Mary & Henry Borlin's Children

Borlin Family

Jacob Henry Borlin

Jacob Henry “Jake” BORLIN was born on 1 April 1872 – Mary and Henry’s first child. Jake would have been 7 years old when his parents purchased the BORLIN farm in Woodville Township and would certainly have grown up performing farm chores on a regular basis. It is, therefore, not surprising that he would initially pursue farming as a career.

On 6 October 1897 Jake (25) would marry Sarah Posie Elizabeth THOMASSON at the Baptist Parsonage in Kane, Greene County Illinois. Rev John W. BUSH performed the marriage ceremony. Posie, born on 18 September 1870, was the eldest child of John Newton and Sarah Catherine (VARBLE) THOMASSON.

After their marriage, Jake and Posie purchased a farm in Woodville Township from Mr. John VANDERSAND. Jake and Posie would have two children, Winifred Cecelia BORLIN, born 21 July 1903, and Warren Darold BORLIN, born 23 July 1906.

Posie and Jake Borlin

Posie and Jake BORLIN

Warren and Cecelia Borlin

Warren and Cecelia BORLIN

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob's Country Farm Home prior to moving to Carrollton, IL in August 1920. Warren & Cecelia's childhoods were spent here.

Jake would farm in Woodville Township until the late summer of 1920. At that time the family moved into Carrollton and Jake began to operate a trucking company. The house purchased by Jake and Posie was unique in Carrollton, since it did not have a chimney. It was heated by steam provided by the Carrollton Heat, Light, and Power Company, located one block west of the home. Unfortunately, this service never proved to be successful and a gas furnace eventually had to be installed. In later years Jake would partner with his brother John to perform custom farming services locally (operating threshing machines, combines, and other equipment).

The family relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida during the winter of 1924-25 in order to find a climate where Posie would not develop pneumonia in the winter. Jake died on 27 July 1947 at the age of 75. Dr. John W. CROUCH, pastor of the Carrollton Baptist Church performed the funeral service at the Mehl Funeral Home. Seven years later Posie would break her hip in a fall. She remained bedridden for the last six years of her life, passing on 17 October 1962 at the age of 92. After her injury she lived with her son and daughter-in-law in the family home. Jake and Posie were both buried in the Carrolton City Cemetery.

Winifred Cecelia BORLIN was born on 21 July 1903 and lived to see her 104th birthday. During that period the world experienced incredible advances in technology (horse-drawn vehicles to jet airplanes, hand-written mail to the Internet, locally-grown foods to international supermarket products). Throughout her life, Cecelia always embraced change, always had a large number of friends, and always strove to help others whenever possible. As a child she attended from Mt. Giliad Grade School in Woodville Township. She graduated from Carrollton High School in 1922 and took a post-graduate course in Home Economics during the 1922-23 school year.

Cecelia’s professional career covers a broad spectrum of interests and opportunities. After graduation she began her career with:

    • Selling shoes at the Vertrees Shoe Store in 1923.

    • Selling shoes in Nugents Department Store in St. Louis,

    • Clerk at Missouri State Life Insurance Company in St. Louis

    • Saleslady at Washington Clothing & Dry Good Store in Carrollton

    • Saleslady at Thomas Hough’s Ladies Ready to Wear Store

    • Telephone operator at Bell Telephone

    • Clerical worker at the Greene County Treasurer’s Office

    • Dental assistant to Dr. H.H. Levi for almost 20 years

    • A waitress at Carter’s Drive In,

    • Bookkeeper at Lovekamp Furniture Store

    • Nurses’ aide at the Carrollton Hospital.

Whenever a job would disappear, she would always find another opportunity, thanks in large part to her extensive network of friends and her willingness to change. While working for Dr. LEVI, Cecelia would routinely don her heavily starched uniform early in the morning, walk 5 blocks to the dental office, and then work the entire day without ever sitting down so as not to wrinkle her uniform.

