Early Borlin Family Members

Borlin Family

Swiss Genealogy Records

Swiss churches have recorded birth, marriage and death records for centuries. This handwritten information was recorded chronologically in individual entries and was also consolidated into family groupings (husband/wife/children). The maintenance of these records fell to one or more of the local church staff. These records have now been microfilmed and are managed by the respective canton-based State Archives organizations [Footnote B3-1]. The individual who happened to have responsibility for recording the original entry largely determined the content, validity, and legibility of the record in its microfilm format today. Different records for the same individual have been observed to contain different spellings for the subject's surname. Surnames were considered relatively unimportant until the 19th century, when the government demanded consistency for the sake of taxation and military commitment.

The BÖRLIN surname was often recorded in the "Kirchenbuch" (church record book) as BÖRLI or BÖRLJ. Rather than complicate this early family history by associating different spellings with the various family records, this chapter will consistently use the "BÖRLIN" surname. It should also be pointed out that the family crest printed on the title page of this document is officially recorded at the State Archive as the crest for the "BÖRLIN VON OLTINGEN" family. [Footnote B3-2]

Format of Information

It will quickly become obvious to the reader that prior to the late 19th century, the same small pool of given names (saints' names) were used by every generation and also it was common practice to "recycle" names within the same family if a child should die. In order to prevent confusion in this chapter, a unique marker will be associated with each individual. As an example, [G3/1] will indicate the first born member of the third generation (in this case, Hans Jakob BÖRLIN - born 24 May 1789). Note that [G1/1], [G2/1], [G2/3], and [G4/2] were also all named Hans Jakob BÖRLIN. As a second example, [G3/10] and [G3/11] are two children named Matthias BÖRLIN. One [G3/10] was born in 1823 and died in 1824. The younger brother [G3/11] was subsequently born in 1827 to the same parents.

Note that in this and subsequent generation charts, an "<<<" identifies the individual that will carry forward to sire the next generation.

Family Register for Hans Jakob BÖRLIN [G2/3] [Footnote B3-3]

The First Recorded Generation [G1]

The Family Register for Heinrich BÖRLIN's great grandfather indicates that he lived on a farm located north of Oltingen and west of Anwil. That farm can be found on a current map as Barmenhof (see map to right).

The BORLIN Family [G1] generation would have been Heinrich's great, great grandparents. In 1753, Hans Jakob BÖRLIN [G1/1] married Barbara HANNIG. They lived in Barmen and would have 5 children:

    • [G2/1] Hans Jakob BÖRLIN, died as a child in 1758.

    • [G2/2] Johann BÖRLIN, no further information recorded.

    • [G2/3] Hans Jakob BÖRLIN, born 14 July 1765. <<<

    • [G2/4] Samuel BÖRLIN, born 1769.

    • [G2/5] Anna BÖRLIN, born 14 November 1773.

Generation [G2]

Hans Jakob BÖRLIN [G2/3] was born on 14 July 1765. At the age of 20 he married Anna SUTER, on 16 August 1785. Tragically, Anna would die just nine months later on 10 May 1786, most likely during childbirth. There is no indication that a child survived. The next record that exists for Hans Jakob [G2/3] is some two years later. On 8 July 1788 Hans Jakob BÖRLIN [G2/3] married his second wife, Elisabeth CHRISTEN, born 3 Dec 1769 to Heinrich and Margarethe FREIBURGER CHRISTEN of Sissach. [Footnote B3-5] (Sissach is located 8 miles from Oltingen.) Hans Jakob [G2/3] and Elizabeth BÖRLIN would have 9 children.

    • [G3/1] Hans Jakob BÖRLIN, born 24 May 1789, married 3 November 1807. <<<

    • [G3/2] Heinrich BÖRLIN, born 3 January 1791, married 18 July 1826.

    • [G3/3] Elisabeth BÖRLIN, born 1793, married.

    • [G3/4] Barbara BÖRLIN, born 18 December 1794, married 5 February 1822.

    • [G3/5] Jakob BÖRLIN, born 1796, married 11 March 1823.

