Borlin Family

Borlin Family

The Borlin Family History Begins

In 1867 the entire course of the BORLIN Family was irreversibly altered when, at the age of 24, Heinrich BORLIN followed the advice of a friend and decided to leave Switzerland and emigrate to the United States.

The history recorded here represents an attempt not only to preserve information about our ancestors, but also to interpret how their decisions, beliefs, and actions have helped to shape our modern life.

Spanning more than 300 years, the following stories lack details that have very likely been lost forever. An attempt has been made to interpret available information about a family member in light of their contemporary history so as to make an educated guess at some of those lost details.

Although the primary objective of this project has been to document the ancestors and descendants of Heinrich BÖRLIN , marriages and personal relationships naturally involve individuals with different surnames. Information that has been collected on those individuals will be documented here for potential use by others.

Borlin Family Crest

BORLIN Family Crest is officially recorded at the State Archive as the crest for the "BÖRLIN VON OLTINGEN" family at the Basel-Landschaft Canton

In each of the following chapters there will be a final section labeled Opinions and Endnotes. These sections will document any references noted in the chapter, comments about sources of information, and modern perspectives by the author on the events described in that chapter.