John Norbert Eising Family

Eising Family

John Norbert Eising Family (1920-Present)


Shari Louise EISING, daughter - born 7 Mar 1946

Kay Ellen EISING, daughter - born 24 Feb 1951

John Norbert EISING Jr, son - born 26 Jul 1957

Deborah Anne EISING, daughter - born 11 Sep 1958 

John Norbert EISING was born on 17 Oct 1920. During high school his cousin, Florence STAHLMANN, introduced him to her friend, Mary Louise ROEHL. The two dated for several years and then married on 1 Apr 1944. Mary was the oldest child of William and Agnes Zimmerman ROEHL, born on 10 Aug 1922 in St. Mary’s Hospital in Quincy. Mary attended St. Francis School at 17th and College for 8 years of grade school and Notre Dame High School (an all-girls school). By 1940, Norbert had graduated from Quincy College Academy and he was a fixture at the Quincy Herald-Whig newspaper. He had delivered papers for six years and had worked in the mailing room with his brother Charles since his senior year in high school. The assignment to deliver “missed” papers around the city opened up and Norbert quickly took the job. At the time it was clearly obvious that his feeble Model A Ford car was not up to the responsibility, so Tom Oakley, owner of the newspaper, gave him a lead on a 1935 Plymouth coupe with a rumble seat. His sister, Helen, co-signed on his loan and he paid it off with $10 every Tuesday. About that same time, Mary Louise had graduated from Notre Dame High School and went to work at the telephone company as a switchboard operator. As a new employee, her hours were the least desirable (noon to 9PM or 1PM to 10PM). For this she started work at $9/week, with raises every 3 months.

In September 1942, Norbert was drafted into the Army. Before long he found himself in the cold, barren reaches of Canada – working on the Alcan Highway to Alaska. At some point in this adventure, his superior noticed that he was typing a letter home. Shortly after that Norbert’s responsibilities shifted to the administrative support role. Since his assignment in Canada was technically considered an “over-seas” assignment, his next post was in Cheyenne, Wyoming. His job at Fort Cheyenne was to handle the personnel records for a company of African Americans that were to be transferred to Europe. In April of 1944, while he was on furlough from Fort Cheyenne, Norbert and Mary Louise were married in St. John’s Church in Quincy. 

John Norbert EISING

John Norbert Eising 

Although the length of Norbert’s assignment in Fort Cheyenne was uncertain, Mary Louise quit her job at the telephone company and moved to Wyoming 2-3 months after the wedding. There she looked for work at the local telephone office, but the only shift available was overnight. She found a temporary job creating an inventory at a local refinery, a difficult task since she knew nothing about the items she was supposed to be counting. Eventually she took a job on the post as an inspector in the clothing factory where they made uniforms. She would work day after day at the buttonhole machine. On one of their furloughs to Quincy, they drove their car back. After that, Mary Louise would each morning pick up rolls at the bakery and drive Norbert to work and then drive to her own job. 

Mary Louise in Quincy (1944) & Norbert on a Trip in Colorado On VE Day (8 May 1945).

The uncertain period of assignment lasted for 19 months. Finally in December 1945, Norbert was discharged from the Army at the rank of Staff Sergeant. At that time, Mary Louise was pregnant with their first child. Back in Quincy, they lived for a short time with Mary Louise’s parents and then rented a 2-bedroom apartment at 1212-1/2 North 9th. Norbert went back to work at the Quincy Herald-Whig. Shari Louise EISING was born on 7 March 1946. In 1948, with the assistance of the GI Bill, Norbert began an apprenticeship in printing. They later moved to 919 North 4th Street. A second daughter, Kay Ellen EISING was born on 24 Feb 1951. When Shari was 5, Mary Louise went back to work at the telephone company to help save for a down payment on a new house. In 1955, the family moved to a new subdivision on the southwestern edge of Quincy – 2319 Waters Court. They paid $10,700 for the upgraded, factory-built house, but were faced with a bare lot with no grass or trees. Later Norbert and his father-in-law built a freestanding garage.

