part 2 - Hunter Field Letters

July 14, 1943 to October 8, 1943

July 1943  @ Hunter Field | Savannah, Georgia

July 14, 1943

Dear Folks
Well I am feeling fine and sure hope the same for all at home.

Well I am in Birmingham, Alabama now.  Arrived about an hour late.  Had a very nice ride down here and slept good last night.  It was really nice and cool in fact we had the best car of them all.

I went up to the ticket window just as soon as I hit here and was able to get a pullman again.  So I guess I did not do so bad after all.

The country down here sure isn't like a person would think.  Anyhow it is not like I thought it would be.  This part of the country is only trees.  They are really tall and as straight as a pole.  The weather is not that bad but when you get off a pullman you really notice it (and how).  The USO here is fairly good but it isn't so perfect on the inside liek some of the other ones I have seen.  

I seen the kid again that I was talking to at Kansas City, MO.  But being I am on a pullman again I guess I will forget about him.  I met one of the kid out of Kansas City that was in my class and going to the same place as I am.  So that was company any how part time.  Now I think I should meet some more here.  

I ain't sure but I should.  I don't know much more to write so I think I will end for now.  I sure hope you made the trip back home OK with the tires, etc.  

So for now just to leave you know that I am OK and sure hope the same for every one at home with loads of love


July 15, 1943

Well here I am in the tent city and it is hotter than hell.  This sure does remind me of Texas.  They say it rains here every day.  I don't know how hot it is today but they said it was cool.  It is plenty hot for me.  I am so hot now that I can't hardly write.  Well we sure have got this place into a mess.  The other guys came here and we weren't here.  And they put us down as AWOL.  So we got that all fix up.

Well the way I hear we will be here in tent city for about a week and then go to our sqd.  We will be here for about 3 or 4 months the way they talk.  Then they say we will be sent to San Francisco, California.  That is where they send most of them from here.  As I told you that I thought I would land up in California.  But I am not sure yet about it.

Well we have mosquito bar to put over our bed.  The place where we are at is in a pine timber like.  This country sure has the timber land around here.  I didn't expect it to be like this.  The town here isn't so good.  It mainly got colored people in it.  And when anybody says they love to live down south they sure can't agree with me.  

Well I sure hate to end this so soon but I don't know much more to write except it is hot.  We don't have to work today but we got to tomorrow.  

I was talking to the kids and they couldn't get on the train at Denver and had to wait for the next one.  

My address is:

PFC Wesley Hochgraber
75th Adrm. Sqd. Attach.
Hunter Field, Georgia

July 16, 1945

Here it is Friday evening.  This morning we got up at 5:30 and ate and clean up.  We had egg and bacon for the meal but no milk.  Then at 7 we had to fall out for work call.  Well I went over to Hunter Field and helped unload a big semi of sheet then came back for dinner.

I don't remember if I mentioned it to you last night or not but my bags didn't get here with me.  Well at noon the one came width my OD in and suntan but the work clothes and that isn't here yet.  But one good thing and that was my shoes and I am wearing them.  

This morning we was called out for our service record but mine and another kid wasn't here.  But I know the reason min ain't here.  Because I didn't get them at Denver when I went away.  So I may stay here a little bit longer on kind of that.  

For dinner they had fish so (of course I didn't eat) I went to the PX and got a bottle of soda and a box of fig bars.  This afternoon we went and help clean up with it.  Somebody said it is 82 but I think it could be close to 100 in our tent.  Well I am on the outside of the tent tonight and it is not so bad.  Last night I sure had a hard time to sleep on the wool blanket.  

One think I forgot I weighed myself this afternoon when I was working in the salvage dept. and I think I gain a few (ounces or pounds).  I would never believe it but that is what that scale said.  

Well the way the thing look now I will have a good chance to be home on a furlough in several weeks.  Because very few have been in 6 months and I have nearly 10 months so I think I will have a very good chance.  But the hardest thing is to get out of this town.  The train service is bad as Laredo but here you can't even get on the train.  

Well I don't know how come I wrote this much but I did.  But I feel good and with loads of love to all the loved ones at home.  

We load 8 100 lb. bombs

July 17, 1943

Here it is Saturday evening.  I slept very good last night.  So I guess I am getting use to the weather. 

This morning I got up at 5:30 again and ate.  This morning I went up to be interview but no service records yet.  The other kid hasn't got his yet either.  So I guess we will stay behind the other ones.  But this is easy life so what do I care.  So I didn't do a thing but sit in the day room.  Then for dinner we had ham.  It sure was good.  That is one thing the food is good here.  This afternoon I fell out but they told 4 of us to wait under a tree till some truck picked us up.  Well no truck came so we didn't do anything.  I got in an hour of sleep on top of that.  

Well I got couple of letters today that hit Lowry Field on the 2nd of July.  One from Eleanora Ann and one from Carl Wand.  I wrote some post card this afternoon to Jack, Eleanor Ann, Mason, Albert.  The main thing was just a hello.  Well last night we had peaches and melons to eat.  Then later one kid got a gallon of pineapple out.  I was just wishing you could of had it.  Tonight one of the kids on KP got a water melon, 2 quarts of ice cream and a gallon of pears.  Not bad is it?  That one nice thing about KP.  Plenty to eat if you work it right.  But we work it right so we eat.  The way it looks we have watermelon for tomorrow (Sunday).  

I don't know much more to write about but am wafting to be assigned to my sqd and get home again.  I sure got the fever to come home again.  I don't think it will be long either.  The main thing is to get out of here.  As I said before I might fly home.  So I will sign off for this time on this because I can't tell until I hit my sqd.

From your son, Wes

July 18, 1943

Here it is Sunday.  Well we had to get up early again.  I thought maybe we wouldn't but they picked out some KP.  Well I didn't do nothing but picked up some paper.  Then I went back and laid down in the tent and the sgt. came by, so we took off so he couldn't find us.  This afternoon we went and ate.  We had ham and that for dinner but the only thing we ate a gallon of pears just before dinner.  And you take 4 of us eating a gallon of them made us pretty full.  But we ate anyhow.  Then we ate a watermelon just a few minutes ago.  We had a melon last night and we got one laying in the tent to have for tonight.  Not bad is it.  That makes 3 of them for us guys.  

Well I sure hope iI can get in a good sqd.  I don't think much of this airborne sqd but all I can say is hope and pray for the best.  I will get signed up to another sqd and it might be this one but can be many others.  So just as soon as I get my service record and they sign me up to a sqd, I will tell you which one and what I think of it.  But until then I can't say much because I don't know.  Well it is warm today again but I am getting use to it.  I am still wearing the same sun-tan.  My other bag didn't come in yet.  You can think what they look like?  Well I don't think I mentioned about the soil around here.  The ground is all covered with sand and we are 18 miles from the ocean.  That is one thing that I would love to see before I went away is the ocean and the coast.  

I am mailing all of these in the evening.  But I don't think they go out till next morning.  

July 19, 1943

Here it is Monday evening.  This morning I got up and fell out for classification but my service record hasn't came yet.  So I didn't do nothing this morning at all.  Then this afternoon I went and stood formation and the sgt said he wanted me to be a runner tonight from the orderly room.  So that is where I am at now spending my evening and the rest of the night.  But I don't think I will do much because it started to rain about 4:30 and has kept it up. So I will probably wake up the KP in the morn and that is about all.  Tomorrow I won't have to do anything so I am sure getting the good breaks on this end.  My service record or the barrack bag with my work clothes hasn't arrived yet.  But I will keep these on till then because I don't do no dirty work at all.  The bunch that came with us signed up to their sqd today except this one other kid.  And he was supposed to bring my service records with him but he forgot both of them so we sit together.  The ones that was signed today was put in several different sqd.  So I guess they will split us two up too.  But as I said before I made friends before and I can do it again.  And I really didn't have any real friends from the school anyhow.  So I won't lose anything.  I guess I will be here for a couple more days because it take couple days to get signed up after an interview and I haven't been interviewed yet.  

Well it is still raining and I don't know much more to write so I think I better end.  Don't worry about my money because it is holding out good.  There is no place where I can really spend it so I guess it will rotten in my pocketbook.  But just as soon as I get assigned I am putting in for a furlough and will spend it again.  The way it seems that I can get on pretty easy, because I will be in 10 months and no furlough yet.  


July 20, 1943

Well I received my barrack bag and everything is OK except the shoe shine box was smashed.  But it still was OK.  It was sure nice to get on a pair of work clothes and being they were so nice and clean.  It nearly seems impossible that I was home a week ago.  Well I sure wish I was home again.  After coming home now I want back again.  Before I went home I didn't mind it so much.  I didn't get any mail today and I will look for one tomorrow.  

I am working in the orderly room tonight as a runner.  It sure is a easy job.  If a call comes in for somebody then I got to hunt him up.  Last night I made 2 runs.  But it was raining that is what I didn't do much.  Tonight it is hot and I ad to make a few more runs.  But I get off tomorrow so what is the difference.  I sleep any how at night.  So the day is easy.  Well last night the kid that sleeps with me got a gallon of pineapple.  There was only the two of us, and we ate it.  The kids that got transferred out of here yesterday, some of them hit some hot sqd and a couple of them signed up for oversea duty and they only got a month here yet.  Then they will go across.  But Holland said the thought we belonged to his sqd and that is sitting here for awhile yet.  He said he thinks my mail went over there I guess I will go there and I am hoping it is a good sqd.  Who knows, I don't.  Well I sure wish I knew how you made it home.  If any of the tires went bad on you.

I sure wish I knew how to blow the bugle.  They haven't got a bugler here and I could have a lots of fun with it.  

It was hard sleeping last night and they kept me running all night.

July 21, 1943

I received a letter from you this afternoon and sure was glad to hear that you made the trip all right. 

Last night some body stole a large amount of money from every body that lives in tent city.  But I was working so they didn't get any from me.  The way I hear they got around 200 bucks.  So the person or persons made a good night earning but I sure pity him if they ever get him.  This morning I slept a little but not that much.  I had a tough night because there was lots of phone calls and fairly lots of running.  It sure was hot again today and I didn't get much sleep at all.  Well I have got my same old job yet tonight.  It cools off I maybe able to sleep other wise I don't think so.

I wrote a 6 page letter to Larry  tonight.  SO I will have to wait and see what kind he sends back to me.  Well I think this is pretty good mail service and I believe I will just write free.  But if it is too bad we can write air mail.  The reason it is so hot on kind of the moisture as you say.  The ground is damp and the hot sun.  It is worse than when we have a rain at home and the sun comes out.  I could stand it at home lots better than here.  

You mention it seems full without me around, well you should stand in my shoes for a second and see how dead it is to not being home and honey boy and that not to tease, etc. 

Well I will be in this tent city for a couple more days because I haven't been interviewed and until then no hope of getting out.  

The only trouble with the mattress and pillow is that they left them in the tent and they were push on the floor and that made them dirty.  So they just leave them there.  When I hit my sqd I will be given mattress cover and pillow cases but until then no hope.  But what I do now is sleep on the blanket with clothes on.  