    • [G3/6] Sebastian BÖRLIN, born 28 October 1798, died 25 June 1856.

    • [G3/7] Anna BÖRLIN, born 14 January 1801, married 30 November 1824.

    • [G3/8] Anna Marie BÖRLIN, born 28 January 1803, married 24 August 1824.

    • [G3/9] Elsa BÖRLIN, born 11 March 1808, died as an infant.

    • [G3/10] Esther BÖRLIN, born 10 February 1814, married January 1830.[

Oltingen, Switzerland
Oltingen, Switzerland
Oltingen, Switzerland

Oltingen, Switzerland [Footnote B3-4]

The village of Oltingen, Switzerland was known to have existed as early as 1244 and today has a population of 440 residents, compared to 563 in 1850

The church shown above is the Evangelical Reformed Parish Church of St. Niklaus, built in 1474. It is this church that recorded and preserved the information used in this chapter.

It appears that Elizabeth BÖRLIN died while giving birth to Elsa, leaving her husband with 8 children ranging in age from 5 to 18 years, as well as a newborn grandchild (G4/1). Six months later, Hans Jakob [G2/3] married Esther MEIER on 11 September 1808, his third wife. Esther, born 3 April 1778, was the daughter of Johannes and Anna MARGRIITH MEIER and had previously married Hans Jakob VÖGELI on 6 January 1799 but then divorced him for adultery. Hans Jakob [G2/3] and Esther would have only one child, [G3-10] Esther BÖRLIN

Esther MEIER BÖRLIN died on 3 April 1829 at the age of 51. She lived to see most of her stepchildren married, but not her own daughter. Her husband, Hans Jakob [G2/3] died a year later, on 19 May 1830 at the age of 64.

Generation [G3]

Hans Jakob BÖRLIN [G3/1] was born on 24 May 1789 in Oltingen. At the age of 18 he married Margrith BAUMAN on 3 November 1807. Margrith would die only 2 months later, on 25 January 1808, 3 days after giving birth to a baby boy.

[G4/1] Heinrich BÖRLIN, born 22 January 1808, married 21 June 1834.

In a cruel twist of fate, Hans Jakob [G3/1] would lose both his wife and his mother within six weeks, both likely a result of complications during childbirth!

Three years later, Hans Jakob [G3/1] would marry Margrith SUTER on 9 October 1810. Margrith was born 5 December 1784 and was the daughter of Fridrich and Elisabeth WÖLFLISBERGER SUTER. Hans Jakob [G3/1] and Margrith Börlin would have 10 children.

    • [G4/2] Hans Jakob BÖRLIN, born 23 July 1811, married 3 November 1862.

    • [G4/3] Elisabeth BÖRLIN, born 1 September 1812, died in infancy.

    • [G4/4] Jakob BÖRLIN, born 1 December 1813, married 7 March 1841. <<<

    • [G4/5] Unnamed child, born 1815, died in infancy.

    • [G4/6] Elisabeth BÖRLIN, born 21 November 1816, confirmation on Christmas 1832, and married 6 May 1839 in Häfelfingen.

    • [G4/7] Anna Maria BÖRLIN, born 12 July 1819, died 30 May 1838.

    • [G4/8] Christian BÖRLIN, born 1 January 1821, married 22 August 1843.

    • [G4/9] Margarethe BÖRLIN, born 7 July 1822, married 26 November 1844.

    • [G4/10] Matthias BÖRLIN, born 23 December 1823, died 8 October 1824.

    • [G4/11] Matthias BÖRLIN, born 21 January 1827, died as an infant.

Margrith BÖRLIN would die on 21 October 1860 at age 75 and her husband, Hans Jakob [G3/1], on 12 June 1879 at age 90.

Additional G3 Information

Although this chapter is primarily focused upon Heinrich BÖRLIN’s ancestors, information has been obtained on several of Hans Jakob BÖRLIN’s [G3/1] siblings.

Heinrich BÖRLIN [G3/2] (half-brother), born 3 January 1791, married Elisabeth BUSER on 18 July 1826. Elisabeth, born 15 July 1800, was the daughter of Sebastian and Elisabeth VÖLLMI BUSER. They would have 6 children.

