and of course it brought back old times.  I first was going to keep them and then I decided to throw them away because every time I would see them it would just make it hard.  I will never forget them two letters.  

October 15, 1944

KP was not so bad yesterday but it is never easy.  I had a fireman job.  I had 7 fires to keep going.  4 of them in the stoves and then 3 fires for water.  This morning of course we had to work again.  Laros and Bliss left for their furlough this morning.  They went down to Brisbane.  They have a plane ride down and one back.  I don't know if I will go down there or not.  I will wait and see what they say about it.  But I think I will just hit one of the small towns around here and take it easy.  Back in the states a person would be crazy to get a furlough but here it isn't that way.

Got a letter from Virg and he sure seemed to enjoy his trip, and being able to visit each town that they had a lay over in.  One thing he would of never had the breaks to see everything if he was in the army.
If I mess up on this writing forgive me because Shea is playing his wood stick now and signing.  For that hillbilly signing we have a new name.  Don't ask me how we named it that but we call it shiteater.  So if I ever mention that you know that Shea is playing away.  

You mentioned about going out and getting some apples and cider.  WE sure do have the apples here at the mess hall.  They have them sitting out on the table every day.  The cider we don't have.  Twice we did have it.  It was canned and we had it for a drink.  

October 16, 1944

Well mother I see you went to Hannibal again.  I know how you feel about it but believe me I want you to take it easy.  It might not affect you now but in time to come you may have trouble.  You hae done your share.  So take care of yourself.I did not know about that camp in Hannibal.  I really haven't heard any news about that place since I left home.  

In you letter you mention about receiving the 50 bucks I sent home.  I was going to send home another 50 this month but being a furlough is coming up I guess I spend it here.  

We are about to try and pop some popcorn now.  And it came out fairly good.

I went to see "Aerial Gunner" tonight.  It was the picture made at Harlingen when I was there.  Well I believe you know like you told me it wasn't much good.  

October 17, 1944

Tonight I went to the PX and bought couple cokes and ice cream.  I also signed up for my furlough.  I guess I will go back down to Brisbane.  Another kid (Sitterson) and I are going.  I or we only get 5 days down but it still will be different than around here.  We will go down by air and come back by air.  That will be lots better than riding these Aussie trains.  I don't mean maybe.

October 19, 1944

The mail problem ths last week has sure been poor.  I haven't received any except one from Vir the other day.  Tomorrow morning I am leaving for my furlough so I guess when I come back I will have lots of mail.  I hope anyhow.  I am not sure if I will be able to write or not but if I can write I will drop you a letter every day so I am not sure so time will tell.  Don't worry because I will take care of myself.  You know me by now don't you?

October 23, 1944

Here it is Monday morning and I am feeling fine.  I am on my furlough now and sure enjoying myself.  But the biggest trouble is that I don't think it will last long enough.  In fact it is half over with already.  

We arrived here Friday.  We had to check in and that evening we went to the show.  When I mention we I mean Sitterson and I.  We are buddying together.  

Sat. morning we took the train out to Red Cliffs again.  That place sure is dead now compared when we left here.  When a person goes out there you ride a train part way and then you get on the bus and ride.  I wanted to bring my camera with me but of course I had no films left.  

Then yesterday we went to Coolangatta ( I think I spell it right).  The Red Cross furnish you transportation out there.  It is about 60 miles from here.  It sure is a beautiful place.  We had a nice beach with white sand and really a wonderful place.  The waves coming in on shore it really was nice.  If fact it was the prettiest place I have seen since I was on this side. 

I am really enjoying my leave here and the Red Cross here is sure nice.  The nights are cool and the beds are good so of course that means a good nights sleep.  The food is wonderful and if I stayed here very long I believe I would get fat.  

The trip down here was fairly nice.  It was a bit rough the first half way but we really had a nice fly.  It took us 5 hours.  I am really enjoying my leave here and hoping the next one I will spend at home.  

