Quincy to Denver
June to JULY 1943

Wes's family (Esra, Ted, Earl and ??) traveled from Quincy, Illinois on June 18th, 1943
Drove to visit Wes in Denver, Colorado.  Returned on July 2.  Total mileage was 2505 miles.
(Note:  Numbers define the mile number on their automobile as they traveled)

Cave of the Winds had a one way traffic road to the Cliff House and back down again.  Did not go through the cave but looked at and bought souvenirs from the Cliff House.  

Garden of the Gods - We drove in the Hidden Inn and back out again.  Bought our supper in Colorado Springs.  Went out to Lakeside Amusement Park and spent the rest of the evening.  24340 - 4 gallons gas @ $.78

Wesley spent the night in cabin with us because he did not have to report that night or the next day until noon.  

Ironed in afternoon.  Got lunch and ironed suntan pants.  Wes went back to camp and the rest of us went to City Park and Earl took hard bread out for ducks and fish.  Virgil and Ted went boat raiding.  Went out to airport, back to cabin and to bed.  

Daddy got car greased and we went to park and Earl fed ducks.  Saw boys take fish out of tree where they had them hidden.  Wes came over about 3:30.  Took car and went back to camp after his barrack bags.  Went to railroad station and got his ticket.  Ate supper and talked to neighbors rest of evening.  Gave coffee, lard and sugar to Millers.  Walked up to the post office.  Earl slept with Ted and Wesley.