Norbert completed his apprenticeship and began his career as a pressman at the Quincy Herald-Whig. Mary Louise would sometimes work during the Holiday season at Carson, Pirie, Scott Department Store. John Norbert EISING, Jr. was born on 26 Jul 1957. Deborah Anne EISING completed the family when she was born on 11 Sep 1958. 

In the 1970s, Mary Louise began to work in real estate. After completing her accreditation as a sales agent, she worked at the Sample and Northern Agencies. In November 1985, Norbert slipped on ice and broke his ankle. After several months of recuperation, he retired from the Herald-Whig in 1986. He had a heart attack in 1987, followed by successful by-pass surgery in St. John’s Hospital in St. Louis. Norbert and Mary Louise vacationed in Cocoa Beach, Florida for a number of years in January. In 2005, Norbert and Mary Louise had 4 children, 8 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren. Norbert died at age 90 on 31 Oct 2010 at the Sycamore Healthcare Centre in Quincy. His funeral mass was held at St. Peter Catholic Church with burial in Sunset Cemetery. After Norbert's death, Debbie lived part time with her mother. Mary Louise died on 5 March 2016 at Blessing Hospital in Quincy, following a heart attack and kidney failure. She was 93 at the time of her death. Her funeral mass was also at St. Peter Catholic Church with burial next to her husband in Sunset Cemetery.

For many years Norbert served as Secretary/Treasurer for the Printing, Pressman, and Graphic Arts Union in Quincy. As part of his responsibility, he acted as the delegate to the national convention every 4 years, visiting cities like Miami, Washington, DC, New York, and Honolulu with his family. 

Here are some photos of their children: Mary Louise & Shari -- John & Debbie -- Kay, John, Sr Aquinada, Debbie, Shari, Mary Louise 

Remembered Stories:

Norb's Major Prize -- Norb was always writing 25 words or less or bigger essays in contests and he entered a lot of them. One day we got a card that his major prize was on its way.  

When it arrived we were all excited and gathered around.  It was a cup catch game---a stick with a cup on one end and a ball with an attached string. 


Shari Louise EISING was born on 7 Mar 1946 in St. Mary’s Hospital in Quincy. She remembers the family lived on North 4th Street in Quincy until she was 5 years old. She attended St. Rose kindergarten. Then, in 1951 the family moved to Waters Court and she found herself with a whole new set of playmates in the neighborhood. Lacking any shade from trees, the children would entertain themselves in the shadow of the garage. One of her favorite memories is of coloring sand with chalk and manning a “sand store” in the garage. She attended St. Peters Grade School. In her teens, Shari earned spending money by babysitting for the Hardons, two houses away. Shari attended Notre Dame High School (all girls) and worked part time at the Maid Rite Restaurant in the evenings. Her regular mode of transportation was a 1954 maroon and cream Dodge, which worked just fine until it rained. Like most Chrysler products, the Dodge was difficult to start in wet weather. Later she owned a green 1956 DeSoto.  

Photos of Shari at Maid Rite (1963) -- Shari with Sandy & Carol HOCHGRABER (babysitting) on unpaved Harrison Street in Quincy, IL (notice sign that reads "Wes & Betty Hochgraber").  

After graduation from Notre Dame in 1964, Shari attended the Blessing Hospital School of Radiology. She graduated as an X-Ray Technician in 1966 and took a job at Blessing Hospital for two years. In 1968, Shari made a major change and moved to St. Louis, where she roomed with three teachers and worked as an office nurse at the Vitale Medical Clinic. Before moving to St. Louis, she traded in the old DeSoto on a cream Volkswagen “Bug”.

On 23 Jan 1969, Shari and her roommates met David Borlin at a Friday night Collegiate Club dance in downtown St. Louis. Their first date was dinner the following Sunday. This was the beginning of a whirlwind courtship that resulted in their engagement six months later on 13 Jun 1969 and marriage on 11 Oct 1969. They were married at St. Mary’s Church in Quincy and honeymooned in Nassau, Bahamas and Miami, Florida.