 Cecelia Borlin in Dental Assistant Uniform 1942

Cecelia BORLIN in Dental Assistant Uniform 1942

Cecelia in 1988

Cecelia in 1988

Wallace Fisher and Cecelia 1926

Wallace FISHER and Cecelia 1926

Olive McPheran and Cecelia 1961

Olive MCPHERAN and Cecelia 1961

Louis Reisch and Cecelia 1966

Louis REISCH and Cecelia 1966

Denman Newton 1989

Denman NEWTON 1989

Cecelia’s personal relationships also spanned a very broad spectrum. Four notable examples include:

    • Wallace FISHER was a dental student at St. Louis University. They met at church in the winter of 1925, dated for 2 years and were engaged. When Wallace graduated, he returned to Oklahoma to start his practice. Cecelia did not want to move to Oklahoma. After a year of long-distance letter writing, Wallace found someone else.

    • Olive MCPHERAQN operated a local greenhouse and florist business. They met in the spring of 1930 and Cecelia moved in with Olive in November 1933. They lived together until Olive’s death on 13 January 1962.

    • Louis REISCH was a retired Greene County farmer. They met in the Carrollton Hospital and started going together in 1965. They were married at a friend’s home in Carlinville on 12 February 1966. After a surgery for a growth in his throat, Louis died on 6 November 1967.

    • Denman NEWTON was a part-time carpenter and apartment owner. He moved in next to Cecelia’s home and they became friends. He would fix her meals and do odd jobs around the house. She would give him money. Eventually she gave him her house and moved into his. He then took care of her until his death in 2002.

Cecelia was constantly busy cooking, sewing, gardening, writing diaries, or just practicing her handwriting. Cecelia was a member of various organizations – Business and Professional Women, Rug Club, West End Reading Circle, Birthday Club, etc. and loved to travel.

In 1980 the Carrollton BPW honored her as “Woman of the Year” for her faithful service to the club. The last few years of her life were spent in the REISCH Memorial Nursing Home in Carrollton (named in honor of her late husband’s contributions).

At the age of 104, Cecelia passed on 03 November 2007 at Boyd Memorial Hospital in Carrollton, Illinois. She was buried in Carrollton City Cemetery next to her parents.

Cecelia 100th Birthday Party

Warren Darold BORLIN was born on 23 July 1906. After high school he went to work as a garage mechanic for his Uncle Marion BORLIN in Carrollton in 1927. He worked in the BORLIN Garage for eight years, becoming proficient in the skills of a machinist, an acetylene welder, and general automobile mechanic. He later operated his own garages in various cities. Warren married Dorothy GARRISON of Roodhouse, Illinois on 26 May 1928. They were married at the Baptist parsonage in Pontiac, Illinois with Rev. J.S. BRINKMAN officiating. After 12 years of marriage, they were divorced on 28 June 1940. Warren then married Mary Madalyn LADD on 12 April 1941 at the home of Rev. Estes S. PERKINS in St. Clair, Missouri.

Mary died on 18 January 1965. Warren suffered from epilepsy and spent long periods in state mental institutions in Jacksonville and Alton, Illinois. Warren died at the age of 69 on 20 October 1975 at the Jersey Community Hospital in Jerseyville, Illinois. He was buried in Carrollton City Cemetery next to his parents.

Mary and Warren Borlin, C1950

Mary and Warren BORLIN, C1950

Emma Borlin

Very little is known about Emma BORLIN. Her name shows up only on the BORLIN family genealogy sheet. She was born on 03 March 1875 and died on 13 September 1887 at age of 12, likely from a childhood disease. She is never mentioned in later family records.

Jo Ann BORLIN-1954

(L-R) Marion Borlin, Jake Borlin, John Borlin 1947

(L-R) Marion BORLIN, Jake BORLIN, John BORLIN 1947

Virginia Mae BORLIN - 1947

John William Borlin

John BORLIN was born on 19 March 1877, roughly 5 years after his brother, Jake. The two boys were very close – attended the same grade school, married sisters, and partnered in business in later life. John married Sophia Jane “Jennie” THOMASSON on 25 December 1901. They had one son, Keith Thomasson BORLIN, born 10 September 1905.