October 24, 1944

It is Wed afternoon 2:30 PM and I am still on my furlough.  As I said before I am enjoying myself very much but of course not as much if I was home. 
I was supposed to go back this morning but there was no planes so they gave us another pass and here I am another day on furlough.  But I think I will go back tomorrow.  This is too good to last and I don't mean maybe.

Yesterday afternoon I met up with Lovvorn and he is coming back to our sqd again.  After he hit down here they told him there was nothing wrong with him so when they say something (if true or not) it goes.  We just took a stroll through the park that is just across the street and I thought I had better drop you a line to say hello anyhow.

October 26, 1944 - Townsville, Australia

Here I am again back at the old place again.  It is a bit late but think I will drop you a few lines before I hit the old sack again.  Really I wouldn't be a bit surprised if I had a hard time sleeping tonight.  The bed isn't the same as what I had the last few nights.  

I hit back this afternoon about 4 PM and I had to do lots of work tonight to get everything on the ball again.  First thing I hit was the mail tent.  I received my share.  I don't know how many I had but will tell you tomorrow all about them.  I think I heard from everybody I know.  One thing that comes to mind now is that you mention about that you wanted the last letter I received from Ted.  I am truly sorry that I disposed of them mother.  After I think about it more I can't see why I got rid of them.  The picture you sent of him was alright.  I was glad to receive it.  I still have that picture of him and I that we had taken that one Sunday at Macon.  I will never forget those Sundays.  

October 28, 1944 - Townsville, Australia

Today we had the inspection and everything went ok by the bulletin board.  Jr. a new kid in our tent came back from furlough tonight.  He only went to a small town around here.  He said he didn't have much fun because the people did not care that much about Yanks.  I am still glad that I took mine when I didn't.

The weather here is sure warm  A person can really tell the difference between Brisbane and here.  The night here are still fairly cool but you don't need no covers anymore.  I hate to think what the next few months will be.  I was hoping that the truck would hold out till we got back home but that looks a fairly long ways off yet.  Not to look at the dark side of the subject but you know my opinion.  Then if it is quicker then it will make a person feel lots better.  

In the letter of the 9th you had the clipping about Pat Werner being slightly wounded.  That is the reason they gave him the furlough.  But he told me that he wasn't hurt at all.  All he said that he had trouble with the plane and he landed in the water.  He said it sure didn't take them long to pick him up.  He also mention that it only took about 15 seconds for his plane to go under.  

You mention about writing the letters out to everybody to find out about Ted.  You know I have kept an eye open lately and I jsut wonder if he was not attached to the 2nd Armored Division with the tanks.  I read a small piece about all infantry men being attached to the Armor Tank Division.  And then I thought maybe he could of been with them.  Otherwise I can't seem to place him.  But I hope in time something will come up.

It sure seems funny to hear you talk about frost and it is so hot here.  But I guess it will be getting colder there and warmer here in time to come.  

Well it is nearly 10 PM now and all the other ones are in bed and you can't go to sleep very well with the lights on so I think I better end.  So for tonight I will sign off with lots of love to all and dear ones at home.              White Lad.

I guess you want to know where that name came in.  Well it is the new name that the guys are calling me now.  What do you think of it??? The guys an this tent think up of everything.

October 29, 1944

This morning of course we worked a half day.  Last week they had to work all day Sunday but I was on my furlough and that is one thing I wasn't thinking of one bit and I don't mean maybe.  

The afternoon passes and again about the same old thing.  Not much done.  I just finished one to Dollie and that is the only one I got out tonight.  I wrote here a 3 page letter so I don't think I done bad do you?

Sp D came home on another furlough.  He is pretty lucky all I can say.  I was surprised to hear about B.  Anyway what you think.  Didn't take him long.  HaHa.  You know what they say over here.  Keep them that way and barefooted and you are sure of keeping them.  That makes me laugh.  I hope you don't get mad at my joking.  If you don't think it is right leave me know and I will forget it from now on.  

That is the first time I heard Honey Boy called Jimmy.  When I read Jimmy everybody ran through my mind but I couldn't place anybody.  

