Cars, Boats, Campers & Toys

borlin family Automobiles Through the Years

1978 Volkswagen Rabbit

Jon's first car was given by his dad in 1987.  The car would also be "handed-down" to Scott once he turned 16.

1982 Toyota Corolla

Jon's college car until it was rear-ended at a park in Warrensburg in 1992 during a rain storm and was totaled.  

1985 Pontiac Sunbird

Jon purchased after Corolla and used through the rest of college making many cross-state trips

1995 Pontiac Sunfire GT

Jon's first fully financed car after getting job at TWA.  Drove car over 100K miles. Eventually cost too much to maintain / fix after 12 years

2007 Pontiac Vibe

Workhorse car through the millennium as Jon commuted from home to downtown STL for work.  Handed down to Maxx as his first car in 2018

2015 Chevrolets Camaro

Jon's "mid-life-crisis" purchase from Carvana.  323HP V6 convertible was a lot of fun, just not during the winter.

2002 Buick Rendezvous

Jon and Vicki's first "family" vehicle.  Both Maxx and Tobi's first rides

2011 Dodge Durago

With a new camper and boat, we needed something big to tow with.  Was rear-ended by a texting driver and was totaled on way to Gulf Shores in 2016.

2015 Dodge Durago

The 2nd Durango ordered from Carvana that was delivered to the house.  Slightly different color and package from 2011.

2007 Suzuki LT250 ATV

Trail riding all over the midwest including St. Joe State Park and Cloud 9 Ranch.  

1998 Jayco camper

Big enough for Jon, Vicki and the kids and small enough to fit in the garage.  Lots of weekends of camping here.

Cloud 9 Ranch needs

Taking vacation to Cloud 9 Ranch would require a lot of preparation and packing of the camper and ATV

1995 Pontiac Sunfire

Vicki's car during the 90s

1992 General Motors
GEO Tracker

Bought before Vicki moved to Harrisonville, MO

1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Spreme

Vicki's college car

1972 Oldsmobile Wagon

This 9 passenger wagon had all the options for a growing Borlin Family in the mid 70s

1984 Buick Wagon

The family "truckster" including the rear-facing third row seat.

Eising Family Automobiles 

1989 oldsmobile Cutllass supreme

1993 Buick La Sabre

1973 Buick Malibu

Owned by John Bernard Eising and sold to John Eising Jr.

1967 Volkswagen Bug

Shari (Eising) Borlin's car 

1968 Dodge Dart

1964 Chevy Biscayne

John Eising Jr's first car at 15 years old.  283 motor - 4 speed on the floor.  Approx. '73 to '75.  

1965 Oldsmobile Olds 99

1935 Plymouth Rumble Seat coupe

1939 Studebaker Champion

1932 Ford Coupe

Wilys MB Jeep

John Norbort Eising during World War 2 deployment drove many different trucks, jeeps and support vehicles.


Van Meter / Shields Family Automobiles  

1957 Chevrolet convertible

Judi Van Meter's white with red trim car

1958 Chevrolet Impala

Judi Van Meter's white car

1953 Chevy Bel Air 

Judi Van Meter's yellow with white trim car

1969 Chevrolet Nova

Lori's 1969 Nova



Vicki's first car was also her parents.  She even took her driver's test with it.  

Family Motorcycles

1992 Honda Nighthawk

750cc Nighthawk

2009 Johnny Pag "Spyder"

300cc California soft-tail

IDOT Training

A Spring 2023 weekend of riding in parking lots and classwork.  Licensed!

Family campers

1998 Jayco camper

Big enough for Jon, Vicki and the kids and small enough to fit in the garage.  Lots of weekends of camping here.

Starcraft pop-up camper

The Van Meter family in the mid to late 70s went camping with this pop-up Starcraft.

Wes's Dog House

1979 Dodge Cruise Air "Georgieboy" 32' 3217 Motorhome.  Wes and Betty drove this RV everywhere.  It was a real treat to get a ride inside this as a kid in the 80s.