With the clothes I haven't taken them out of my barrack bag.  I will leave them in there till I move.  Because they aren't wet and I don't think that will hurt them in there.  If i get them out they will get dirty.  I wanted to get my sun tan clean but I can't tell I hit my sqd.  They sure are dirty.  

They were real ones.  That they keep here at this magazine.  I guess in case of anything out of the coast they could load up in a hurry and take out after the enemy ship, etc.  They just brought them in and had to be unloaded off the car.  

July 22, 1943

Some of the kids just got in today from Tampa, Fla and I got this sheet to leave you put in the book if you want to.

Well I am working again in the orderly tonight.  Well I sure am getting enough fruit here.  I just got a couple peaches for tonight.  They sure are nice and big and good.  But one thing I can't understand we don't have a bit of milk.  They had it one morning that I didn't eat.  We have all the butter we want but no milk.  I bought some ice cream from the PX and I didn't like it at all.  Taste like powder.  This morning they telegrammed for our service records.  So I guess I will move out in couple more days.  I met up with one of the kids from Buckley field that took pursuit armament and he had been here a month already.  Well they say that they may take the free mail away from us now because it is being used by more than just the army personal.  So from now on you will have to put my serial numbers on.  I don't want to figure on the furlough too strong but I am going to try just the same.  

July 23, 1943

Well this morning I got off of duty at 7:30 and we had a good rain about 5 and it was nice and cool so I had a good sleep all morning.  I did not eat any dinner because we had fish and I bought a candy bar instead.  Then this afternoon we went under the tree again and I slept till 4:15 PM.  Tonight we went and got 2 dozen of oranges for four of us to eat.  Well I got one left.  Then I went over to the other field.  When we came bac somebody tore our tent up.  They turned over our bed and everything.  But it was couple of the kids that done it. 

You can't send any clothes to the dry cleaners.  The only way is GI laundry.  Well that is too hard for the sun tan so I am just going to wash them myself.  I am a man of experience on that work.  I left the armor emblem on m sleeve.  I don't think I will take it off.  

Well I haven't been on KP and I won't go on till they assign me to a sqd because I am playing off and you can get out of it too easy.  So I am deeping out of work.  (And I don't mean maybe).  My buddy and I are the oldest in this tent city on account of our service record and we know all the get away.  Well I am not working at the orderly room tonight.  Tomorrow morn I am getting up early with my buddy and taking out.  I think I am going to try and go to town Sunday.  It isn't much because they don't think much of us in the arm forces.  They got too many ship building places around here and the prices are high and the army personal can't afford it.  Well we had a bunch of bugs in our tent so we build a fire inside of it.  So no all the bugs are out.  Everybody thought the tent was on fire.  But we will try anything once.  

July 24, 1943

Here it is Saturday evening.  This morning I got up about 8 and didn't do a thing.  When they came around to wake us up I put my work shirt over my face and sgt couldn't see me when he passed on account of the mosquito netting over the bed.  Well then I went to mail call but I didn't get any.  Well this afternoon I wanted to do a little work for a change so I fell out.  Then I went down town to unload a car load of beef.  Hind quarters and front.  We got back about 3 or 3:30 PM and I went under the tree and went to sleep.  Well then the kid that sleep with me woke me up at 4:30.  Then we wash and ate.  I went over after mail and got the one from home and one from Eleanor Ann.  Then they had a USO show at the camp theater and my buddy and I went over to that.  It was a stage show and very good.  It was more on the comedy line.  It is a bunch that travels from camp to camp.  Well anyhow it was good and worth while seeing.  I think my buddy and I are going to try and go to the beach tomorrow.  I don't know if we can get a pass or not but we are going to try.  

Last night a bunch more money was stolen from this tent city.  But they didn't get any of mine yet.  And I sure hope he doesn't.  If he does and I get a chance I might get a little of him. 

I wasn't worried about my barrack bag because it was insured for fifty dollars and it had all the poor stuff in it and I could easily replace it for that amount.  

In Eleanor Ann she mentioned that Carl was in Africa now.  So I guess he won't have it as easy as he did have it.  I think they are going to hit again hard some place and England is not bombed as much as it use to be.  It is quieted down and the other country got too much to watch that they are losing now.  She said they had just enough water to drink and nothing else.  They can't even was their clothes.  That sure must be terrible but it is war and as they say "war is hell". 

She mentioned about having 7 1/2 hours yet to be 14 years old.  I wish I knew it ahead of time.  I would of sent her a card anyhow.

I don't know yet what I am going to do tomorrow but the bugs are biting pretty hard and it is 10:45 PM so I will close for tonight with all the love to the dear ones at home.  

July 25, 1943

This morning I got up at about 9:30 and then it started to rain so we did not go to the beach.  So all we did was stay around the tent.  I didn't get any mail this morning and we didn't have any mail call this afternoon so no mail for me today.  But I think I will get one tomorrow morning that was supposed to get here this afternoon and my regular one tomorrow afternoon. 

Well I was in the day room a little while tonight and I heard about that mush face over in Italy resigning his job.  As the announcer said 1 down and 2 more to go.  I wonder what will happen to him now. 

Here it is Monday and our service records were not here this morning and he said that if he didn't get any within 2 or 3 more days he was going to assign us to a sqd with a sub form so we could get paid the 10th of next month.  But if I had to say so I would just stay here because I don't feel like working any more.  But I don't have the say so I guess we will down what he tells us to do.  

Last night we got another dozen of oranges and we ate couple last night and the rest of them this morning.  I think we are going to miss something when we leave here and how.

The sun is shining now but it is a bit cloudy and I think it will rain before the day is over.

Yesterday I rip my work clothes in the seat and on the other knee that you fixed.  So I had to dig in my barrack bag and get my sewing outfit.  Then I found that thing that tell the directions.  I wanted to leave that at home and V could fix it on the car.  Because I can't use it here.  

I was my sun tan cap yesterday and it came out good.  This afternoon if I got any ambition I will wash my suntan.  Then I got to was a pair of these work clothes, soon because they are getting pretty dirty.  

Yesterday afternoon I set out in the sun a few minutes and got a pretty good sunburn on my back.  But I put that Hinds cream on it and it feels good this morning.  I am going to buy me a pair of swimming trunks so I can go out on the beach and really get a tan (or burn) I think this climate down there should be good for a tan and I can't see why I can't get one.  This kid that is with me got a camera so we are going to take a couple rolls of picture of this tent city and you can see what kind of place this is.  

It just started to rain again so I guess I won't do nothing this afternoon.  The rain sure come up in a hurry.  

I sure would of liked to seen them fire engines after they went into the tar.  I bet it was a nice mess and I bet a lots was said too.

July 26, 1943

Here it is Monday evening.  I am working tonight at the orderly room again as a night runner.  I got a helper tonight so I don't think I will do so much tonight.  As I told you this morn it rained and this afternoon it did too and it sure got hot and I do mean hot.  The mess hall got another load of melons so we got one for tonight to eat.  

This town is Savannah and the camp is just on the outer edge of town.  It is a fairly large place but all the black people (60%) I hat to get in a fight down here over the color such as Detroit, Michigan.  The have a camp near here that has 30,000 negros in it.  And I believe they could make us white people like it down here.

Well this is a poor letter but it is a hello.  It looks like rain now here.  It is lightning a little but not that much.  When it does rain it doesn't blow much but it is bad enough.  Once the other night we had a heavy lightning and the wind blew but was really the only time it was bad.  

I was listening to the radio and if things keep up way they are going now something is going to pop.  As the announcer said to night he wouldn't be a bit surprised if Hitler don't try to pull out.   

July 27, 1043

Here it is Tuesday evening and our service record didn't come in yet.  So I don't know what the sgt will do in the morn.  He might put us in a sqd and we may stay here another day.  Well last night I did a little more work that ordinary.  This morning there was a8 big trucks came in from Miami, Florida and heading for New York.  They tried to get some place to sleep but they couldn't so they came out to camp.  You know I got the truck driving fever again and I believe I will try and get in the motor pool.  I will have to go to school for 5 more weeks but I am going to have to march a whole lots and if I drive a truck or jeep I can get out of all of that.  And I am getting tired of sitting around here and I hook already so i will still have my armor and if I could drive a truck to I may have it a lot easier.  I still want to try and go to advance turret.  I don't think I will be able to go but I am going to try.  I am going to try for driving and I know I can do it but it is the idea to make them leave you try it and prove it.  

I was out in the sun a sort time to day and sure got a good burn out of it.  I washed my work clothes out this afternoon, the one you patched.  I had to sew up the other knee and the behind.  Well when I was washing it I seen another hold in the behind.  So just as soon as I get assign I think I will try and turn them in for salvage. 

I am not working tonight, todays and not tomorrow morning either.  Well, I sure don't feel like going to town because there is nothing in town to go for.  One thing sure I had it too nice in Denver.  That was one thing Denver was a real town for soldiers.  But I guess a person can't always have them good things.  Well this sure is the ass hole down here.  All I can say is that we sure was lucky to get that delay in route.  Because they cut that out all together now.  

We just got a bunch of men in that failed to pass a P.O.E. (port of embarkation) That is where they are given their final exam before they go across and these kids said it sure was tough to pass.  

Now listen just because I mention about going across can't be soon until I get in a sqd.  So just as soon as I get in a sqd I can tell you if it a not one or not and how soon I think it will go over.  So until then don't worry about this at all.  I hear today that we may b able to learn to swim if we want to here.  If we can I am.  So I will tell you more about it later.  That is a latrine rumor so far but I think it would be a good idea.  

I am going to buy a pair of swimming trunks here so I can go to the beach.  Say what would you buy to protect your self from a good sunburn. Because if I go to the beach I sure will get burned.  So if I had something to put on my skin it may help it out a whole lots.  

July 28, 1943

10 months today I sign up

Here it is Wednesday and just a little after dinner.  This morning I got up at 10:15 and then I cleaned up and came back and wrote a short letter to Howard.  

This morning it has been cloudy all day so far and is sprinkling a small bit when I cam out of the mess hall.  Last night I was talking to a man named Ensley from Buckley field.  We was talking about the different sqd that are on the field.  He is in a fairly hot one and the way he hear that they are leaving around the first of the year.  He said that they ask for all the guys that was in over 10 months to put in for his furlough.  So again I say I will be home again before long.  They are on their 4th week of basic training again.  They had it once but they are taking it all over again.  So that is one reason that I would love to get in the motor pool.

I think I would get a better break all the way around.  And I think I would get lots better rating in motor pool.  Because we have been hooked already on our rating in here.  This afternoon I decided to fall out and do a bit of work.  Well I hit on of them old jobs.  We had to unload a car full of crush rock.  I took off my shirt and should see my shoulders.  Are they sunburn and burned.  I didn't mid you opening the letter but I hope he didn't say something that wasn't nice.  

I am glad that you got the cap and belt ok and may be I can wear it when I come home on a furlough because if I don't get assigned pretty soon it will be soon the winter season.  

Well it is 6:15 and I want to go to a show tonight to pass the time so I think I will close with loads of love.  