Yesterday I bought a book on the subject of Townsville.  It has a few pictures in it and tell about the place how nice it is, etc.  I really hate to send it home because they made such a big write up about it that you will think I don't even want to come home.  They really did spread it on and made it very think.  Well I am sending it home anyhow but take it easy when you read about how wonderful it is.  

This is my last sheet of paper now wih tlines on so I guess the next one will be on plain paper.  You will have to get a pencil and mark off the words after you read them because the lines will be like a ?

We had a new chaplain this Sunday.  He is the best one I have heard yet since I have been in the army.  

October 30, 31, 1944 - Townsville, Australia

Dearest folks.  Last night I didn't write to you because I was tired and just did not get around to it.  I was making a new footlocker.  Also Lovvorn came back to our outfit yesterday afternoon.  He moved in our tent again so now we have 6 in the tent.  By the time everything was moved around and had all his stuff setup the biggest part of the evening was going.  

Tonight I mess around a little more on my foot locker and then I decided to go to the show again for a change.  I haven't seen on since on furlough.  I really don't care about going so much because when you start going you always want to go and that really wrecks your evening.  I went tonight but did not stay for all of it.  The picture was "Devotion" and it is not supposed to come out until 45 in the states they way the screen read.  It would of never had to come out at all for all I cared about it.  So me ups and walk out.  Now on this letter.  

Thinking of tonight being the last of October brings Ted again into my mind.  He would be 19 years old.  It sure is hard to believe that Ted had to go so soon.  

I got paid again today so one more month rolled around.  That is the 25th and I wonder how many more there will be.  Also I have passed up 7 months over here now.  Time sure does fly.  -- White Lad.

November 1, 1944 - Townsville, Australia

I was glad to hear that you received the watch and ring I sent home.  You know I still haven't the watch you sent me.  You mailed it on August 15th.  2 1/2 months has went by already and no box.  Well if I don't get it don't send me the other one because by now I am used to not wearing one.  I do hate to lose the watch.  I am sorry to hear that the ring isn't the right size.  But when you pound one out of a coin you take what size comes out.  I started another one and this one fits my second smallest finger.  I have it on now.  I want to trim up the side and send it home with the bracelet.  The ring I have now was made out of Florin.  

Loros (the wheel) received word that his folks had sent the bunch of pictures on to Bliss folks.  From Bliss folks it comes to Shea then they come to you and then you are supposed to send them to Mrs. Lovvorn.  

In the letter of the 19th you mention about Bob Moritz being missing in action.  I was sure sorry to hear that.  I want to write to Mr. Moritz tomorrow and say a few words anyhow but to my opinion I think Bob is safe.  That will be hard for her to believe but I truly believe he as all the hope of being safe.  It may take him a long time to get back to a base but I don't think he was killed.  

The letter of the 23rd sounds like you hit the jack pot for mail.  You mention about me sending the Yank home and also the Arrowhead paper.  The Yank I can get fairly easy but that Arrowhead paper is something very hard to get in the way I am now.  I can't tell you why but it just is.  But maybe I can pick up one now and then.  

November 1, 1944 - Townsville, Australia - V Mail

I really don't know much and I am about ready to hit the sack.  At first I wasn't going to write but then I thought I would drop this anyhow.  Maybe it will come some day by itself.  

Tonight I received my laundry back and I had to pack it away and also I work a little on my footlocker.  I should get it finished in couple more days.  The only trouble is that I can't work long enough on it in the evening.  

November 3, 1944

Here it is Friday evening and I am feeling fine and sure hope the same for all at home.  You know what our daily routine is on Friday.  Get ready for Sat. inspection.  We GI again, etc.  Then I thought I would go over and see Jefferson again.  I stayed over there till time for the show then we went to the show.  I just came back from there now.  

In the letter of the 22nd you mention about writing on carbon now.  I think you really have something there.  I was glad to hear that Carl was home.  One thing sure I bet everything seems dead to him being away that long of a time.  