Shari and Dave lived in Dave’s old apartment at 9948 Warson Road for less than a year before building a house in the spring of 1970 in Florissant at 6430 Hadden Bay Drive. At the time, Dave was working as a systems engineer for IBM. 

Shari & Dave’s Wedding -- House in Florissant, MO with Deck & Cover

Soon after moving to Florissant, Shari and Dave were involved in a serious automobile accident on the way to Quincy, which left Shari with a broken ankle and some nerve damage in her right arm. In late 1971, Dave left IBM for a position at McDonnell Douglas, where he progressed from a systems programmer role to one of Corporate Director. On 13 May 1972, Jon David Borlin was born at St. John’s Hospital – just hours before Mothers’ Day. Scott Michael followed in 18 months, on 24 Nov 1973 at St. John’s Hospital. In late 1976, Shari and Dave began to look at subdivisions in West County St. Louis and then moved to Chesterfield in May 1977 and continued their lives at 344 Greentrails Drive South. Jeffrey Marc was then born on 1 Dec 1978 in St. John’s Hospital. 

All three boys attended Green Trails Elementary School, Parkway Central Jr. High School, and Parkway Central Sr. High School. Jon graduated from Central Missouri State University; Scott and Jeff both graduated from Bradley University. 

Scott, Jeff, Casey, Jon, & Christy (1987) -- Scott, Jeff, Virginia Ellis, Shari, Cecelia Reisch, Jon & Helen Borghorst

In 1993, McDonnell Douglas outsourced their Information Technology function to IBM, so after 21 years, Dave found himself back in IBM. Between 1993 and 2000, Dave worked with McDonnell Douglas in Missouri and California; Boeing in Seattle; Ameritech in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin; the Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh, Scotland; and various companies in Ireland, England, Holland, New Zealand, and Australia. 

Shari worked part time for several years at the West County YMCA as a front desk service rep, served in uncounted ways as a parent at the children’s schools, was School Coordinator for the Boy Scouts for more than 12 years at Green Trails School, lived in Scotland with Dave for 3 years, and embraced numerous hobbies (macramé, bridge, golf, canasta, water color painting, biking, walking/hiking, jewelry making, reading, etc.). In 2000, after returning from overseas assignment to Europe, Dave retired from IBM. 

Borlin Family

BORLIN Family in 2003 Jon, Shari, Vicki, Jeff, Dave, Amy, Kerri, Scott, Shelby, & Reese

Kay Ellen EISING was born on 24 Feb 1951 in St. Mary’s Hospital in Quincy. Kay attended St. Peter’s Grade School and one year at Notre Dame High School before transferring to Quincy Public High School. As a teenager, Kay worked at a jewelry store on Maine Street in Quincy. On 28 Aug 1971, Kay married James Kayser at Quincy College Chapel and shortly thereafter went to live in Peoria, Illinois while Jim completed his degree at Bradley University. While in Peoria, Kay worked at an insurance agency. 

Kay and Jim then lived in Jefferson City, Missouri for more than 20 years, where Jim worked for Westinghouse and ABB as an engineer in materials and processes. While in Jefferson City, Kay took numerous art classes at the University of Missouri in Columbia and also worked part time in real estate sales. 

Casey Lee Kayser was born on 11 Sep 1978 and Christy Lynn Kayser on 29 Mar 1983. Both girls eventually attended Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. Casey went on to obtain a Master’s Degree at the University of Missouri and a PhD at Louisiana State University.  

Casey currently works as an Assistant  Professor at the University of Arkansas.  Christy currently works as Director, Center for Community Engagement at University of Southern Mississippi.

Kay & Jim Kayser Wedding, August 28, 1971

In 1996, Jim and Kay moved back to Quincy when Jim went to work for Gardner-Denver. They briefly rented a house on Waters Court and then purchased a home at 5432 Skyline Drive. Kay began to work part time as a teacher’s assistant at St. Anthony’s Grade School, teaching art, religion, etc. in the lower grades. 