      • [G4/20] Heinrich BÖRLIN, born 19 April 1827, married Elisabeth SCHAFFNER of Anwil

      • [G4/21] Jakob BÖRLIN, born 11 June 1828, died 14 May 1901

      • [G4/22] Elisabeth BÖRLIN, born 16 July 1830, married 7 November 1854, died 1 February 1909

      • [G4/23] Anna Barbara BÖRLIN, born 23 August 1831, married on 27 November 1871

      • [G4/24] Anna Margaretha BÖRLIN, born 14 September 1833, married on 22 May 1865, died on 1 September 1909

      • [G4/25] Sebastian BÖRLIN, born 25 A+ugust 1835, married November 1863, died on 22 April 1909

Heinrich died on 23 March 1865 at age 74, Elisabeth died on 26 July 1873, age 73.

Barbara BÖRLIN [G3/4] (sister), born 18 December 1794, married Hans Jakob GYSI, a schoolmaster, on 5 February 1822. Hans Jakob GYSI was born 16 January 1779 to Hans Jakob and Anna Buser GYSI. Hans Jakob and Barbara GYSI would have 3 children:

      • [G4/30] Anna Barbara GYSI, born 16 January 1823, married Johannes GRAF of Buus on 3 July 1854

      • [G4/31] Hans Jakob GYSI, born 29 June 1825, married 23 April 1860

      • [G4/32] Elisabeth GYSI, born 3 July 1830, married Heinrich WEBER of Reigolswil on 20 August 1866.

Barbara would die on 27 March 1834 at age 39. Hans Jakob would die on 7 April 1855 at age 76.

Jakob BÖRLIN [G3/5] (brother) born 18 December 1796 in Binningen, married Anna Margaretha SCHAUB on 11 March 1823. Anna was born 6 November 1796 to Hans Jakob and Barbara SCHAUB of Wittinsburg. Jakob and Anna BÖRLIN would have two children:

      • [G4/40] Johannes BÖRLIN, born 29 November 1823, married

      • [G4/41] Anna Maria BÖRLIN, born 13 September 1825, married J. Haas of Höstein, Illegitimate daughter Anna Maria born 15 February 1847.

Anna Margaretha BÖRLIN died on 5 February 1830 at age 33. Jakob then married Elisabeth SCHAUBLIN on 15 March 1831. Elisabeth was born 14 September 1807 to Mathias and Barbara SCHAUBLIN of Häfelfingen. Jakob and Elisabeth BÖRLIN would have 6 children:

      • [G4/42] Elisabeth BÖRLIN, born 19 December 1831, married 1857 to F. BUSER of Diegten

      • [G4/43] Johann Jakob BÖRLIN, born 22 March 1834, married 1867

      • [G4/44] Samuel BÖRLIN, born 2 December 1835, married 1860

      • [G4/45] Heinrich BÖRLIN , born 17 February 1838, died 22 August 1899

      • [G4/46] Peter BÖRLIN, born 14 May 1843

      • [G4/47] Rosine BÖRLIN, born 20 February 1851, married Georg GERSTER of Gelterkinden in 1879.

Jakob BÖRLIN would die on 8 August 1863 at age 66.

Anna Marie BÖRLIN [G3/8] (sister) born 28 January 1803, married Hans Jakob GYSI on 24 August 1824. Hans Jakob was born 30 June 1800 to Georg and Ursula BUESS GYSI. Hans Jakob and Anna Marie would have 6 children:

      • [G4/50] Ursula GYSI, born 5 July 1825, died 30 October 1830

      • [G4/51] Hans Jakob GYSI, born 20 May 1827, married September 1865

      • [G4/52] Anna Maria GYSI, born 19 September 1831, married Johannes GYSIN of Zeglingen on 20 January 1860

      • [G4/53] Ursula GYSI, born 29 January 1838, married on 22 March 1865

      • [G4/54] Anna GYSI, born 13 March 1845, died 23 May 1867

Hans Jakob GYSI would die on 7 November 1878 at age 54, Anna Marie would die on 26 September 1879 at age 76.