For many years John was involved in custom farming, operating threshing machines, combines, and other machinery. He was active in the Baptist Church, having been a trustee and a member of the choir. In the early 1950s, John and his son built the Carrollton Cold Storage Locker Plant at the corner of South Fifth and Locust Streets. Before the facility was opened to the public, a major fire destroyed the structure. The Locker was then re-built from the ground up and opened in 1956. The Locker operated for many years as a meat processing and cold storage center for the Carrollton area.

John fell into ill health and after several years died on 13 September 1958 at the age of 80. The Rev. Glenn MANIS performed the service at Mehl Funeral Home. He was buried in the Carrollton City Cemetery. Jennie lived another 8 years and died at the Hilltop Haven Nursing Home in White Hall, Illinois on 1 July 1966. The photo to the right is of John BORLIN on 1 April 1947, seated with his brothers Marion and Jake.

Keith BORLIN was born 10 September 1905 He married Ruth CARVILIE (born 1 September 1907). They had three children: Donald BORLIN (born 27 October 1927), Virginia Mae BORLIN (born 5 September 1929), and Jo Ann BORLIN (born 31 January 1936). The photos to the right are graduation photos of the two girls.

Keith worked as an electrician and refrigeration specialist. He partnered with his father in the construction and operation of the Carrollton Cold Storage Locker Plant. Keith was diagnosed with cancer in late 1958 and he died at Boyd Memorial Hospital on 26 May 1959 at the age of 53 – just 8 months after his father’s death.

Donald BORLIN was born 27 October 1927. He contracted spinal meningitis and died on 2 May 1931 at the age of 3.

Virginia Mae BORLIN was born 5 September 1929 in White Hall, Greene County, Illinois. Virginia graduated from Carrollton High School in 1947. She married Mike GEERS on 5 May 1949. Mike was the son of Leo B and Mary Agnes MALONEY GEERS. Virginia and Mike had 5 children: David Michael GEERS (born 26 June 1949), Douglas GEERS (born 1 January 1951), Dennis Geers (born 24 July 1956), Gregg Geers (born 1 August 1958), and Jane Ann Geers (born 19 November 1965). Mike died on 13 February 1979 at the age of 53. Virginia later married Warren “Sam” WEAVER (born 13 July 1942) on 3 September 1983. He died on 6 December 2005. Virginia worked at Jeffrey’s Gift Shop in Carrollton before joining the staff at the Greene County Clerk’s office in 1977. She died on 19 December 2011 at Boyd Memorial Hospital in Carrollton at the age of 82 and was buried in St. John’s Cemetery in Carrollton.

Jo Ann BORLIN was born 31 January 1936. Jo Ann graduated from Carrollton High School in 1954. She married David Lee TUCKER, son of W.J. “Jake” and Hazel WALTRIP TUCKER of rural Greenfield, on 27 December 1959. They owned a farm northeast of Carrollton and had four boys: Twin sons who died in infancy, Eric John TUCKER (born 7 August 1963) and Aaron Wade TUCKER (born 15 July 1965). David died on 10 July 1997 at Boyd Memorial Hospital in Carrollton and was buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery near Wrights, Illinois. Jo Ann later married John BARNARD (born 28 January 1931). John and Jo Ann lived in White Hall, Illinois. John died on 22 January 2010 and was buried in the White Hall Cemetery in White Hall, Illinois. After John’s death, Jo Ann purchased a home on Third Street in Carrollton.

Lucy M Borlin

Lucy Borlin was born 19 August 1880 in Woodville Township, Greene County, Illinois. The photo to the right is of the 10th grade graduation at Pleasant Dale School in 1902 [Footnote B4-1]. Lucy BORLIN is seated at the right. Rosa and Henry BORLIN are standing at the left.