July 29, 1943

This morning I got up at 10 and I went and ate.  Then got the letter that Bill sent.  That was a pretty good picture on the end.  I guess some on in camp made it up and being he is in the office I guess he got one.  

This afternoon they made 2 new sqd up so if I get in one of these it will be a couple months for sure.  Because these sqd just started up and it take awhile to get them started.  But I can't tell you until I get into one.  

In the morning I guess we will go up and get assigned anyhow without our service record.  We have been here 2 weeks today and I can say one thing for sure I didn't do no $27 worth of work.  But I think they will make it up when I get in a sqd I hate to get in a sqd but if I stay here the more softer I am getting.  And I will really feel the work.

You mention about milk down here is impossible to get.  The milk comes in cardboard boxes.  I don't know where they get the milk but one sure thing they must not get very much.  The other morning I ate breakfast and we got actually 1/3 of a cup.  One mouth full. So I don't get up anymore to eat.  It isn't worth it.  

Didn't I tell you that we had mosquitoes down here?  The other night a mosquito landed on the runway and they put 200 gal of gasoline in it before they know it was a mosquito.  The last night they came and landed on my buddy and they were deciding whether to take him to the point or eat him here.  So finally they said if they took him down to the pond the big one would eat him.  But that time it was time to get up.  The mosquitoes are sure big.  I am sending you back of Bills.  Put it in your book if you want to or else throw it away.  

July 30, 1943

Here it is Friday evening.  This morning the sgt seen me in my bed so I had to get up early at 7:30.  Then my buddy and I see the sgt with our service records.  But he did not have them yet so he told us to report to Hq. at 1 PM.  Well this afternoon we went over there.  We looked at the telegram that Lowry field sent back and they said they didn't have our record and that mine and my buddy was signed out by Kissenger.  We never heard of the name before.  We don't know if they misspelled it or not.  But it meant Kesinger the kid with me (my buddy).  Then in the morning we got to meet him again and I don't know how we will come out.  He sent another telegram to day.  When we came back I washed out a pair of suntan and they sure were dirty.  I was going to have them done for 25 cents but he couldn't iron them so I done it myself.  I washed them and they dried and I tried to keep the wrinkles out of them and they are dam good.  Tonight I wore them to the show.  We didn't have much to do so we decided to go to the new show building.  The other one are so full you got to wait and he's before you can get in.  But this one we walk right in and it is the same show as the other one.  You mention about the peaches down here.  Well they are 7 to 8 bucks a bussel so they are high all round.  The mail coming on this end is prefect and I can't understand why you shouldn't get a letter from me in 2 days because I send one out every day.  I get mine every afternoon.  The only old gang with me is the one kid with his service records gone.  He is the one that lost them.  I don't think I will see the sgt this morn and so far I haven't been assigned.  

Last night we sure had a good rain storm.  It rained nearly all night.  The sun isn't out yet but I don't thank it will be long.  

July 31, 1943

Here it is Saturday evening.  Well we were going into town and then decided we better stay in camp so we did and went to another show.  These last couple days I have spent more money than the whole rest of the time I have been here.  I bought a new belt because this weather down here wrecked the other one.  Then I bought 2 t shirts with Hunter Field on it.  I could only get the small size 32 but I guess it will fit Ted.  Then I bought a bottle of cleaning stull.  I had a few spots on the pants so I had to try something.  

Well I don't care much about going into town but I guess I will make one trip anyhow.  A kid just moved into our barracks which lives in Savannah and is on limited service.  He said he would take us in sometime and take us around.  He wanted us to come in tomorrow but I don't think we will go.  He broke his neck in the army taking exercises and now they sent hi back here to stay at this camp.  I sure think he got a good break to come to his home town.  He is a very nice kid and for being with his neck you can't tell it was ever broke.  But one thing sure if this was a good town I sure would have been in by this time.

Well this morning the sgt came over and he took our name, etc. and said he was going to try and classify us with what we told him.  I think he will put us in a sqd with that much information.  Then if the records doesn't come we will have to take all our test over again and a new one made up.  I am going in on truck driving if I can because I think I was hooked out of my rating and I think I can do just as good in driving.  This morning to get out of detail I fell out with my suntan on so I didn't do any work.  So I keep them on till about 2 then put my work clothes and I did not do anything much today. 

That sure is something about GD walking out again.  What they should do is walk out once then put them in the army.  Meet them at the gate with a uniform.  That would show the whole business something.  You mentioned about black out in Georgia.  They have not any here yet.  But you want to remember we are 18 miles from the coast.  But to tell you how many cars are on the street at night I don't know because I haven't been there yet.  One thing all the head knights are painted half black here.  Even the army trucks are.  And for gas as what I hear they are taught here.  

You mention about some pictures of tent city.  Well we got one roll taken and I think I will try and take some more tomorrow.  If these ones turn out good we got a 1000lb bomb in one but without its fins on it but you can still see the size of it.  I was wishing I could of stood up by it but that was too much of a chance.  This one kid that lives in the tent that lives in Savannah took them in tonight.  So I get 1 print for me and 1 for Kensingen.  We got one of the mess hall end couple other ones.  

Tent city

1000 pound bomb without its fins

Mess Hall

A bunch of men sent away on furlough for 15 days.  I sure was wishing that I could do the same.  I still got the fever to fly home and they said it only cost you 5 cents a mile and I don't think that is bad at all.

Today has sure been hot.  I don't see how it could be but it just is.  But I guess I will make it.  I want to get a thermometer so I could tell how hot it is but I haven't been in town yet so maybe it is better I can't tell.

Talking about being hot you know that shoe polish.  Well that is all melted into liquid, so you know it is fairly warm.  I wanted to shine my shoes and I can't because the stuff won't stay on your shoes.  So I wait till evening when it cool (ha-ha) then I can half way shine them.  They say paper shell pecans are plentiful here.  

August 1, 1943

Here it is Sunday evening.  We got up this morning and had to go out for formation.  Well they picked out some MP and garbage detail but the sgt looked at me and that was all.  He didn't give me no work at all.  So then I came back to the tent and laid down.  Well then about 10 I decided I would go and try and get a pass.  I was thinking it would be too late but I decided I would try any how.  I did not get any because nobody was there to sign them.  So I ate and went to mail call.  I got a letter from Eleanor Ann but that was all.  She mentioned about Carl again.  One letter he was in Africa and then another one in the Middle East.  So he must be getting moved around enough.  She was talking about Larry being out on the rifle range for a week.  He only ate 2 breakfasts, 3 dinners and no suppers because it was too hot and besides it was too hot and besides he couldn't keep it down.  His knee hasn't hurt him since.  He sent a picture home and she said he sure lost some weight.  This afternoon I cleaned up and washed out a pair of shorts and a Hankie.  Then I patched a pair of my work pants again.  I had a hole in the behind and in the knee.  You mentioned that you wish that you could do my patching well don't think for once that I don't.  Tonight we got 10 oranges and 2 muskmelons (heart of gold).  The weather wasn't so bad today but it was still warm.  Tonight I hope it will be nice sleeping.  

I sure miss my radio but I don't want any down here because it wouldn't last long.  The dampness would wreck the outside cover and anybody could get it out of a tent easy.  My back peeled today and now it is sore.  So I am going to watch it close now.  

August 2, 1943

Here it is Monday evening, and I am a bit tired because today I had KP.  I don't know how come I got it but I think I was lucky enough to stay away from it the long.  Well I was on pots and pans.  But they paid for it because I got two cantaloupes and 30 oranges.

When I get in a sqd I will be in it and I will go across just the same time as if I was a armor.  The idea is the whole sqd pulls out at the same time.  We would be sent to P.O.E.  That is where I would received my last exam before I went across.  If I can't pass the exam then I will be sent back some place in the USA.  But if I pass it and they don't fund nothing wrong with me then I will go with sqd.  

I think I will end for tonight because I worked for a change today and I feel it.  I am still unassigned.  

August 3, 1943

Well here it is Tuesday evening and what do you suppose I did today.  (Guard duty)  And that is a laugh.  I think it is anyhow.  You know I talk about so much stealing going on here well they finally done something to help it out.  We work 2 hours on and 4 hours off for 24 hours then I don't know what will happen.  So I get off at 1 PM tomorrow that is when my 24 hours is over.  I don't know if I go on for another 24 hours or not.  But that isn't bad.  

This morning I got up at 7:30 and went to formation.  I was giving the job to clean the fire room and keep the fire going.  It si only a small floor and concrete on top of that so all I done was put the hose to it.  Then at noon we fell out again and no shipping order so maybe I will be here 3 weeks yet.  I am glad to hear that you was able to see the Aerial Gunner picture.  I sure wish I could see it some time.  That sure was a pretty camp and I don't mean maybe.  

Well with a truck you think it would be dangerous well I just as soon drive it as set behind and don't have nothing to hold to.  Driving in blackouts, well if you get in a wreck it couldn't be any worse than in the cab.  As I said before when you get in a sqd you would go the same time with all of them.  Because the sqd always stays together.  I don't know yet but I am going to try for advanced turret.  Some of the kid want to go across so they sign up and they will go across much sooner.  That is what a couple of the kids did in our bunch of ten.  But I will wait till they take me overseas.

Well I found out last night or yesterday why we don't get any more milk or why we never did.  It is shipped in here from New Jersey from the Bowen Milk Co.  The only ones really get it is officers.  It is shipped in cardboard boxes.  The only thing we get to drink is ice water and imitation drink such as orange or grape.  

Being they put me on guard duty Kensinger went into town after the pictures.  I don't know if he will get them or not but I am hoping so.  

I go on duty at 11 PM and get off at 1 AM only 2 hours.  I don't like it that way but nothing much you can do about it.  Then I go on at 5 AM again to 7 AM then from 11 AM to 1 PM tomorrow morning.  It doesn't give you enough time to sleep.  But on the post where I am at is another kid so I won't be bit surprised if one of us don't go to sleep while the other one watches.  We are just by the mess hall.  I can't see what they need us but if is the idea some Lt. got in his head so we privates got to suffer from it.  

That one small clipping which said we would be home for Christmas I sure hope is the truth.  Too soon wouldn't be any too soon for me.  I will by that time have a good year of my life wasted and the best part of it.  And I don't mean maybe the best part of it was wasted.

The way the new just came over the radio that Sicily is nearly over.  Then they said about the 9th bombing out of 10 days on Hamburg, Germany.

August 4, 1943

It has been 10 months today since I said "I Do" I don't know where all the time went to but it has gone some place.

I was on guard duty all day.  2 hours on and 4 hours off and doing the same thing tonight.  It sure is hard to keep awake but I guess we will make it.  This duty doesn't amount to anything, but I guess there is too many in tent city and they got to find us some kind of a job.  But we can sit under the tree all the time so I haven't a think to kick about.  I go on at 11 PM again so I want to get this done by that time.  We got off a 7 PM and went to the show again to pass away the time.  I think it would been better if I would have tried to sleep but it was too hot.  

Kensinger went into town last night for them picture but he couldn't find any.  So I don't know what we will do.  The kid that took them moved to another sqd and we don't know where he is at.  But we will get them somehow sooner or later.  