Borlin Family Boats and Experiences on the Water

1975 - First boat

Barley able to walk, Jon and Scott Borlin get their first experience on a boat

1975 - Datson pickup

The Kaysar canoe loaded into Uncle Jim's 1975 Datson pickup.  Borlin boys ready.

1976 - First Time On Water

Uncle John and Uncle Jim take Jon and Scott for their first of many boat rides

1992 Chaparrel 1800-Limited

First boat.  3.0 liter, 135HP Mercruiser 1 engine.  As much fun as it was, it was a lot of work.  Carlyle and Shelbyville Lakes

Ebbtide Mystique 2300

Scott & Kerri's 3rd boat.  12 Passenger, Mercruiser 496.  

Kawasaki Personal Watercraft

Jeff and Amy's water rocket.  Could reach speeds of 60MPH on the water.  

Piece of Cake III

Ebbtide Mystique 2300

Piece of Cake II

1989 Vision VIP 1700 boat.  Destroyed during 2013 Washington IL Tornado. 

Piece of Cake I

1972 Sea Sprite Tri-Hull, Johnson 135.  This was Craig and Sherry's old boat that Scott and Kerrie fixed up just after college.

Shelbyville's Float'n turd

Shelbyville 2010 - The family rented this monster pontoon "party barge" complete picnic tables, BBQ grills and outhouse.  It was christened the "floating turd" thus the outhouse's lack of a storage tank.

Camper vs Tornado

The 2013 Washington IL tornado hit the Schertz farm.  Scott and Kerri's 30 foot camper was found in a field 100s of feet away completely destroyed (see house in background where it was parked).  Only the twisted frame was recovered,   The insurance company was very confused.

Boats vs Tornado

Not only was the camper totaled, three boats being stored inside the barn were destroyed including Scott and Kerri's Piece of Cake 2 and Craig's fishing boat.  As you can see, the barn is gone and the boats were shredded by the high winds and blowing debris.

Scuba Diving Liveaboard Ships and Dive Sites

Atlantis Azores - Philippines

February 2015 - Diving in the Philippines, including Sumilon Island, Pescador Island & Malapascua’s Gato Island, Monad Shoal, Calanggaman Island, Bohol, Balicasag and Apo Island.  

Atlantis Azores - Philippines

See full trip report here

Atlantis Titan - Philippines

Atlantis Dumaguete is located in Dauin on Negros IslandThis includes sites such as Mainit, Luca, Dauin and Masaplod. These sites are well preserved and offer a huge variety and quantity of life forms 

Dumaguete Resort

See travel map here

Newton 46 - Key Largo

2009 - Key Largo scuba diving sites such as Spiegel Grove and Molasses Reef as well as the Eagle, Conch Wall, Davis Reef and Hens & Chickens located in Islamorada.

South Beach Divers

Sea Cobra - Destin

2002 / 2011 Diving Destin, Florida's natural limestone ledges, wrecks and/or artificial reefs.

Scuba Tech / Destin Diving

H2O Below - Pensacola

November 2009 - Pensacola, Florida dove to the "Great Carrier Reef", The Mighty O, The U.S.S. Oriskany aircraft carrier right after a Hurricane Ian hit

H20 Below Dive Charters

Sea Dancer 2 - Belize

October 2011 - Belize liveaboard scuba trip in the Caribbean, a week of diving at Lighthouse Reef and Half Moon Caye and the mystical, deep Blue Hole.

Aggressor Fleet - Belize

mermet springs

Mermet Springs is an 8.5 acre spring-fed quarry located deep in Southern Illinois. With crystal-clear water, 100-foot deep underwater cliffs, sunken wrecks and schools of colored, pre-historic looking fishMermet Springs is not just another lake in Southern is a "First-Class Diving" site.   

Owner Glen Faith, his family and many dedicated volunteers have made this dive site one of the best mid-western scuba experiences in Illinois if not the entire country.