On 9 November 1902 Lucy married Charles S CUMMINGS, son of George Washington and Anna Elizabeth Virginia (AMBROSE) CCUMMINGS. Charles was born in Jersey County, Illinois in March of 1879. Lucy and Charles farmed in Woodville Township and had six children:

  • Howard L. CUMMINGS, born 26 July 1903

  • Sybil CUMMINGS, born about 1905

  • Mary Alta CUMMINGS, born 26 February 1907

  • Rosa CUMMINGS, born about 1909

  • George B. CUMMINGS, born 24 January 1911

  • Ethyl Hope CUMMINGS, born 1 September 1914

Rosa Borlin, Henry Borlin, William Siberson, Mable Ambrose, Seated Teacher Albert Siberson and Lucy Borlin.

Graduation, Pleasant Dale School, 1902.

Rosa BORLIN, Henry BORLIN, William SIBERSON, Mable AMBROSE, Seated Teacher Albert SIBERSON and Lucy BORLIN.

Martin and Sybil Assorson

Martin and Sybil ASSORSON

Martin and David Assorson

Martin and David ASSORSON

In 1915, Charles CUMMINGS died – leaving Lucy with six children under the age of 12. From a series of letters from Marion BORLIN to his parents during his World War I enlistment [Footnote B6-1] it is known that Lucy and the children moved in with Henry and Mary BORLIN in February 1918. None of the family was recorded in the 1920 census. On 18 August 1926 Lucy married Charles R ANGLE (born 15 January 1873), a widower.

Charles ANGLE was the son of Richard N and Eunice BROWN ANGLE. In 1930 Charles and Lucy were living in Hillview, Greene County, Illinois, where he was the owner of a general store. At various times he served on the County Board of Supervisors, Village Board of Trustees for Hillview, and was elected Greene County Treasurer for one term. Charles ANGLE died on 20 April 1937. Lucy passed at her daughter’s home at 714 North Broadway in Havana, Illinois on 18 March 1955. She is buried in the BORLIN Cemetery.

Howard L. CUMMINGS was born 26 July 1903. Howard was employed as a carpenter in 1930 in Big Spring, Howard County, Texas and living in a boarding house. Howard died 14 May 1964 in a hospital in Clinton, Oklahoma following a long illness. The body was returned to Carrollton and he was buried in the BORLIN Cemetery.

Sybil CUMMINGS was born about 1905. Sybil married G. Martin ASSORSON in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois on 24 May 1937. They had two children: Dion ASSORSON (born 27 March 1940) and David ASSORSON (born 4 April 1941). Sybil died on 28 October 1992. The photos to the right were taken in Chicago in the spring of 1957.

Mary Alta CUMMINGS was born 26 February 1907. Alta married Ellis M MCCLENNING about 1927. In 1930 Ellis and Mary were living with his parents, Henry and Murriel MCCLENNING, in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri. Ellis was working as a laborer doing odd jobs. Ellis and Mary would have 4 children: Lowell Gene MCCLENNING (born about 1928), Marilyn Joy MCCLENNING, Kay MCCLENNING (born 21 September 1933), and Carla MCCLENNING. In 1955 Alta was living in Havana, Illinois. Lucy ANGLE died in Mary Alta MCCLENNING’s home at 714 North Broadway. Mary Alta MCCLENNING died on 21 March 1975 in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California.

Rosa CUMMINGS was born about 1909. Rosa married Richard P NEVILLE (born 25 January 1909), son of James and Georgie NEVILLE of Saline, Miller County, Missouri. In 1930, Richard was in college and his parents had moved to Eldon, Miller County, Missouri. Rosa and Richard lived in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri in 1955 and had two boys: Robert Cummings NEVILLE (born 1 May 1939) and another son born about 1945. Richard died June 1973 in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County, California. Nothing else is known about Rosa.

George B CUMMINGS was born 24 January 1911. George married Roberta M MCEVERS (born 30 November 1915) on 24 June 1936 in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois. They had one daughter, Gloria (born about 1940). George and Roberta lived in White Hall, Greene County, Illinois. She died on 19 March 1992. George died at De Paul Hospital in Bridgeton, St. Louis County, Missouri on 2 December 1997.