In this letter is when you went down town and met everybody.  I don't think you missed anybody the way you talk.  I also was glad to hear about Bob.  You know I think he will show up in a short time.  I hope in the next couple letters will be all ok with him

In the letter of the 25th you mentioned, and also sent the front of the letter you received back from Ted believe like you do on that hospital lies he seem to them there after they had the squad and look on the records but mother on thinking that Ted is alive. I think it's not so it is hard to believe that he is gone but if he is alive, the news would be more than welcome dimension about this Pryor kid that was with the same outfit with Ted I think you are on the right track now to learn a little more about Ted.

This afternoon I wrote a letter to Virgil. The rumor at the beginning of the night was that a stage show was supposed to be on, so I ended his letter by telling him I was going to the show we went to the show, but there was no Steve show so we came back after a short time. We first went over to the lunch room to get something to eat. They had steak sandwiches tonight.  They have them every Sunday night and they cost us 8 cents each.  But by the time we reach there there was no more.  So we took egg and ham and also hamburger.  They were on the house so that left us with our money.  Then we came back and walk down to the store and bought a bottle of soda so now I am full.  Just as soon as this letter is finished I am going to hit the sack.

The morning we work a half day again and this afternoon I monkeyed around for a little and then decided I had to do a little washing also.  Th main thing I had to was was the mattress cover (bag or a sack).  It really is our sheets.  You crawl into it and then you have it on top and bottom.  You have to do that because you know how it is to sleep between the wool blankets.  Not very good.  It is also much cooler sleeping in the mattress cover.  That is one thing you sure wash out once a week.  

Last night I didn't write to you but I did wrap up 3 more Yanks for you.  When you read that paper that is all made up by GI and you can not believe but half of what you read in there.  In that mail call you will get a big kick out of that, I think.  Some of them write in just to be writing. 

 November 7, 1944 - Townsville, Australia - V Mail

Last night I didn't write you because there was no mail to answer and of course I didn't know anything that I could write to you.  I went over again and talked to this Jefferson and there was that show in the USO so I had to go to that.  Don't get me wrong on that, I wanted to go.  It is something different and makes a night go by with something different.  

My biggest surprise today was that I received my watch.  I really gave that thing up.  But it come OK.  It sure took it long enough to get here.

7:30 AM -- Here I am Wed morning and I am still feeling fine.  I started this letter last night and my pen was dry so I sued Bliss pen and it did not last long so I gave it up.  Now I am refilled.  

10:50AM -- The way it looks now it will take me all week to finish this letter.  I started this morning and then I had to move my stuff in another tent.  We GI the tent before we move in it because it really needed it.  Then I thought I better do my washing while I could get the can to boil my clothes in.  So Shea and I finished that.  

Then the gardener came by and we bought a watermelon.  Then I came back and just finish shaving and showers so now I feel pretty good.

With the story about L & R I am sure sitting on the hub and hearing everybody story.  

8 PM - You mentioned about Bob Moritz.  I really don't think he is dead but maybe a prisoner.

At noon today I received the short letter of the 27th.  You mentioned about Mrs. Hoceke coming over.  

Tonight I finally got the book on Townsville censored and I will mail it out tomorrow.  So you can see what this place looks like.  Of course you know they can make a picture book nice.  But I want you to know also that we have had it fairly nice over sea so far.  In fact I don't think you could be many more places that would be any better and still have troops in it.  I sure hope you enjoy it.  Another think I want to get off fairly soon is teh bracelet for honey boy and also a ring.  You wrote and said his was 7 inches.  Well I made it 7 inches and it fits my arm.  So I took out a 5 cent piece.  I think you read it wrong.  It is too small leave me know and I will send the link and you can ut it in.  There is nothing special about the thing because it is made out of coins and the links are cut out of coins too.  The lock on it is nothing to amount to anything.  I think it will work  That was the best I could do.  I tried to get one in town but no luck.  The main thing I wanted to do was to get it nickel plated but something happened that I couldn't so he will have to wear it this way.  The only thing it will dull up on him.  The ring I have wore myself the past couple days and id doesn't turn your skin.  Wen you wash up it becomes bright again.  

I was out talking to Jefferson the biggest part of the evening again.