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks that I have been here in tent city.  If I knew what I didn't know and you were closer to me and I had the car I would come home.  And wait till they caught up with me.  But they haven't found them yet.  I do think us two will stay together.  You mention about this fight down here, well I thought I mentioned it in one letter buy may be I never.  Anyhow the way I hear is 33 dead.  Most of them were black.  I think there was 7 white.  They had all the guns out at this camp for action.  I would have probably been in that.  I will tell you one thing with me on the end and a full gun, and I think there is too many blacks over here in this town.  Anyone that would have cross my path would have been dead to the world and I mean DEAD.  That would really be something down here with a fight.  

I went out in the sun again today and got sunburn on my shoulder so I put that stuff on before I went out and when I came back in.  So I will tell you of it if it is any good.  But I am going to get half burned or half brown.  

August 5, 1943

Here it is Thursday evening.  I am going to make this short to night because I am finally in my squadron.  It is the coldest on the field.  It is a new sqd that jsut started up.  It isn't even a week old.  So I will be here for a good a couple and probably couple months more.  The way the C.O. (comanding officer) said we would be here this year yet easy.  They have not done a thing.  Just starting out.  It is nearly 10 AM.  I wanted to go to a show so I still want you to know that I moved.  

We are living in barracks.  I would sooner live in TENT.

I will write more tomorrow when I get more time.  So until then still thinking of everyone and just another day closer to seeing all of you.

P.F.C. Wesley Hochgraber
93 Adrm Sqd.
Hunter Field
Savannah, Georgia

August 6, 1943

Here it is Friday 12:45 noon and I want to start this letter anyhow and will finish it later this evening.  I sent that one letter off by airmail this morning.  I found the stamp in my glasses case.  The only one I had.  I am going to walk over to tent city every night so I can get the mail because it will only take couple days and it will start to come here.  Because it doesn't take long.  I will wait till I get them from home over here then I won't go over there anymore.  I don't know if I got this straight to you or not but I am waiting till you get my airmail letter than you sent it back.  It will take about 4 days.  

This morning we got up at 5:50 AM and went and ate.  Now since I am in a sqd and I go out and drill every morning I got to eat in the morning.  When I was in tent city I didn't do no work so I didn't eat.  

We went out at around 8 AM and started drilling and exercises then came in about 11:30 AM.  IT was not so bad but then we ate and then went out to play ball in the afternoon.  I sure got my face sunburned and how.  My face sure does hurt.  I don't know what I will do in the morning maybe go on sick call.  Maybe I can get out of detail for a week or so.  But then I decided I may go out tomorrow and go on sick call the next day.  But I sure am using that tube of NorPex that you sent me.  It is keeping my back soft anyhow.  Otherwise it would crack up and peel.  My face is so sore that it hurts me to even rub in on.  

Well I put in for a furlough that last of this month.  I don't know if I will get it or not but I will try anyhow.  So you will or I will wait a week or so and see if I can get it.  There are quite a few ahead of me for one so I don't look for one this soon.  But if I could get one this soon I could get out of this weather anyhow for a couple weeks.  Then in September I hope it would be turning the other way.  But don't mention this furlough to anybody because you know how many times I have been disappointed in Laredo.  

You mention about taking all the shots over.  Weill that is one thing I don't have to worry about because I got that slip in my pocketbook.  Well the excuse is that they didn't just show up.  I don't think he lost them on purpose.  

The work in this sqd isn't so bad so far but I wanted to get home and keep away from couple weeks of this hot weather.  It sure wears a person out to drill all morning.  But I guess we will get use to it sometime.  But now if I go into truck driving I will stay until it pulls out.  Because this is a sqd now and the while bunch will go across the same time.  I am not going to say much until I see about my furlough.  But you are wrong about that few weeks and then across.  Because this is a new sqd and it is going to be a few months before we will even think about moving.  The C.O. said we would be here for Xmas easy.  And may be after that for couple months.  They are lots other sqd that will leave before us.  

You mention about getting a letter from Larry - Well I got one too and about the same things.  He mentioned about 10 mile hikes.  Well I believe that but we have some sqd hear that go on 15 mile hikes every day.  And they are planning on a 25 mile hike.  They carry a pack but not that full.  Well I wouldn't take this for a 100 bucks either because I could make more than that in civilian life and not even do the hard work.  

But this is war so you do it for 50 buck a month.  When he mention about losing 26 lbs in 21 day you know a person can't do that and still keep on going because that is too fast on losing weight.  Well everybody go their oversea stuff but that isn't the sign that you care going across right away.  I had some of the same feeling but I changed my mind already because I know better.  But he will go into a place and straighten it out after it is attacked by plane and the marines and he may be in the front lines too.  Well they sure put you into a test.  But just as soon as I don't feel good don't work nobody going to make me work.  I am going to take care of myself and I am going to do a good job.  

You mention about hair cut.  That is one thing that they keep and pretty good watch on.  You can't even get paid if you need a haircut.  They sure watch them.  Well when we go to a barber shop which ever sqd got they sure try to rob you.  The cut your hair and you only tell them a hair out but then they wash your hair before you know it then put tonic on in about 15 minutes.  Then they say one buck and 40 cents please.  I set in a chair and told them right straight out that I only want a hair cut.  Well it only took 4 minutes and 40 cents please.  They sure do like your money and then when they do out it, it isn't any too short.  

That sure was a mess in St. Louis.  I bet there will be a bit FBI inspector on that and somebody will get into trouble.  

Here it is 9 PM and I think by the time I get my skin all fired up it will be time to go to bed.  I think I will go and se how much a plane ride wil cost me.  I heard 5 cents a mile.  So maybe I can ride home for 40 bucks.  And fly as far as St. Louis.  I sign the payroll tomorrow and get paid the 10th I think.  

You mention about the temperature being so hot.  Well 99 isn't very cool.  It is just 8 PM now and I read this letter over and so I seen a thermometer on the wall of the barrack so I decided to see how hot it is in the barrack.  Well them things only go to 90 and she was red all the way up.  So I know it is good 90 and how much above I don't know.  But it is hot.  

You mention about Ralph S. getting that bunch of woolen underware.  Well everybody gets that.  I am even going to get that myself.  You should have seen the stuff they issued to me yesterday.  The list that they made out would like I never had any before.  

August 18, 1943

Here it is Sunday evening and I don't want to write so much because they me on KP at 4:30 AM this morning.  I didn't know I was on KP until they woke me up.  I sure did not feel like going on but I had to.  I t was easy but I am not used to work so it got me down a little.  

I got off at 5:45 PM and Then I cleaned up and I decided to go the show.  So I went there.  I was going to service club to write but I didn't feel like it so that the way she went.  

I was going to do all my writing today but KP fixed that up.  I got a letter from Jr. Waverying today.  So I am ending tonight so I can get a good nights sleep and start out in the morning again all new.  I know this is a poor letter but the main idea is that I am fine and will make it up tomorrow with loads of love.  


August 9, 1943

It sure is hot.  I am in the bed and with water is just running off me.  Well I went over to the service club a few minutes and I wrote a letter to Mason and I sure told him what I think.  See if I will get an answer.  

Then I wrote to Carl Want and Eleanor Ann.  I just received another letter from her today.  To start off with I think I will start with this morning.  I got up at 5:50 and ate.  At 7:30 fell out and went to take exercises.  Then about 9:30 they wanted a couple guys to shovel and so I thought that was easier to do than exercises so I shoveled sand.  Then about 10 the 1st sgt asked me to clean his room in his new barrack.  So I got some soap and work hard on that room.  Well he came over and asked me if I had in for a furlough.  Well I told him I did.  He asked me what my name was and I told him so I think I am sure of it now.  But I think it will be around the 19th or 20th.  But anyhow just so I can get the 15 day is all I want.  But I was planning on the good job so he would give me a favor sometime.  So if he gives me this I will be well satisfied.  He wanted to pay me but I am not going to take any money.  Then I am going to hit him for truck driving.  Now listen I couldn't sign the pay roll this time becuase my name was not on it.  So would you send me a couple dollars so if I get caught off handed maybe before the 19th.  I will have enough money to buy my train fare.  I have 17 bucks left out of that 30 that I came here with.  So just put couple dollars in a letter.  

August 10, 1943

Here it is Tuesday evening.  Well today I moved in a new barrack again and I think we will stay here for the whole time being here.  My buddy and I got up stairs in a barrack and in one cornier with a window on both sides.  Well I went to another show again tonight and here it is pretty late.  

August 11, 1943

This morning I got up at 5:45 and stood roll call at 6 AM and then dismissed.  It seems like a bunch of nonsense but it is the army.  The main thing is that it is dark and was can go out half dressed.  Then we eat about 7 and then at 7:30 go out for exercises and we take them till 9 AM Then from 9 to 11:30 we have drill.  It sure is tough to get use to it.  

This morning we didn't have out bed made so good so the 1st sgt came after us and we had to clan our bed up and GI the barrack.  He said the next time we were going to be restricted to camp for a week.  Well that couldn't be so bad because it has been 4 weeks and I never went to town yet.  Well then after that we had to clean up our new orderly room.  The other sqd moved out.  Well then they wanted about 6 persons to go to sub depot to work.  So I didn't feel like washing well anymore so I went on that detail.  We got into some heavy work.  We had some iron wagon to unload.  They only weigh 1250 lb a piece and were created up.  But we got all fixed up and I didn't hurt myself because I am watching myself on lifting.  We got them unloaded fairly early in fact we only hauled 3 of them this morning and then 2 after dinner.  Instead on coming back to our sqd right after we finished that we went to the bowling alley and stayed till 3 PM.  We came back and they were moving again.  So then we had to move in a new barrack.  But we got a good place again upstairs and right in a corner and the breeze is really coming in.  It sure feel nice.  

But the only way we got this was that Kensinger went and put a blanket on the bed right away and that saved them for us.  It sure is nice in the barrack.  So I am hoping this is the last time we got to move.  

My head is starting to sun burn again.  I have not been out in that much sun but it is burning again.  So tonight when I shave I put a coat of that stuff again and powder my face good.  Don't worry I am watching out for myself and I don't mean maybe.  The GIs hit me today and if no better in the morning I am not going out because I had to get stuck out in the middle of the drill field.  

Tonight the WAAC is celebrating their 1 year service.  They are having a free feed and beer.  

I should be leaving around a week for my furlough.  I don't know yet if I will get it or not but I can tell you by next Monday.  Anyhow I am hoping I can get one.  

You mention about Florence boy friend that she writes to.  The thing that probably happened is that they did not need them there any more and maybe nothing was going on and they needed them some place else and they just moved them.  Remember the government does some funny things once in a while.  Remember there are lots of troops across that are just laying around waiting for action.  They were put there just in case the enemy does try something there.  They play safe and try and beat the enemy to the jump.  One of the sqd that went from this field say they got a better time over there then they had in Savannah.  This one kid buddy is in that sqd and has been there for nearly a year.  So every place is in danger.  