Ethyl Hope CUMMINGS was born 1 September 1914. Hope married Robert Lee HUNNICUTT on 7 August 1939 in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri. They had no children. Robert died 5 July 1957. Hope lived until 13 April 2005, passing at the REISCH Memorial Nursing Home in Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois at the age of 90. Hope was an elementary school teacher for over 40 years, retiring in 1977. While teaching in Hillview, Illinois she also served as the boys’ basketball coach and as a cheerleading coach in Carrollton Elementary. She served as mayor of Hillview during the 1970s and was instrumental in the relief effort and the reconstruction of Hillview during the flood of 1993. She was a member of the Hillview Baptist Church and regularly baked and gave away 100 dozen cookies at Christmas time [Footnote B4-2].

Henry Borlin 1902

Henry BORLIN 1902

Henry Borlin 1958

Henry BORLIN 1958

Henry and Agnes Borlin

Henry & Agnes In Their Living Room 4 Nov 1962

Charles Henry Borlin

C. Henry BORLIN was born 20 March 1883 in Woodville Township, Greene County, Illinois. Henry married Mary Agnes MILLS on 26 May 1908. Agnes was born 7 July 1888 in Woodville Township, the daughter of Andrew Jackson and Annette MILLS.

Henry farmed in the Woodville Township area and then in the 1920s he was a partner in the FISHBACK & BORLIN Implement Company in Carrollton. He later did custom farming in the Greene County region. In the late 1950s he worked as a building contractor. He was a member of the Baptist Church, where he was a trustee and a member of the choir for many years.

Henry died on 15 December 1962 at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri following major surgery. The photo at the right is of Henry after his 50th wedding anniversary party.

Agnes BORLIN was active in local politics and was serving as Township Clerk in the Greene County courthouse in Carrollton at the time of her death on 23 September 1964. Agnes and Henry were both buried in the BORLIN Cemetery, next to his parents.

 Samuel Little 1923

Samuel LITTLE 1923

Samuel Little 1942

Samuel LITTLE 1942


Rosa BORLIN was born 4 September 1885 in Woodville Township, Greene County, Illinois. On 20 June 1911 she married Harry Howard LITTLE (born March 1885 in Woodville Township, Illinois), son of John W and Julia LITTLE. They grew up as classmates at Pleasant Dale School in Woodville Township. Harry and Rosa lived on their farm on the hard road between Carrollton and Greenfield for a number of years and had 5 children:

  • Howard Samuel LITTLE, born 25 September 1918

  • Henry Borlin LITTLE, born 16 January 1921

  • Ima Rose LITTLE, born 25 July 1922

  • Iva Harriett LITTLE, born about 1925

  • Mary Beatrice LITTLE, born about 1928

After a lengthy illness, Rosa died at Our Savior’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois on 22 February 1939. She was buried in the Carrollton City Cemetery.

In 1949 Harry LITTLE married Ollie CARVER, of Bowling Green, Missouri (born 14 April 1889). Harry died 12 March 1964 and was buried in the Carrollton City Cemetery. Ollie CARVER LITTLE died 12 October 1973 and was buried in Olney Cemetery, Olney, Illinois.

Howard Samuel LITTLE was born 25 September 1918 in Rockbridge, Greene County, Illinois. Sam married Mary Margaret GEERS (born 27 October 1923 in Carrollton), daughter of Leo and Mary Agnes MALONEY GEERS of Carrollton. They had 3 sons, Howard Michael LITTLE, Thomas Leo LITTLE, and James Edward LITTLE. They lived in Carrollton until 1959 and then moved to Alton. Mary died there on 17 October 1967. Sam died in Godfrey, Madison County, Illinois on 22 October 1992.

Henry Borlin LITTLE was born 16 January 1921 in Rockbridge, Greene County, Illinois. On 1 February 1947 Henry B married Hilda GIBERSON (born 20 December 1921 in Alton, Madison County, Illinois) in Carrollton. Hilda was the daughter of Howard Heze and Viola WEBB GIBERSON of Kane, Greene County, Illinois. Henry worked in the Carrollton area as a garage mechanic and Hilda was a librarian in the Carrollton Public Library. They had two children, Linda LITTLE and Allen LITTLE. At the age of 79, Henry died on 25 August 2000. Hilda died on 16 June 2007. Allen LITTLE died on 17 June 2009 in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois at the age of 60.