November 10, 1944 - 9 AM

The mail the last couple days has been poor.  In fact I only received one more bunch of pictures that I took at the beginning of Oct on that picnic that our section had.  I wrapped up on of GD old paper they send me and also mailing that today.  In this letter to fill it out I will put one of our field paper in it.  It is fairly hard to read.  There isn't much to it either.  I want to try and get the bracelet and ring off today sometime for Earl.

November 11, 1944 - Townsville Australia

Yesterday I hit the mail call again.  I didn't do bad at all.  I got 3 from you and one from Helen.  Helen told me that the plane pictures should be dressed up a little.  Schlinkman and I are together.  Townsville is in the state of Queenslands.  I sure hope by this time that honey boy foot is healed up but a burn is always slow.  As long as it takes to get heal it must be a bad burn.  Well I have went through your letters now and answer all the questions and hope you can read what I wrote.  The wind is blowing fairly hard in the tent and if we leave the sides down the sun makes it too hot so we have the wind blow and really it is hard to rite.  Your paper keeps flying up on your pen and then it flies away and really it is a mess.  So try and make out the best you can.  

Yesterday I at last got your package out with the bracelet in it.  I put the ring in also.  Then I thought maybe you would like to have some Australian money so I put in a half pound of chicken feed.  So you can give it to Honey Boy or anything you want to do with it.  I sent the half penny-about 3/4 cent in your money.  The the penny is equal to about 1 1/2 cent.  The next is the 3 pence piece-about 5 cents American money.  The six pence - 8 cents about.  Shilling - about 16 cents.  Florin is worth 32 cents.  The money is based on shilling .  10 shilling - 1/2 pound.  12 pence - 1 shilling.  So you can figure it up yourself.  I think I had a half pound there.  

I also put in that extra link.  So if the bracelet is too small daddy can slip that link on to the 6 pence.  I wanted to get it nickel plated bad but I just couldn't get around to it at all.  The ring will not turn your finger because I wore it for nearly a week.  I got used to it so now I think I will make me another one.  I put a few nicks in it but I hope that won't hurt.  

Yesterday I bought another pair of Aussie shorts.  You really wear them around here now.  

Today makes 8 months since I left the camp back in the states.  Time sure does fly.

I think the rest of the pictures I will write on here instead of the prints.  No. 4 - This is the picture of the whole group.  All the girls are AWAS.  This is the beach.  The picture didn't come but so good but you can see how many was there. 
No. 5 - Here is another picture of the fire place where we fried steak on.  On the left is Sgt. Parks again and in teh center is Lt. Lines.  On the right is S. Sgt Bickley.  This picture is looking out on the beach. 
No. 6 - Here is a pictue of a P-38.  We worked on it and it went up in combat for about a month and came back with this mark up on the side.  Each one means a Jap plane. 
No. 7 - This is the same picture only taken at a different speed with the camera. 
No 8 - Here is another picture of the same place only at a close view. 
No. 1, 5, 7, 8 send to Mrs. Shea.  Then tell Mrs Shea to send them to Mrs. Lovvorn.  If you want the negatives back ask for them.  Send me the prints back of 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8.  I hope I have made it clear.  

November 14, 1944 - 1:30PM - Townsville, Australia

Yesterday I didn't know anything to tell you so all I did was put them pictures in a envelope and send them off.  First thing to say is that I went into town yesterday afternoon and got a book to put my pictures in.  I also got one for Shea and Lovvorn.  I bought a hundred corners but that wasn't enough so I got to get some more.  I did not realize e I had so many pictures here.

Here is couple of pictures of me next to an ant hill.  You can see they are fairly large and the ants are the same way.  These pictures did not come out very good at all.

November 16, 1944 - 9 AM Thursday

I received your letter of the 4th of November.  I was sure glad to hear that Larry and Carl got to be home together.  He must really have a nice CO to hive him them 2 passes so close together.  But it may be a long time again before they see each other again.  Also was surprised to hear that Jr. W. was home also.  Everybody coming home at the same time now.

In Virgil letter he mentioned that he just came back off the 48 hour pass from Seattle.  He said he had a good time.  You also mentioned how much did the plane ride cost me on my furlough.  Over here it doesn't cost you anything.  All you do is get in the plane and get off.  You don't even take a chute with you.