August 13, 1943

Here it is Friday the 13th.  I never wrote home yesterday because you wouldn't get it till the time this letter came.  Yesterday got up at 5:45 and answer roll call at 6 and then came back and clean the barrack and ate at 6:30.  Then at 7:15 we fell out and was put on the mess hall detail.  The other sqd left and we took everything over.  We are painting the mess hall, etc. and really making it look nice.  We are painting the orderly room and day room.  In the afternoon I got hooked in the same detail.  I didn't work so hard in the afternoon.  I turned in a pair of my shoes to fix them up.  Then it rained and I signed up to go out to the beach so I went over to the main PX to buy me a pair of swimming trunks.  Well Kensinger and I got over there and the clothing dept. was closed up so then we decided to go to the show.  It was raining but I put on my liner helmet and raincoat and rolled up my paints so what could get wet.  We seen the picture Dixie.  By the time we got back I was tired so I decided to go to bed.  About 1 AM they had a practice air raid alarm.  It lasted for nearly 2 hrs and I could not sleep so I got up and watch the big light that was on the coast.  They had 3 planes flying around they would follow them with the light.  They had the alarm and then gave the safety signal.  Then in a few minutes they put the alarm again.  So then I woke up again.  Those lights sure are bright.  And they really go high in the air.  

You mention about B.B. having them blisters on her back.  If she had any bigger ones than what I had she had to go some.  You should have seen my back and felt it.  It sure was a MESS.

A C.D.D. is a certified disability discharge.  Now today we got up the same time as always.  Then we went out and they ask for somebody to go over to the motor pool to do some greasing.  Well I would sooner do that then drill.  Then we came back and ate.  This afternoon we went over to the motor pool again.  I had a tire to change on a station wagon and it was the hardest one I ever seen.  I didn't get the thing changed I took the jeep and run on the tire and everything trying to break it loose.  But I couldn't do it.  I put the tire on block and put a jack under the frunt bumper and I lifted the front end off the ground.  So I rolled it in the tent and didn't finish it.  It sure did rain this afternoon again and we couldn't go on the beach convoy.  They said we would go tomorrow.  They put up the list and only one half could go tomorrow so now I am hook out of it.  

Today for the first time we had all the milk we could drink for all the three meals.  I don' t know what is wrong but they said they had too much on had and they had to hand it out.  Well I sure had my share of it.  

August 14, 1943

Well here it is Saturday evening and I just got back from the service club and decided to write before I went to bed.  

This morning we got up the same and went with the same roll call and then we had our regular Saturday inspection.  Then after the inspection I was supposed to go back to the motor pool but I got a notice out of the orderly room that Kensinger and I report to the Hq for classification.  

So we went and found out that they never got our service records yet.  So then we came back to the orderly room and made out a temporary one.  They are signed out for with Kensinger name at Lowry and the notice said he should be interviewed.  They are sending to Washington, DC to get a copy of our record and then send a record back to each one of the field that we were at.  So it will take a month to get everything settled up.  I won't get a furlough until the records are found and no pay.  I don't know but I think I may be able to get my furlough anyhow but I won't get it by the 18th.

Well I think I will end for now because I got to get to bed so I can get up early.  I got to work tomorrow again in the orderly room so if I got it easy I will write you a nice long letter.  

August 15, 1943

Here it is Sunday evening.  This morning I had to clean up the orderly room and then I was off.  We had to get up the same time as always and that sure made me mad.  I think that our sqd is getting the worse hooked out of them all.  The rest of the sqd get Sun. off and we don't.  The commanding officer that we got has been in the CCC for 5 years and he still got the same ideas.  But we can't do anything about it.  Well I was going out to the beach but I didn't feel like it so I stayed in camp.  Kensinger went by himself.  I didn't have no swimming trunks so I thought Maybe I couldn't rent any out there.  So I got to buy some before this Friday.  About 3:30 this afternoon we got another big rain storm.  It sure did rain.  The beach convoy was supposed to be in by 6 but I guess the rain stop them on the road someplace.  After the rain came up I was glad I did not go.  I decided to come over to their service club to write this.  

I don't know what I will do about that plane ride.  Just forget about that because if I can get a seat on a plane I will borrow some money somehow to make the difference up.  So when I get my furlough I am only buying my ticket to St. Louis then I will telegram ahead or something for you to meet me there.  Don't worry how I will get home just worry when I will get my furlough.  

You know how a person always talks about the Jew and that not fighting on the other side.  Well since I have been in this camp and every Jew is on limited service.  This is the first place that I noticed it so much but that is the truth.  I doubt if there are many overseas.  If there is any it will be a very few and I do mean a few.  

August 16, 1943

Well here it is Monday evening and feeling the best that anybody could.  And sure hope everyone at home is the same way.  

I just read on the bulletin board that I could get my furlough on the 20th.  So I figured up my money and I only had 27 bucks.  I spent couple bucks since I wrote the last letter.  I got the 12 bucks you sent me.  I wanted to buy a few things before I left here so I need some money and I got to eat a whole day on the train so I decided I better telegram for some money.

I don't want you to spread it all around because lots of things can happen yet.  So just keep it quiet.  I will try and be home on the Saturday noon.  It might be Sunday.  Wait and see.  Listen when i go down at the station I may not be able to ride the train the way you picked it out.  So it may take me a lots longer.  So don't pay much attention and I will call you when I hit.  It may be on the hook that way but it sure is hard to get a train out of here.  

I can't think of much to write except about the furlough.  You sent me two $5 and that is 12.  Then I had 15 left that makes 27.  Train fare is 26.25.  So you can see I won't have nothing to go on and that is why I sent for 10.  

September 2, 1943

Well here it is 7:05 PM and I have ate and check my baggage in a locker and now I am up at the USO lounge writing.  I am feeling fine.  I didn't know what to get Kensinger so I went over to the army store and bought him an AP Armor medal for him.  He always wanted one so I thought that would settle everything between us.  

 I found out about my train and it leaves here at 9:20 PM, so I wil get on about 9 so I only got a couple of hours to wait. 
The bus riding wasn't so bad after all.  I met one man on the bus was going on down through Savannah then on to Florida by bus.  He said he would hit Jacksonville, Florida tomorrow night.  If that is the truth he will make better time then I will.  But I took the train so I will ride that down.  We got in on time and it cost me 65 cents for a cab.  Well I can hardly write with a pen anymore.  It feels so funny but I guess it won't be long till I get use to it again.  I think by traveling with a bus it is lots better because I think you get to see more country side.  A grain takes you in the backlands.  I don't know much more to write so I will probably drop you a few lines in Nashville, Tennessee.  This is to tell you I made it ok with the bus.  

September 4, 1943

Well here I am back at the same old place and I guess the same stuff will start all over again.  I sure hate to start writing after being home.  

Yesterday I didn't get any time to write because all the trains were late.  The one that pulled into Atlanta, Ga was 2 hours late last night so by time I got to the other station I didn't have much time.  But one lucky thing was that train was 20 minutes late so I came right on through.  I met up with 4 of the other guys but I don't know where the other one is at.  He may be AWOL.

I went over right away to see about my mail.  I sure got a lots of it.  I got 9 letters and the package from Eleanor Ann.  She sent me a box of this stationary which was 50 sheets and 50 envelopes.  

Well I guess I won't write to you after Wednesday for a week because we are going out on the shooting range.  I don't know for sure but I don't believe we will get any mail or will be able to write any.  I guess you would like to know who I got all those letters from.  Well I believe I heard from the whole bunch.  I got one from Eleanor Ann, Larry, Robert, Miller, Elmer Noud, Doc, Frank Hyde (who is on maneuvers now) then 3 from home.  Elmer is being expected to move anytime.  His buddy that joined up with him, well they finally got separated.  He was sent to Kansas.  Elmer said he thought he would sent out very soon.  Well I looked at the bulletin board and I sure got some bad new from it.  

I got to do KP Monday and Tuesday.  So by then I guess I will know how a furlough is.  Then Wednesday we got to load up our stuff and get ready to go out Wednesday evening.  So that is the old army again for you.  Always got something for a person to do.  

There are 4 of the kids are being sent to Denver for 4 months course on that new B 29 ship that I always talk about.  I sure wish I was going back to that place.  They were signing the sub pay roll today so I went in there and raise some -- and so they told me to come in Monday and they would try and fix me up for 2 months pay.  They haven't found any of the records yet so that is the same old story.  They said that i would only get this much then they would have to wait awhile and see if my record came in.  So maybe I will get a couple months pay anyways.  

Yesterday it rained all day.  But today it sure is nice here.  It is fairly hot but there is a nice breeze blowing in this window.  (I have the same place as when I left)  But I guess out in the sun it is hot.  But I ain't going out to find out for you.  Because here is one kid going to take it easy as long as possible.  

We didn't come out to camp till 1 PM because we didn't want to get hook for this afternoon.  We ate in town after we got off the train and then I went down to the USO with one of the guys and we played a few games of ping pong.  

On riding the train I had all air condition except the one from Atlanta to Savannah, but it was nice and cool and I had a complete seat to myself so I didn't mind it at all.  I rented a pillow (25 cents) and had a good night sleep.  I spent a little over 3 bucks coming down.  I heard a little more about that range.  We come back Saturday night but anyhow I will leave you know for sure before I go.

I took a good shower then I decided I better come over and write a little more.  

I missed couple nice long trips they had here.  They weren't so long but around 10 miles.  

September 5, 1943 @ 7PM

Here it is Sunday evening and I slept late this morning and got up just in time for dinner.  But I figure I better take it easy so I can hit her hard tomorrow.  Because you know I got KP for the next two days.  One thing sure I am going to eat in them couple days.  

For dinner we had we had ham and it sure was good.  Then for tonight we had cold cuts and potato salad.  It wasn't so bad.

I got your letter this morning that you mailed on the 2nd.  Was glad to hear from you.  That kid that wanted off the bus was sure easy.  But a soldier gets on regardless how he feels.  You mention about the Chrysler being lonesome.  Well you should feel how lonesome I am for it.  But I made out with it before so I guess I can do it again.  But maybe I may be able to come home again soon any how I am hoping so.

September 6, 1943

I am on KP but the bunch we are working with is a good bunch so they left us off from 9AM to 11AM.  So I got my mail and decided to come up here and write a letter.  

You mention about that St. Louis trip.  Well I sure would take that in just as soon as possible and make it a nice trip out of it.  

Here it is 9 PM again and here I am back at it again.  WE got off KP at 7PM tonight.  They made supper 1 hour later than before.  We sure had it easy today but I am still all pooped out.   This afternoon we had all the ice cream we could eat.  I had to take a back because I was all sweaty.  

September 7, 1943 @ 9 PM

Well I got up again at 5 AM and went on KP.  I had a fairly goo day out of it but then about 3:30 PM they came and said I had to take another shot.  So I went down and got a tetanus shot in my left arm.  It wasn't so bad but I think I worked too on KP.  My arm hurts a little tonight.  They say you got to take these shots every 6 months.  

September 8, 9, 1943

I thought I would write you because I can't out there.  Got everything packed that we are supposed to take with us.  We got one bag full.  

We are leaving about 12:30.  We eat at 11 AM.  I am taking my fly sunray with me so hoping that I don't get ate up.  