Generation G4

Jakob BÖRLIN [G4/4] was born on 1 December 1813. As a young man he moved to Gelterkinden (about 5 miles from Oltingen), but according to Swiss law Oltingen would remain the “Home Town” for future generations of the family. On 7 March 1842 Jakob married Verena WAIBEL (born 22 August 1813 in Effingen, Aargau Canton). Effingen has existed since 1284 and it is today a small village of 587 residents. Effingen and Gelterkinden are about 15 miles apart.

Jakob and Verena WAIBEL BÖRLIN would have three children.

      • [G5/1] Heinrich BÖRLIN, born 10 March 1843 <<<

      • [G5/2] Maria Luise BÖRLIN, born 14 October 1846, married 22 July 1869 to Carl Pfister in Basel.

      • [G5/3] Emma BÖRLIN, born 20 October 1849, baptized in the cathedral in Basel on 18 November 1849.

Jakob died at his son’s home in Greene County, Illinois, USA on 18 May 1896. Verena died at her daughter’s home in Basel, Switzerland on 16 February 1903. The following chapter will deal with Jakob BÖRLIN’s [G4/4] family.

The Village of Gelterkinden

The Village of Gelterkinden [Footnote B3-6]

Additional G4 Information

Information is presented here on some of Jakob Börlin’s [G4/4] siblings.

Heinrich BÖRLIN [G4/1] (half-brother), born 22 January 1808, would marry Anna SCHAUB on 21 January 1834. Anna was born 8 November 1809 to Heinrich and Barbara SCHAUB. Heinrich and Anna would have 6 children:

      • [G5/10] Anna Barbara BÖRLIN, born 16 May 1834, married Rudolph LINDENMANN of Seengen.

      • [G5/11] Heinrich BÖRLIN, born 14 January 1837.

      • [G5/12] Elisabeth BÖRLIN, born 26 November 1840, illegitimate son Karl born 23 February 1866, died 25 May 1866.

      • [G5/13] Eva BÖRLIN, born 6 July 1841, illegitimate son Heinrich born 9 May 1862. Parents married 10 February 1863.

      • [G5/14] Anna Margaretha BÖRLIN, born 6 May 1844, married on 31 August 1872 to Friedrich WEIDMAN of Zurich.

      • [G5/15] Adolph BÖRLIN, born 1 December 1846, married 9 January 1873.

Heinrich would die on 24 November 1866 at age 58. Anna would die on 16 August 1872 in Liestal at age 63.

Hans Jakob BÖRLIN [G4/2] (brother), born 23 July 1811, would marry Barbara SCHAFFNER on 3 June 1862. Barbara was born 10 December 1816 to Johannes and Barbara MOHLER SCHAFFNER. No children were listed for Hans Jakob and Barbara BÖRLIN. Hans Jakob would die on 24 September 1879 at age 68 and Barbara on 27 December 1892 at age 76.

Christian BÖRLIN [G4/8] (brother), born 1 January 1821, would marry Anna AESCHBACH from Oltingen. Anna was born on 4 April 1816. Christian and Anna would have 6 children:

      • [G5/20] Gottlieb BÖRLIN, born 1 April 1844, died 17 November 1844 at age 7 months.

      • [G5/21] Anna Margarethe BÖRLIN, born 1 April 1844, died 18 December 1844 at age 8 months.

      • [G5/22] Anna BÖRLIN. born 28 August 1845, died 22 September 1845 at age 1 month.

      • [G5/23] Anna Elisabeth BÖRLIN, born 5 December 1846.

      • [G5/24] Christian BÖRLIN, born 8 November 1848, married 7 November 1881.

      • [G5/25] Arnold BÖRLIN, born 1 January 1859, married 1896.

No information is available on Christian or Barbara’s death.

Margarethe BÖRLIN [G4/9] (sister), born on 7 July 1821, would marry Johannes AESCHBACH on 26 November 1844. He was born on 3 June 1814 to Johann Jakob and Verena BUESS AESCHBACH. Margarethe and Johannes would have 9 children:

      • [G5/31] Verena AESCHBACH, born 28 April 1845, died 5 July 1846. Died at age 14 months, likely childhood disease.