November 17, 1944

I am sure eating my share of watermelon this year.  Every day there is an Aussie that comes around with a truck load and the 3 of us buy one apiece.  The melon are getting a bit better now.  This man said around Christmas was the top for them.  Lovvorn, Shea and I eat one morning, afternoon and in the evening.  In fact I only eat one meal a day at the mess hall and that is at noon.

November 18, 1944 - 2 PM Saturday

I am putting these 3 pictures in this letter to help out the size.  The two of the mare very poor.  The one where I was walking up from the latrine was just fair.  I don't even think it is worth while to have them two printed over.  

Here it is Sunday already and I am on the same letter.  The weather is really hot here now and I think I will get a tan if it keeps up.  I am not wearing a shirt anymore then I have to.  So you can guess how my back looks.

Tomorrow I can't be out in the sun so that will leave my back cool off a little.  I have KP so you know what that means.  

November 22, 1944 - Tuesday noon

I just finished my meal and though I better write you a few words again.  Yesterday I had KP.  By the time I cleaned up I was ready to hit the sack.  I haven't had any mail for nearly the past week.  I guess they need the planes someplace else more then to bring the mail.  This morning I did my washing.  So I am finish with that for another week.  This Thursday if Thanksgiving and it really came around before I knew it this year.  I am just wondering if mail service is as slow for you as for me.  

November 23, 1944 - 12:35 Noon - Townsville, Australia

The first thing I will say again that my morale on mail is very low.  No mail in over a week now.  I sure wish I know where it was hung up at.  But maybe some time soon it will break loose.  I hope.

Today is Thanksgiving day and we really had a meal today.  There is no work this afternoon so I think I will take it easy in case I haven't If we did have to work I don't think I could do very much after this noon meal.  For the meal we had turkey, dressing etc potatoes of both type, sweet corn, pea, cranberry jelly, hot bun, bread, butter, fruit cocktail and cake and pit.  Then for drink we had tea, coffee and hot cocoa.  So you can see it was not that bad.  But you got to remember one more thing that after our GI cooks finishes up with it, it isn't what it could have been.

But I guess we will eat shit for the next week now to make up for this one day.  They always get even one way or the other.  But I guess I will hit the store now for a couple days.  

Yesterday John Jefferson and me went into town and we walked the town over.  I bought some sun tan oil.  Anyway that is what they call it.  It is made in Australia so I am looking for it to be just like all their other stuff.  But I guess some day this country will learn something.  

We also had our meal in town before we came back to camp.  We had steak and eggs.  The steak was fairly good but a bit on the tough side.  But we had plenty time.  It cost us about 50 cents for it.  

November 26, 1944 - Sunday @ Noon

This week has sure flew by in a big hurry.  I still haven't heard from you for a long time.  Yesterday I received a back mail or I mean return from Ted.  It was a V mail that was returned.  

7PM - Here I am again and I want to finish this now.  This afternoon they sent a truck into the beach so I thought I would go in and get a bit more sun burn.  Well I sure got one.  That salt wayter and the sun I can feel it on my head ow.  But don't worry because I am really wathcing it now.  So I think in another week I should have it OK.  Time will tell

November 28, 1944 - 10 PM

Today I received 2 letters.  One from Virgil of the 14th and one from you of the 7th.  

I was over to see Jefferson again tonight.  In fact I spent the whole evening over there.  They had a beer party here and you know they make lots of noise (to my opinion) and running around every place so I thought that was the best way to keep away from it all.

In the letter today from Vir. he mentioned that he was leaving the carrier.  So I hope he gets another good break.  To think about the weather back home and so hot here.  My back is fairly red.  Yesteray I stayed in the sun a bit too long and I feel it now.  But don't worry because I will take care of myself.  I guess it is about 100 now around here.  

We bought some watermelon and now they are on ice.  So in the morning I am really going to have a nice ocld melon.  I would like to give you some but these are nothing compared to home.  So you wouldn't like it.  I took a picture of it today so you can see what they look like.