The weather today isn't so bad but a bit cloudy.  But I don't think it will rain.  

September 12, 1943 @ 12:30 PM

Today is Sunday and I got up about 10 and then I fixed some of my dirty stuff.  last night shout 6 PM.  In fact to tell you the truth I sure enjoy that camping trip.  I sure wish I could have went on a trip like that in civilian life.  But this army trip wasn't so bad either.  I sure enjoyed it.  I shot the new carbine and make 141 our of 200.  That wasn't so good but was lots better then some of them made.  We had a party out there Friday night.  It was fairly nice, in fact we had a good time.  I had guard duty for 4 hours Thursday night and I chased some wild hogs around there.  There was about 6 big ones and 4 small ones.  We were trying to catch one of the small one and bring it back to camp but they can run too fast.  They are really small for how fast they can run.  

We took some picture out there so I will send some home in about a week or two.

I wanted to call you at noon but the telephone office is closed till 4:30 PM so I think I will call sometime tomorrow night if I got around to it.  

The weather here is sure nice and cool now.  I sleep with a blanket on last night.  So I don't know how long it will keep it up but I hope it for awhile.

September 12, 1943 @ Sunday evening 8:30 PM

I went to the show this afternoon as I said and it was a good picture.  I would of washed my clothes but they didn't have no GI soap so I am leaving them dirty.  

Kensigner and most of the barrack went to town tonight but I just didn't feel like it so here I am by myself just wondering what you all are doing at home and what I would be doing if I was at home tonight.  

Friday night when we had our party our C.O. said what he knew about what we were supposed to do and me.  He said we would go to school here for awhile and then go to some field in Massachusetts as I said when I was home.  This field will be an airfield and we will take care of it for a month.  We will run the field and operate on every plane that comes in that field.  Then after that month we would come back to this field for our overseas training.  That would been another month or more.  He as far as he know we wouldn't leave his field before Nov. 1.  So then we would spend that month at the airfield and then come back here again.  He said that he thinks we will go on an island someplace in South Pacific.  He said this would be a jumping place to the front.  We would refuel the plane and load them.  He said there would be maybe nothing going on and then he said we might be kept fairly busy.  

The sqd that pulled away with our buddy in are back again and ready to take their oversea training.  They said they sure had a lots of fun on that month taking care of the planes and that.  The field that they were at had women flyers.  They said they sure took in a lot of flying.  They said that they had it easy and they sure love to fly around and take in the country.  So i am waiting to see how we will come out then we go on our trip from here.  

I don't think a person get a a sunburn anymore around here.  Because right now it is fairly cool.  But it may get lots hotter.  

When we went out on the range we put up our tent and took our blanket and pillow with us.  We were the only sqd that took our pillow with us.  We were only supposed to take our half of a tend and one blanket.  That is what you are supposed to get along with.  What you do is put 2 halves of tent together then 2 sleep together.  We had it fairly nice because we had both blankets there and our pillow.  But I only used 1 blanket because I didn't want to get the other one dirty.  When we were out there it rained everyday.  But we just put our rain coat on and kept right on going.  We had to lay down in the mud and shoot.  If it would have been better weather I would have made a higher score.  But that was good enough for me.  The cooking is done by the cooks in their tents.  We had everything just the same if we were set up in the other side.  They had portable stoves, etc.  They fix our mail and we ate right out in the timber land.  It wasn't so bad at all.

We had now weeks but just trees.  All the sqd stayed in the same place and there wasn't so weeds around.  It sure was a nice place where we were at.  We had all these real high pine trees.  Maybe 50 ft to 60 ft high and about 6 inches thick at the bottom.  One of the kid got up in one and started to swing it back and forth and he rode it down and busted it off.  They aren't so strong.  They cut in the side of the tree and get some kind of sap out of them but I don't know what they use it for.  

September 13, 1943 

To start this letter off tonight I am starting to school again for four weeks.  I am going over the review on gun and bomb loading.  We load them on fueling them and taking the fuse out.  So that is what I will be doing for the next 4 weeks.  I start to school at 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM and then from 1 to 4 PM.  It isn't so bad but it is easier than drilling.  Tonight I had to take another shot.  This one was for typhoid.  This is the one that makes your arm hurt later.  To top it all off I got a dentist appointment at 9:30 PM.  I don't know how that will come out but I will tell you before I end this letter.

I just finished supper.  It was wieners and mashed potatoes.  I was thinking today it isn't but a couple weeks more and it has been 1 year that I have been in the army.  It sure has flew around.  I don't know about my pay yet but I am expecting to get paid and then I won't be able to get paid again for a month or so.  Because if my service records don't come I will have to go get paid this same way.  I will wait for at least 2 month pay.  That make it worth while going after.  Really I will only get paid up till the first of this month.  So I have 2 weeks already gone by.  We are getting a new commanding office.  I don't know why but that is what our captain said tonight.  So really we may be getting a break and we may get a worse one but we will just have to wait and see.  

Here I am again.  My arm is getting a little sore now.  I guess in the morning it will really be sore.  Here it is the next morning and about 6:30.  My arm is a little sore and I can't put it everyplace where I want to.  

I went to the dentist last night and he took one more out of my mouth and I go back and have some more fixt tonight.  They pulled one on the upper side on the left of my mouth.  It wasn't so bad but it was the same old story it broke off and then they had to dig it out.  Well they got it all out and I am living this morning.  So I will go back this afternoon and see if I can live till tomorrow morning.  If I get all this done I should have my teeth in pretty good shape.  

September 14, 1943

My arm was fairly sore and my mouth wasn't so bad either.  In fact my arm was lots worse than my mouth.  This afternoon the weather started to change again.  It is getting hotter out so I guess our coolness has left us again.  But it was good while it lasted.  Tonight I went to the dentist again and he didn't do much.  In fact all he done was put a small piece of something in he hole and said it would keep it from bleeding end festering up on me.  So I got another appointment for Thursday night at 6 PM.  So I have make up my mind to go now till I get my teeth in perfect shape.  I don' t know that I can get them to do for the front one but I am going to get them fixed up the best as possible.  

Tomorrow morning we got to march to town.  They got a big parade on for the new pictures.  This is the Army.  The seat cost $2.20 to 11 buck a seat.  And we get to see it for nothing because we are marching.  It is going to be a good long march.  We got to wear leggings and pistol belt, helmet and carbine gun and we are leading the parade.  It will be something different.  

Modern Military Weapons Shown in Parade - Savannah Morning News (September 14, 1943)

Above are some scenes from the military parade which took place yesterday morning in connection with the showing of the motion picture, "This is the Army", for the benefit of the Army Emergency Relief Fund.  The top picture shows military equipment and a large bomb labeled "To Tojo from Uncle Sam".  The Fort Screven band is shown in the picture leading a column of soldiers.  Also a picture of an amphibious jeep.  The picture was show last night at the Lucase Theater before a packed house, every available ticket having been sold at prices raging from $2.20 to $11 to next over $6000.

Military Might Show in Parade - Thousands See Long Columns Swing By

While thousands along the way watched, military contingents from nearby army establishments staged a big parade in Savannah yesterday morning in connection with the showing of the movie, "This Is the Army."  In addition to hundreds of marching men, the parade included motorized equipment of many kinds, mobile antiaircraft guns, amphibious jeeps, bomb carriers, gasoline trucks, troop-laden army trucks and others.  

Hunter Field, Chatham Field, Fort Screven and Camp Stewart were all represented in the long column.  Bands from Stewart, Screven and Hunter Field lent a musical background for the marchers.  

Chief of Police William M. Hall riding in a jeep with Police Lt. W.F Marlowe, served as marshal of the parade.  The column was headed by a motorcycle escort in charge of Police Sgt. J.J. Kelly of the traffic department.

The line of march was from Abercorn street west along Oglethorpe avenue to West Broad, north to Broughton street, east to Abercorn, north to Bay and to Emmet Park, where the columns were disbanded.

Following the parade, Camp Stewart antiaircraft guns of various caliber were on display to the public in Park Extension.

September 15, 1943

Here it is Wednesday evening.  Last night I slept good and sure hated to get up this morning.  Well we went to town for that parade.  We were the leading sqd in the thing.  We started about 9:30 AM.  Then we finished about 11:30 and went to the park and ate.  They made some sandwiches for us.  Then at 1 PM we went to the wonderful show "This is the Army".  Well I would never pay from $2.20 to $11 for a seat.  It is for the emergency relief fund but still it wasn't worth that much.  It was not so bad.  It was about 2 hours long.  It was in color.  It was about last war and about this war with all the movie actor put in just a small act.  

Here it is Thursday morning.  I am going to the dentist at 5 this evening.  I on that guard duty each one had to do some of it.  It wasn't nothing to it.  

We took one barrack bag with 2 blanket and a pillow, our tent and clothes.  It made it fairly full.  The whole 93rd sqd went out to the range except a couple kid that stayed here and watched the place.  The pigs were not so bad.  We had a gas raid this morning.  

September 16, 1943

To start with I got back from the dentist and he did not do much tonight.  All he did was pull that bandage or gauze out of the hole and painted my gum and told me to come back again tomorrow.  So I go back tomorrow at 6:30.  Tonight I went at 6 and got out of GI the barracks.  Some of the kids in the lower bay didn't clean their stuff good enough and the new C.O. said we had to GI tonight.  

If you go to St. Louis this week I sure hope it will be nice so you can enjoy your trip to the moat.  I will get some pictures of these bamboo trees.  We had some fairly close to the barrack.  I always told you we live in a swamp and if that is where the bamboo trees grow then we are in the swamp land.  

We aren't wearing OD yet.  But I guess we will in another month or so.

September 17, 1943

I just got back from the dentist again tonight and he filled one tooth and I got to go back Sunday at noon (1:30).  We went to school again today and we work on gun again and then after school we fell out for exercises which we had from 4:30 to 5:30 PM.  This is the first time I took them since I went home on my furlough.  They sure was hard.  But all the officers were out there and if they could take them I can too.  

I will get paid about the 5th of the next month.  Kensinger is going to get paid the same time so I will get min the same time.  So all I will do is make out a money order to you and you can do what you want to.  

On that pine tree stuff that is what I heard about what they done with liquid.  But I wasn't sure.  I will tell you one thing it sure is sticky.  You would lean up against a tree and that sap would really stick to your clothes.  You could hardly pull away from it.  

Tonight I went over to the PX and bought a pint of frozen ice water (ice cream) and a box of cookies and filled up on it.  I was hungry a little so I thought I would get something.  

One this course I will have to go out to a field that is on the coast and load and unload some bombs.  They have a bunch out there and we got to go out there I believe 3 or 4 days in our school time.  It is part of our schooling.  We go out in trucks in the morning and come back at night.  

September 18, 1943

It is Saturday evening again and I am in the barrack again spending the evening.  Kensinger went to town.  But my legs are sore from exercises and I didn't believe I could make it to town.  This is the first time that I took them before I went home on my furlough.  And I sure can tell it.  We had a hour of them again tonight.  But I guess we need them.  Because they sure don't hurt a person when he is in shape for them.  