      • [G5/32] Margaretha AESCHBACH, born 30 April 1845, died 15 September 1846. Died at age 4 months, likely childhood disease.

      • [G5/33] Johannes AESCHBACH, born 4 February 1847, died 9 June 1865. Crushed by a beam at age 18

      • [G5/34] Friedrich AESCHBACH, born 7 December 1848, died 8 April 1876. Shot himself at age 27.

      • [G5/35] Johann Jakob AESCHBACH, born 9 March 1851, married 13 July 1874

      • [G5/36] Gottlieb AESCHBACH, born 7 November 1853, married 10 February 1879

      • [G5/37] Elisabeth AESCHBACH, born 29 April 1857, married 17 October 1887 to Johann Emil Stäheli from Basel

      • [G5/38] Emilie AESCHBACH, born 1 October 1861, died 12 June 1878 at age 17.

      • [G5/39] Emma AESCHBACH, born 24 March 1868, died 5 July 1887 at age 19.

Margarethe died 25 October 1869 at age 47. Johannes died 4 February 1887 at age 72.

Heinrich BÖRLIN [G4/20] (brother), born 19 April 1827, would marry Elisabeth SCHAFFNER on 15 September 1856. Elisabeth, born 1 September 1830, was the daughter of Hans Jakob and Esther SHAFFNER. Heinrich and Elisabeth would have 6 children:

      • [G5/40] Jakob Eduard BÖRLIN, born 30 October 1856, married on 9 August 1884, farmer.

      • [G5/41] Jakob BÖRLIN, born 19 May 1859, married 19 December 1887, died 3 April 1891 in Anwil, farmer.

      • [G5/42] Ida BÖRLIN, born 9 December 1861 in Anwil, married 29 March 1896 to Johannes SCHAUB of Eptingen, died 17 June 1875.

      • [G5/43] Elisabeth BÖRLIN, born 27 October 1863, died 17 June 1875 at age 11.

      • [G5/44] Rosine BÖRLIN, born 21 December 1865 in Anwil, had an illegitimate child, Emma, on 11 May 1890, Married on 14 October 1897 in Rothenflue to Hans Jacob PFAFF.

      • [G5/45] Lina BÖRLIN, born 1 November 1869, married 10 June 1889 to Gottlieb WALDMEYER.

Heinrich would die on 24 August 1876 at age 49 and Elisabeth would die on 25 June 1903 at age 72. Both died in Anwil.

Opinions and Footnotes:

There is no recorded reason why Hans Jakob BÖRLIN [G2/3] left Germany after his wife died and moved 350 miles (a considerable distance in those days) to Oltingen, Switzerland. One could likely assume that this village was chosen because there were relatives living in the area. It is very likely that his father (Hans Jakob [G2/1]) had earlier moved from Oltingen to Germany as a young man looking for work, since his marriage and children's birth information were recorded in Oltingen. No attempt has been made to verify this scenario.

B3-1 -- Unless otherwise notated, the early family information has been taken from records originally recorded at the Evangelical-Reformed parish in Oltingen, Canton Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland, Volume 8 (1752 – 1855), Volume 10 (1826 – 1850), Volume 11 (1846 – 1870), and Volume 33 (Family Records from 1850). Support of the professional research staff at the State Archives in Sissach, the capital of Canton Basel-Landschaft, is gratefully acknowledged.

B3-2 -- Crest and information obtained from the State Archives for the Basel-Landschaft Canton:http://www.baselland.ch/coa59-htm.287885.0.html.

B3-3 -- Image provided by Juergen Rauber (rauberj@gmx.ch). Juergen has been most helpful in providing local information from the Oltingen region.

B3-4 -- Information and photos from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oltingen) and from www.oltingen.ch.

B3-5 -- The birth record for Elisabeth CHRISTEN is listed at www.familysearch.org and is recorded on the Mormon microfilm 128242.

B3-6 -- Photo from www.gelterkinden.ch.