In 2018, Jim and Kay moved to Hattiesburg Mississippi to be close to their daughters and grand-daughter Clara who was born in May 2013.  

50th Anniversary Announcement via Quincy Herald-Whig

On August 28, 2021, Jim and Kay Kaysar of Hattiesburg, Miss., formerly of Quincy, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Hattiesburg with a small family celebration with a future trip also planned.

Mr. Kayser and the former Kay Eising were married August 28, 1971, in Quincy College (University) Chapel.

Jim is the son of the late Marian Alberta Kientzle and Lowell Edward Kayser.

Kay is the daughter of the late Mary Louise Roehl and John Norbert (Norb) Eising.

They are the parents of Dr. Casey Lee Kayser of Fayetteville, Ark., and Christy Lyn Kayser of Hattiesburg.

They have one grandchild.

Jim worked at Westinghouse in Jefferson City, Mo., until 1997. After the couple moved to Quincy, he worked at Gardner-Denver until his retirement in 2016. Kay taught at St. Anthony of Padua school until it closed and then at St. James Lutheran School.

They both enjoy family time with their girls, having company, and traveling, especially to the beach.

Kaysars in 2020

John Norbert EISING, Jr was born on 26 July 1957 in St. Mary’s Hospital in Quincy. John attended Quincy Public Grade and High Schools, graduating in 1975. In High School, he was active on the rifle team and shot competitively. He held various jobs in Quincy and then moved to Jefferson City, Missouri, where his sister, Kay, lived with her family. On 16 Apr 1988 John married Diana Kirk at St. Peter Catholic Church in Jefferson City. John formally adopted Diana’s daughter, Shelly (born on 1 Dec 1978). John Norbert EISING III was born on 18 Feb 1989 and Sean Michael on 16 Nov 1990. The Missouri National Guard employed John for several years and the family lived in various towns in Central and Southwestern Missouri. John has been active in the Boy Scouts with his sons and usually manages to bring a deer home each year during hunting season. John III received his Eagle Scout Award in 2004. 

Sean, Diana, John Jr & John III -- Diana and Shari

Deborah Ann EISING was born on 11 Sep 1958 in St. Mary’s Hospital in Quincy. Deb attended Quincy Public Grade and High Schools, graduating in 1976. After High School, Deb worked for a short time at Ludwig’s Grocery at 6th and Elm. She worked as a dietary aide and cooked at the Good Samaritan Home for 4-1/2 years and then moved to the Lincoln Hill Nursing Center as an Institutional Cook. In the early 1980’s the Quincy area suffered a severe economic downturn when several major companies closed their doors and many cut back on staffing. One of her high school friends, Kim THOMAS, moved to Jefferson City, Missouri with her husband, Chris. They suggested that Deb apply for a job with the Missouri State Department of Corrections and in early 1984 she became the third EISING sibling to move to Jefferson City.

Deb worked as a Kitchen Supervisor at the coed Renz Correctional Center for 5 years and then transferred to the Central Missouri Correctional Center. While working full time at her job with the State of Missouri, she resumed her higher education in October 1993 at Columbia College in Jefferson City, Missouri, receiving her B. A. degree in Criminal Justice in December 1997. Deb had been living in Fulton, Missouri since 1996. Her best friend, Nina HAMPTON, suggested she apply for a position with the Department of Mental Health and eliminate the 30-mile commute to Jefferson City each day. In August 1999, Deb accepted a position with the Department of Mental Health, Division of Psychiatric Services as a Security Aide. Working the 11PM-to-7AM shift, Deb enjoyed working with the mentally ill at the Fulton State Hospital, a facility for the criminally insane. It seemed, however, that the stories she told about work experiences were not as entertaining as those from the days when she worked as a Kitchen Supervisor.

Deb enjoys reading fiction and her favorite month of the year has always been March, when the NCAA Basketball Tournament is held. She is an avid Missouri Tiger fan and enjoys football and basketball.

Shari Borlin, Kay Kaysar and Debbie Eising in 2019