I went to school again today and worked on carbine.  We cleaned carbine gun all day.  They are the new gun that you hear so much about.  They don't kick at all.  It is a fairly nice. gun.  

I washed a few of my clothes tonight.  I will sign the laundry roll next month and then it will cost me a buck and a half a month.  I got to do some more patching my pants because the bottom on the other pair is torn.  

Here it is Sunday morning and my legs hurt a little.  The weather today is cloudy and it is raining a little now.  It has been misty all day and it look like it will be this way all day.  I sure hope it you went on your trip that it isn't this way.  Because if you had this kind of weather you couldn't enjoy yourself that much.  

I am going to dentist at 1:30 so I am going to wait until I come back from him before I sent this off.  

Well here i am again to say hello and just back from the dentist.  He filled on of the back ones for me and then he silver capped it.  I don't know what he silver capped it for but I guess it was for a cause.  I got an appointment for tomorrow afternoon at 1:30.   I don't know what he intends to do but wait and see.  

September 20, 1943

I went to school again today and we loading and unloaded bombs.  It was for just practice.  They were empty bomb.  

I went to the dentist again today and he filled another one for me.  I go back Wed morning at 9 and I think he will fill one more for me.  He put a silver cap on this tooth again today.  Pretty soon I will be worth some money in silver if he keeps that up much longer.  

I was supposed to take another shot today but for some reason they went and canceled the order.  So I won't take any till I get another notice.  

I washed some of my clothes out and I left my pants out on the porch to dry.  And then it rained.  I woke up but by time I came to my head my pants were all wet.  I brought them in and I wore them half wet this morning.  

I bought my supper over there and it cost me 65 cents.  It was fairly good.  The other guy that went with us bought a steak and cost them $1.25.  But there was too much money for me and I could have never ate all that meat.  They sure had a plate full.  The piece of beef was as bug as this paper and about a half inch thick.  I guess it was worth that much but I couldn't see it.  

Talking about in the morning they wanted us to work 7 days a week and most of the sqd kick about it.  So the new Major we got (C.O.) he is fairly nice and to my opinion don't know much and you can talk him out of everything.  In one way I sure like him.  Because he wants your opinion on everything.  You should see him.  A small beer belly fellow, I hear he sure like his drinking.  Well we wanted to please us so he said one morning a week we would have to get up at 5:30 AM and take a half hour extended order drill and one night a week we would have to take an hour of it.  So on Tuesday morning we get up at 5:30.  Then on Thursday evening we work till 7:00 PM.  The on Friday night we got to stand personal inspection at 6:30 PM.  But that will be better than getting up early on Sunday and working all day.   If it keeps up raining we may not have to get up early in the morning.  Tonight we got out of exercises.

Well I sure hope if you made that trip yesterday you had a good one and sure hope you had a nice trip home.  Because these trips are getting scares now and you got to get the best out of them when you can take them.  One of the officers was talking today and he was telling us what he thought and how quick the thought the war would end.  He said Germany will fall sometime this winter around the first of the year.  He doesn't think that Japan will last much more then a couple months after Germany gives up.  Then he said that we would go across sometime around the first of the year and we would get over there and it would be all over with.  He said he would be any money that we wouldn't see any excitement at all.  So I don't know how so it is but that is what he was saying.  So if that is the way the thing is going I guess it won't last much longer.  But he said if they got everything straightened out within the next 3 or 4 months it would be a miracle.  So I don't think hardly we could go across much or even in face we can't before the first of the year.  

September 22, 1943

Well I went to school again this morning and we monkey on bunk again.  It rained off and on all day.  This afternoon we fell out for formation and my name was called out and I got paid for my ration on my furlough.  I sure was glad to get that today.  I was more suprised to what I was paid.  I recieve $9.15 that fugures out 61 cents a day.  

I got a good pair of pants from the supply room today.  I was just about to the end of the other.  It is noon again and I got 2 more teeth filled this morning.  I am going back tomorrow afternoon at 2.  I am going to get them cleaned too.  So the way I look now 1 pulled and 4 filled.  

September 23, 1943

First thing is that I didn't get any letter today.  I am getting mad now because I am 3 days behind on your mail.  It might be on account of that storm in this part of the country.   Because I think you have heard about that hurricane that is in La.  Today our commanding officer said we were fixed here to move the camp out in 5 hours.  They way he mentioned that they think the storm may hit in this part.  He said they may even fly half of the camp out.  I haven't heard much about it myself but the way he was talking it must be something of importance.  That is another reason he said we had this cool weather and the funny weather around here.  

We went and folded our bed today so I think I wall spray it out tonight and give the bed bugs a drink and see if I can't get them drunk.  Instead of exercises today we played ball and was a lots better than breaking your back.  

Well here I am again.  My jaw hurt a little but not so much.  He filled a couple more for me and ground off the front one a little  He would take it down all the way.  But it isn't so bad.  He filled 2 on the upper in the very back on the right.  He had my mouth open a little bit bigger than regular and my jaw hurt a little.  I believe he filled 7 and pulled one.  So you can see I had a little work dons.  

I had my booster shot on typhoid and tetanus and I think I am done with them for the next 6 months.  Unless they change their minds again and make us take them all over.  Tomorrow is salvage day so I guess I will turn in a pair of shorts and a work pants.  So then I should be fixed up pretty good on clothes.  We hare having a clothes check tomorrow night I believe or else Saturday evening.  

Today I got 3 letters from home.  

I went and washed out my dirty clothes tonight.  I was out two pair of work pants and then one of my workshirt and 3 pair of short and 2 handkerchiefs.  I had a bit of a surprise today.  On Thursday we got to wear our gas mask on our side.  It is just to get used to it.  I have Quincy, Illinois on it and I found a kid that used to live in Quincy.  His folks live at 814 Payson Ave I believe.  Anyhow that is where he said he used to live.  He use to work at Davenport for Gordon VanTIme Co.  He move out with them when they went up there.  He used to run around with Merle S up there.  He got out of High in 1939.  He seems to look similar to somebody but I didn't say anything, anyhow he is from Q.I.  

I sue was glad to hear that you had a nice trip and I would of loved to been with you but you know how it goes.  But I have seen a lots of country which I wish you could have seen with me.  I sure am glad to hear too that you did not have any tire trouble or any kind of trouble, and glad that you stopped at Nouds.  

September 25, 1943

Here it is Saturday morning and I should have started this last night but I went and wrote to Elmer and then we had a big chance down to the service club so I went down there for about an hour and a half.  Then I came back and one kid that made Opl and Ken singer and another kid went out and got drunk.  They came back in and couple of us other guy sure had a job to keep them down.  They really wanted to tear everything apart.  Then finally the one kid went out as a lamp so then we picked him up and put him to bed.  Then Kensinger laid down and took it easy.  I was kind of scared to lay on the lower bunk so I slept in the upper bed last night.  I was afraid they would vomit on me being next to me and on the bottom.  They vomited but it was in a shoe.  I gave them a can but they knocked over the can and held the shoe.  As I sad before I believe that dentist only ground off the one.  It isn't even yet but it is a lots better then what it was.  But they won't fix anything up for beauty when it doesn't hurt you.  So I will wait and when I get back to Q or some other large town I am going to get it fixed.  But I am not going to do it down here.  

They are giving the whole sqd an oversea exam now.  It doesn't amount to anything.  I took one in Denver.  It is to see if you are fit to take the training.  But the one at POE is one to worry about.  

(noon) September 25

Everybody is feeling all right now.  IN school today we study the 45 cal machine gun.  This afternoon we are going out to Chatham Field which is about 18 miles from here and work on some real bombs.

The embalm that we wear on our sleeve now is going to be changed.  They are making a new one for the 3rd air forces.  That is the air force I am in now.  The U.S. is divided into couple different areas.  Well I am in the 3rd.  The whole 3rd air force will wear it.  You may have seen it someplace already.  It is a big 3 with a star in it.  I don't like it so very well so I don't think I can do anything about it.  

I heard today that we may move out of here any day now and then we will go to a air field for maneuvers.  We will stay there a month and then come back here for about 2 weeks.  Then we will be sent out of here to some field again in USA.  They claim there is too many here now on this field and that they are going to put us for training on other field.  I can keep on writing.  

Here I am again at 8:30 PM.  We went out to Chatham Field this afternoon and found out how they keep bombs and store them.  I will tell you one thing they sure have enough of them.  They just lay them on the ground with a small bank around them.  They have 8 2000 ones in a pile and 16 of the 1000 lbs ones and 30 of the 500 pounders and round 30 of the 100 lb bombs.  There is around 30 ton in a pit.  They have 32 pits.  Then in each pit they have 10 depth bomb for sinking submarines.  You heard about those depth charges.  They are ready for action on the coast if they ever are need real quick.  

I ate at the service club tonight and bough a real nice meal for 60 cents.  I guess the army or navy changes anybody mind on writing.  I write every day and like it.  On the range we used our helmets for washing our faces.

Here it is Sunday.  This morning they got a bunch up to go out on the range and it sure made it bad for the rest of us that wanted to sleep.  They didn't go out before that was on a furlough and some of them wanted to shoot the 30 cal and 50 cal ground water cool machine gun.  But Sunday is a day off for me as long as I can get it that way.  

This morning I washed out my work clothes because I turned the one pair in for salvage.  And that only gives me one good pair to wear.  And they got to be washed when they have enough time to dry.  I will send them pictures of the camping out on the range by 3 cent mail.  The picture of me did not turn out so good because it was the last one on the roll and it was the same way as the one I sent home to you.  I guess it is caused by the heat here.  

The other day or in fact it was last night before last I saw one of the big balloon again.  The coast guard put it up and was going up and down the coast.  It was up fairly high and we could see it from camp.  

September 26, 1943 @ 8 PM

We took some more pictures today but these was on the camp ground and the MP stopped us and too the camera and said we wasn't supposed to take pictures.  One of the picture was of the fishing pole tree.  So I don't know if we will get them back or not.  They said they would develop them and see if any thing was on them that shouldn't be then they would hand them back.  

The guys are just coming in off the range.  I am sure glad that I didn't go because that is a whole day wasted and nothing for it.  

I bought me a pound box of candy tonight.  I just got a sweet tooth for candy.  

September 27, 1943 @ 9:25 PM

I received the letter from you today that you wrote on Sat night.  Not to kick about anything because I know how it is sometimes to write but that is the smallest letter I have ever received.  But I know how it goes.  

I got a letter from Carol and he got my letter in 10 days and I got his back in 11 days.  

This weather here is sure getting cool at night.  I did not think it would ever get that cool here.  

September 29, 1943

It was one year yesterday that I left home.  I am not in barracks now but cut camping in the pup tent again.  They are fumigating our barrack for bed bugs so we had to move out at 1PM yesterday noon.  We are on Hunter Field but on the fence line.  We wasn't given any notice because when we came back from the school they said to get your tent and whatever you want and he ready to leave the barrack at 1 PM.  The camp headquarters men start to get the barrack when we went to school  We slept out here last night and tonight.  Then tomorrow we will move back sometime.  We get the mail as usual.  