Ima Rose LITTLE was born 25 July 1922 in Rockbridge, Greene County, Illinois. On 14 October 1939 Ima Rose married Ernest R WADE (born 16 July 1918), son of James Ernest and Dorothy RIDINGS WADE, in Bowling Green, Missouri. They lived in Berdan, Greene County, Illinois and had one son, Eugene. Ernest was a painter at Pierre Marquette State Park for many years. He was a member of the Carrollton American Legion (Army Veteran of World War II) and the Painter’s Local 471 of Alton. Ima Rose was an accomplished seamstress and embroidered many beautiful quilts. Ernest died 28 January 2001 at Boyd Memorial Hospital in Carrollton. Ima Rose died six months later on 4 August 2001 at the REISCH Nursing Home in Carrollton. Both are buried in the Carrollton City Cemetery.

Iva Harriet LITTLE was born about 1925 in Rockbridge, Greene County, Illinois. Harriet married Bud INGLEDUE (born 3 October 1925) and they lived in Macomb, McDonough County, Illinois at 1125 West Carroll Street. Bud died in Macomb on 3 January 1993, but nothing else is known about Harriet.

Mary Beatrice LITTLE was born about 1929 in Rockbridge, Greene County, Illinois. Mary Bea married Ewell SMITH (born about 1928), son of Cleveland H and Mertle SMITH of Ashland, Cass County, Illinois. Mary Bea and Ewell lived in San Diego, California at 4841 Aberdeen. He died on 12 October 1996, but nothing else is known about Mary Bea.


Sophia BORLIN was born 15 February 1888 in Woodville Township, Greene County, Illinois On 23 July 1910 Sophia married Arthur August MARTIN (born 25 August 1881). Sophia and Arthur lived southwest of Eldred, Greene County, Illinois and Arthur was employed in his father’s general store in Eldred. On 25 June 1917 Arthur and Sophia’s first child died at the age of 3 days. Just a month later at the age of 29, Sophia MARTIN also died, most likely as a result of the difficult childbirth. She was buried in the BORLIN Cemetery.

In 1920 Jake and Posie BORLIN lived on a farm next to that of Harry THOMASSON and his family. Harry THOMASSON was Posie’s brother. An unmarried sister, Bertha Adaline THOMASSON, then 35, also lived with Harry and his family. On 18 June 1922 Arthur MARTIN married Bertha Adaline THOMASSON.

After a few years, Bertha and Arthur divorced and on 30 January 1932 Arthur MARTIN married Ina B LITTLE (born 1896), brother to Rosa BORLIN LITTLE’s husband Harry. Arthur and Ina then had two dauthers, Phylllis and Julia Jean. Arthur died in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois on 31 May 1946 and is buried in the BORLIN Cemetery.


Marion BORLIN was born 22 July 1891 in Woodville Township, Greene County, Illinois. His life will be covered HERE.

Thomasson Sisters

THOMASSON sisters, Bertha, Posie, and Ginnie.

Opinions and Footnotes:

In the era of travel by horseback, young men were somewhat limited in their pool of eligible young girls to date and marry. Very often young men and women would marry school classmates or neighbors. While we would find it very unusual today for siblings of one family to marry siblings of another family, it was not that uncommon in the 1880s. Jake BORLIN first married Posie THOMASSON. Jake and Posie lived next door to her brother, Harry THOMASSON. John BORLIN then married Ginnie THOMASSON. When Sophia BORLIN later died, her husband Arthur married Posie and Ginnie’s sister, Bertha THOMASSON. When that marriage failed, Arthur later married Rosa BORLIN’s sister-in-law, Ina LITTLE. Confusing?

B4-1 Picture and caption obtained from The AMBROSE Photo Album (

B4-2 Hope HUNNICUTT obituary, Jacksonville Journal Courier, 14 April 2005