The stuff they put in the barrack is deadly poison and nobody can go in the barrack at all for 2 or 3 days.  They barred up the door and put guards on them.  Our C.O. had the inspector come in the barrack and see about the bed bugs.  Well the inspector said it had to be done right away.  So it was done right away.  

Found out something new last night as Keusinger and I laid in bed we noticed reflections in the grass so I would pick up a piece of grass or leave and it would light up.  It sure looked funny.  So I put 4 pieces in an envelope and it lit up the whole envelope.  This sounds funny but it is so.  So if the envelope is lighted up I will send some home.  See if these pieces will light up in a dark room when you get it.  Be sure and see if it does in the dark.  (I am not nuts).  

October 2, 1943 @ 9:30 PM

Notice -- 2 money orders in this envelope

On that box for Carl and Bill that should be ok.  I don't know anything else to put in them so just send it that way.  I will be something.  They know I am thinking of them anyhow.  But be sore you get it tight.  Because the box you sent me was fairly battled up.  Make it tight and hard so it won't cave in and crush.  

Here it is Saturday night and I am not doing anything again.  I just don't have any ambition to do anything if it is Saturday night or any night.  I washed my clothes tonight and cleaned up.  Tomorrow we got to work the same as always.  We get up at 7 AM then at 8:30 to 12:30 we got to wear our gas masks.  We got to wear it 4 hours on our head at one time.  But we got to wear it four hours before we go on our trip.  The latest news is we are leaving the 10th.

I got paid today and I am sending you this amount.  You can do what you want to with it.  

October 1, 1943

It is Friday evening just 4:45 and expect to be called out any minute now for exercises.  But I have not wrote to you for the last couple days and I got to get one off tomorrow morning.  

Well we went out on the fence line and put up our tents for 2 nights.  We came in yesterday noon and then we split up again into new groups and I had to move into another barrack.  Well we had to GI the barrack so that kept us busy till fairly late.  We got done about seven and then had inspection.  The barrack still smells a little so I went to a show and then to bed.

I received your mail OK out there just the same as if I was here in the sod area.  But we couldn't write very well because we were brought to school and just as soon as school was over they pick us up in truck and took us to our tent area to eat.  Then in evening it get dark early and no place to write at all.  You could tell that by what I wrote you.  I sure hope you did not think I was nuts about sending them twigs or sticks and tell you they lit up.  Because I am tell you the truth.  I don't know what make it but they did it.  (7:20 PM)  Well I am at the service club writing this now.  Back on the old subject about that light do you have any idea what could cause thin like that to just light up>

 I really haven't had any loos time to monkey around with.  On the go all the time.  Our C.O. left us again and now we got a new one again.  He is the same one we had before.  This captain is bucking for major and says now that the last four weeks were just a waste.  (If I know that I would have come home).  But he is mad that he got kicked off of the C.O. job and now that he got it back he is going to try and hold on to it.  

My teeth are all fixed up now and feel ok. The silver filling is getting smooth and they really feel good.  I am glad I got them done now.  I am not going to have them go to the had anymore.  

That latrine out on the range that is what we had.  The way you seen it in the picture is the way it is rain or shine.  But when we want out to the fence the other day to live all they did was dig a ditch as Jr. W. mentioned it.  But what we did was dig a hole and left the ground right next to it.  We would bend down and then take our foot and knock a little of the sand or dirt over the top and go on away.  When we left we filled up the hole completely.

Both guys got in a tent ok.  The way they do is issue you one half of a tent.  You got to bunk up with somebody else to make a tent out of it.  It isn't any to big but 2 get in it ok.  The one end is always open and if it rains you got to put your rain coat or something in front of it.  

The balloon I told you about are sure big.  I couldn't say it was 18 miles off of here but it was a long ways from here.  You could never see a plane that far away.  

We haven't got the camera back from the MP yet.  We are going to leave here the 8th of this month as far as I know we are heading for a bombing range in Ms.  We are going to Avon Park in Florida.  It is a small way into Fla.  We are restricted to the camp for the whole time while we are there.  We are not close to a town.  It is a bombing range which is practice for bombardiers.  They way I hear they have 3 bombing missions a day.  IN the morning, evening and noon.  This will be to get us used to lading bombs and fixing guns.  We are living in barrack and we have show building and PX.  The only thing we can't go to town.  We will go there for only purpose to get training on the bomb loading, etc.  I will write you more about it when I hear.  

I will write you just the same as always.  I don't know how I will like Florida but I guess I will.  I hate to stay in camp for the whole month but you know I haven't went to town yet on a pass from here.  

Kensinger is supposed to leave Tuesday on a 15 day furlough.  At first we were going to Bowling Green, Kentucky for our training but now down to Florida.  If I would have went to Kentucky I would have came home on a 3 day pass but the way it looks now I will never be able to make it on a 3 day pass.  So maybe I will be able to get closer next time when I move.  Maybe if Larry goes to Miami Beach I can get in contact with him.

I am going to get paid tomorrow so I will make out a money order to you and send it home.  

October 3, 1943

Here I am Sunday evening and feeling fine but a bit mad.  I was going to a church party tonight and was all dressed and went over to get my pass and no pass.  It was the same thing as when I got my furlough.  But they made out new passes this month and was sure that they would have a new one for me this time.  In the morning I am going in and see about it and may be a little hell raised about it.  We got the same C.O. that we had when I got in that fuss last time.  We got up this morning at 7.  We ate and then had to put our gas mask on at 8:30.  Then we went on a small hike.  We got back about 10 AM.  We still had to keep the blanket on till 12:30 at noon.  It was not so bad but it still wasn't good.  It kinda hurt around my eyes.  Then this afternoon we had off.  I was fairly tired so I went to sleep and I was really feeling good tonight to go out.  (but here I am).

We had chicken for dinner today.  It was fairly good but you know how I like chicken.  Then tonight we had cheese and lunch meat and potato salad.  But that is the main thing we have on Sunday evening.

I repack my barrack bag tonight because the stuff we had out at the fence on the area we had to leave in a barrack while they fumigated that barrack for bed bug.  So then all our clothes should be free from bugs.  I wash my wood pins off so I could put them back in my barrack bag.  I was going to wash my tent but I figure it would get dirty soon again so I just forgot about it.  

The latest news on us moving is between the 10th and 15th now.

I believe tomorrow will be one year that said "I do" at St. Louis.  Only last year on October 4th it was a Sunday.  The time has sure flew except for the last couple months.  Then I had it this hole and you count the days that pass and I don't mean maybe.  

(October 4th)  

Here it is Monday evening.  This morning I went to school again and we did not do nothing.  But this afternoon we went out to a B-25 and was going to load some bombs in it for practice.  Well I was the only one that loaded any bombs in a plane so I was in the first crew to load bombs in the plane.  We lifted the 500 lb in place and I was at the top to hook in on the rack and the A-2 release wouldn't work.  So we had to lay it down and find out what was wrong with the plane.  Well at the last minute before we came in for exercises I found the trouble.  We had to come in for exercises.  When we got in we went to see the Lt. and he left us go out and fix it instead of exercises.  That suited me good because I sure like to monkey around with something.  IT makes your head swing awhile before you can decide what to do.  Well we got the think fixed and go out of exercises.  

Tomorrow morning we go out there again and tomorrow afternoon we are taking our final exam.  I don't know how I will come out with that but I am not worrying about it.  

We are leaving here Saturday sometime for sure.  It is at Avon Park, Florida and about 40 to 70 miles from Tampa, Florida.  Maybe you can place it out.  

October 5, 1943

Here it is Tuesday evening and I am feeling fine and sure hope the same for everyone at home.  WE worked on the planes again today, and didn't have that test.  Then tonight I ate at the PX and bought me a chicken steak with a pint of milk, etc.  Cost me 27 cents.  Kinda high but it sure was good.  Then I went to the show.  

This morning when we got up it sure was cool and I do mean cool.  And when I came back from show at 9:30PM it wasn't so warm.  But the way the C.O. said that Florida is going to be warm because we can't take our O.D.  Only our suntan.  

Here it is Wednesday and we are moving and they really got going.  Turning in our foot locker and this and that.  Today it is cool again and cloudy.  It look like snow for home but for here?  We are leaving some time Saturday.  

October 7, 1943 @ 7:20 AM

Here I am again to say hello and that is about all.  I want to give you the right address to write to.

P.F.C. Wesley A. Hochgraber
93rd Adrm. Sqd.
Postmaster Avon Park, Florida

I am kept fairly busy because they got to get everything fix by Friday for the trucks to leave. 

I didn't take my test yesterday afternoon but will in morning.  

October 8, 1943

I am a bit on the mad side right now because some how my fountain pen is gone.  I don't know where it went and I already have looked through my barrack bags and no pen.  So tomorrow I am or maybe yet today I am going to take everything out and hunt for it again.  Well anyhow it was a good pen while it lasted.  

It is Friday (10:00 AM) and I am room orderly today so al that I got to do is lay on the bed and watch the barrack.  

Our C.O. is about the same way.  I don't know how he will be when we hit Florida.  But it won't be long because we are leaving sometime tomorrow.  The trucks left this morning at 6 AM.  They say it will be much warmer when we get down there.  WE are leaving our OD, etc back here.  So we will come back to Savannah, Ga in another month.  But we won't stay there very long.  

Maybe 2 weeks then go to another field.  

The C on those picture looks good and it still is the best one I have ever seen.  We got one on the camp but it doesn't look as good as mine.  

Kensinger didn't get his furlough.  The hooked him out of it.  As I said when I put in for mine.  I will take it the first chance I get.  The thing about him he wanted to push it off till Halloween.  But now h got pushed out of it.  

Our C.O told us the other night he didn't think we could go over for another 6 months if then.  So now I am planning on another furlough.  I got one of the month off of the 6 months.  That makes me 5 more and I may be able to come home in 3 months.

Our service records are the same way.  No records yet.  I don't know how it will all come out yet.  

Here it is 3:10 PM and feeling very good because I went through my barrack bag again and found my pen.  I had to go on sick call at noon.  I got a piece of dirt in my eye and I tried to get it out myself but it was right in the center of the eye and I would rub it and it wouldn't move.  So I was afraid I would scratch my eye ball so I went on sick call.  They took it out but it sure hurt.  Then they put peroxide in it.  It feels good now but I got a small headache.  

I took my exam yesterday and I came out with average of 92.  So I don't think that is bad.  65 was passing and 92 out of a possible 100 is good.  

We are pulling out of here tomorrow evening at 6:15 and get to Avon Park at Sunday morning at 7 AM.  So you can see we won't be able to see much country.  Some of the kid just got back today and they said it was a swamp.  It rained quite often and the mosquitoes are fairly bad.  I am taking my fly spray with me.  We live in tent and are kept fairly busy working on the line.  Well that is what I want is the experience.  Because working on the line is sure interesting and passes your time much faster.  

(9:45 PM)  I am glad you got my money.  I saved enough for me for awhile.  Don't worry about them making us comfortable on these trips because they do their best.  They just don't shove you in a pen.  But tell the truth I would have sooner went by truck because I think that would be the best sight seeing.